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hi guys I’m Charles and welcome to my channel so a lot of girls complain about your guys even their cheatin on their misbehaving I mean as much as I love to win the guys for the to be everything was good wrong I feel like 46 percent of the issue is caused by we go [Music] I still have it something about some of the things we goes to that make guys losing trends uninterested I’m basically leave one of the things girls do not make guys lose interest and then make them stop act and after that they stop looking good you stop looking good you stop dressing okay I wanna think girls that I really pissed off is that when you want to go out like when you’re going out to hang out with your friends and stuff they drink they look very very good I’m gonna get sitting on home they look very Dead Sea on cabs you start tying wrap up and down you stop showing those curves you stop looking very flat when you just dead and you guys see all the doors of the ground on different social media and these two good things they go out they see other goals and if you get to do is interesting to me because you know keeping your a-game very time and that’s really not cool you’d have to stop that you always have to dress on point what are your home I don’t care what you do it you have to always do so another thing that goes you the make guys use them is that is that being insecure it’s done like in the stockroom cleaning you be to be cooking about every damn thing it’s full range when access who’s calling you which text in you you start talking on social media you stand nagging you let your insecurities make you the craziest person and it’s always very very unknown because you make him lose interest spent our chicken literally spending time with you is like being on die interrogation because you’re the facts and questions with that who is this every smoking you’re complaining no one’s done and you make him uncomfortable and this pub wanted to spend time with you we stop wanting to be with you because that’s the mouth and that’s not some girls are very nice very dense they can’t do any finish I’m asking you to do wifey material for any time and I’m asking you to cook sleep and hb2 everything but there are some things that is just common sense you see something you that needs to be done to me it’s just common sense and this deleted things if it means okay you mustn’t cook his pH soup for him or one extra meat it kind of big ball even if it’s just breakfast and this was so easy that you can just take your food and use Google even if its egg or anything is nothing you want there is nothing you want to make that what you just type in your phone that won’t bring out in recipe they’ll be very very easy for you to use but know some girls are very least they always want to eat out always baby I want these baby I want that even when they come to visit him because it’s not their house they’re just gonna leave everywhere just the way is evenly and it’s cleaner honest if you move your weaker puts the way supposed to be or just do justly do things to make the place very comfortable one okay but so many things are just sooo freaking dirty I’m reading on Cape Town so untidy and and this we know you should stop doing that because you’re making the guy who cut you like one Dead Sea kinda girl no guy wants to be with the Dead Sea and lazy person so the little things just smooth smooth you need to do just do that because a costumer and some of we go a very demanding oh yes you wanna go see hey babe can you be my chick man you wanna eat be Mackin Grammy like before he was dead you can exist even functioning very be some girls asks for the most petty s things like no guy wants a burden so you have to learn how to be independent financially okay and stop demanding for every damn thing you want to do this baby I need this you want to do that baby I need an action for literally everything you want your life image get money to pay for like you leave any money to pay for like everyone of course is gonna get tired of you of course gonna losing change gay Korea have something going on you like nobody wants to give me and lazy go nobody wants to date a girl I also have vision you might know you might not have everything going on for you 100 families you have something going on in your life that so fun even one you want me demand like we wanna ask you something when you open your mouth to even demand your access to something sensible that at least will make sense not for the most petty ass things and this guy begin to because and they will leave you because you’re demanding for too much you get any relationship is not it’s just not gonna work it’s just gonna lose a chest and he’s gonna need you if you don’t stop demanding for the most petty s things to that stop it here boss chick guy Correa have something going on for you so I stopped being a button for this time because you’re just gonna leave you yes that’s just so like that my foot point another reason why you baby has left you or why he’s cheating on you or why is acting very funny I misbehave Anita sometimes be girls and not understanding yes you’re not understanding you don’t try and stand him you have to promise that he’s kind of mentality where he’s coming from so you can learn how to move with him yeah so you do you have to understand the kind of mentality he has how do you think even will you guys always fight it’s gonna leave you with someone else is understanding so we ladies have to try and be freaking understanding sometimes down shoot and get him like will you understand what he’s trying to say because sometimes you put there’s always fights in a most time people finds and have so