Intercultural Relationships (Dating Advice for Men 2019)

Intercultural Relationships (Dating Advice for Men 2019)

Intercultural relationships aren’t just about being born or having grown up in a different country.

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Culture differences in dating include differing upbringing, religion, political views amongst other ingrained fundamentals we each hold dear.

People rarely change their values or belief systems, so there are things to consider before committing to an intercultural relationship.

This has nothing to do with racism or prejudice in the standard sense!

Anyone considering an intercultural relationship must be aware of the same things any couple coming from a very similar background does.

So, what are these important considerations?

In this video, I provide the notes you need to know if you’re thinking of a relationship with someone with substantially different background.

Have you ever experienced an intercultural relationship? What happened? Any tips for others in a similar situation? Comment!

Love is the answer, but it’s not the only answer.

xo AJ

p.s. I went off on a side tangent in this one. A political rant no less. Hope you forgive me for sorta getting side tracked, and especially if your opinion differs from mine! 😉

Disclaimer: I am not a profession shrink, licensed therapist or the like. Info is for entertainment. Abide the law wherever you are. You are responsible for your own actions.

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