many understanding because so on each other you put are trying to make a point but no one is actually sitting down or actually listening to the other person so you have to learn how to be an Italian if not despite they go out there you’re going to meet all that gold I would listen to them and they will understand them and you just be dead feeling heartbroken and we’ve been I’m feeling start which is know who Kenny I don’t want you have broken that’s why I’m telling you right now that let you understand your being late all the time is mentality so you know okay fine I might moving forward with this time is it someone I can’t be with do not okay tell you know what next if not you’re just gonna keep on leaving you so audience me you understand it understand this guy just you calm down and listen side of your relationship ladies yes so up because are so boring like I don’t know what’s up with you you want this guy’s this guy’s going on because I see so many girls twerking and shaking their ass wearing sexy bikinis I’m up and down are you just be dead won’t bargainers go nothing exciting about you of course it’s gonna be what you expect you have to transpire the relationship be Saxbys and in random pictures send out of videos 24 him yes he’s your man trying do we get to be creative in your sexual doctrine be creative Trent look good look sexy be very spontaneous boring because when these guys go out that it meets crazy girls a bit girl that are willing to go beyond I’m asking you to undo that can Shambo you move but you don’t think that this is just common sense for you if it gets boring switch if you guys are doing anything too much at least bringing something new just keep that excitement so you can I think he’s just just the same thing it gets burned it really gets buried that’s it so let’s win despising them for bringing new things to evolution she could keep that excitement in it to make it more exciting so whenever he hears your voice is very excited to come and she doesn’t know what to expect I want you get to borrow not to fund me everything just schools like that don’t know that fun but Lanie whatever is calling you to come and meet you be he’s very smiley because he doesn’t know what you opt you Danny she tantalizing her relationship and make it look just blow his mind away blow his mind a weally anything is bitch you playing go back making like yes giving me the mood whenever you later value goes on so girl that’s it you just have to spice it up do what you have to do to keep that back some of you guys might want and chair was how do i spice up my relationship how do i garnish it how do I blow his mind away this is 2019 use your Gugu yes in the bed you have to go on all this porn sites to look for to go find out how to do it sending random pictures take sexy cute pictures and send to him surprise him randomly to be always looking very Richard in the house try an extruder skirts look sexy bye sexy listen Andre another thing you’re gonna do that make us guys meet you means now you’re not caring yes be caring surprising banging stops you should actually expect to do taking and taking and taking you do have to represent principal case you have to also give so by himself surprise him take him on day be khair and be loved and call him off sending you pictures just do spontaneous things that will make him excite excited before nothing to be romantic channel the romantic side in you lori’s be the girl that whenever you guys get a go completely your nagi know the moment you guys spend together be romantic be caring be love being talk to him follow him watch movies together you guys do Netflix and chill make him whenever he’s a brahman relating feel very happy sure no that’s just it just be loving and caring and sweet and if you can’t find gifts I’m gonna seem to buy so much even if it’s just the flower dies are basically just do anything surprising with a little things unlike most it shouldn’t cost you too much you get it doesn’t cost much it’s just what the actually counts so you’re gonna be you know the kind of things you man likes so once the wattage transfer pricing probably you should have been expected flow is mind away make him feel like there is no one else like me you gave me so those just have to do it make him feel like you cannot go on go everywhere you will never see anyone like me just give him those kind of trips you get other channels it comes so guys these are some of the things that we go do wrong that make this guy stop misbehaving in acting strange and even leaving us and leaving us heartbroken so there’s one things that I pointed out and if you know you fall in this category that you have to work on improve yourself improve yourself yes and if also you know you do all the things to your man and these two cheats you know still misbehaving then being he’s not the one for you because at the end of the year you cannot come back to yourself for any goddamn person you can be so if you know you’re doing things right and the guy is too cheating and he’s behaving they’re just your happiness is what is most important you get so guys if you like this video don’t forget you subscribe hit the bell notification button like this video and leave a comment of something if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like subscribe hit the bell notification so any time I post a video you get notified because I’m gonna be dishing it all bring it on back to back so that even anything you feel I didn’t mention in this video that loves you roll that make this guy leave oz trick on that shit and misbehave please let me know in the comment section and see you guys in my next [Music]


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