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how’s it going guys so I have figured some things out I’ve thought a little bit now this channel is going to happen I am definitely doing Invicta fashion I’ve been thinking and it’s pretty late at night I work night shift so I don’t sleep until around 6:00 and sometimes later anyway currently it’s probably 5 a.m. just about 6 minutes shy of 5 a.m. but I’ve been thinking I got bored and I put my suit on again I haven’t wore it in a little while so I decided I’m gonna try it on again I’ve gained a little bit of way up and eating more and I’m gonna start working out but anyway I have been thinking of some style options for metalheads I’ve also been thinking of style things and what you need to look your best so let’s get started so one of your first options is a nice leather jacket now leather is incredible typically when I wear leather especially if I’m wearing leather on a colder day in spring I tend to roll up my sleeves just a little bit like I was talking about I have tattoos if you have tattoos go ahead women love forearms I don’t know what it is about them I just I don’t know it’s something subliminal inside their minds and they like to see forearm so roll up your sleeves just a little bit or keep them down even keeping them down looks good but a leather jacket is something that every guy should need now one thing I’m gonna say do not get fake leather never get fake leather it’s going to tear apart so easily if you can afford a good leather jacket go ahead wait for Black Friday Black Friday is coming up guys if you do not have a leather jacket and you want one get one this one is from All Saints I actually was given this by Aaron Marino was his and you can’t even tell that there was actually a hole in the back I sewed it I know how to sew thankfully I took classes in school to learn how to sew and this jacket fits me great I love it I wear this thing literally everywhere option number two is a denim jacket guys if you’re metalheads you already know all about denim the denim jacket I love this thing too I will wear this occasionally I don’t wear it as much as my leather jacket that thing is super comfortable the leather is great but denim is timeless guys if you look back way back the sixties the 40’s people were in Nice denim jackets and it’s timeless it’s never going out of fashion now you don’t want to wear something that’s all distorted all sorts of ripped up again keep that for the rock festivals keep that for certain events if you’re going out in public you want something like this I’ve denim vest okay if you have the little frail ease that look like the sleeves are ripped off you might be pushing it a little bit something that’s a little more subtle something like this on guys if you want to add back patches or any other kind of patches go subtle don’t go way over the top if you want to show somebody like oh hey here’s me I’m edgy don’t completely bombard your jacket with patches don’t get a huge back patch and then like a hundred down your sleeve guys if you want to do something back patch and like a band patch or something here that might be okay the more subtle you go the better black looks great on pretty much everybody so if you’re trying to find an option black is great don’t do super super distressed I like this one it’s a nice black it’s not jet jet black where it’s flat it’s got a nice little bit of distressing on it and it’s just like something that’s been worn just a couple times is what it looks like so try and stick to something like this instead of going way over the top that’s all distorted and all torn up now we’re gonna move on to shirts something like this I love this I love my button-up little kind of flannels I like plaid you guys could hate on me for plaid this is very lightweight I believe I got this from Express with Erin and this is great so something like this is also good you can roll the sleeves up that was actually too high you can roll the sleeves up on this and again forearm and everything but these shirts they’re great they’re lightweight it’s you don’t need to go like a blue like this oh I have another one that’s actually like a light purple and pink you guys don’t have to do that too but just to show if you’re in an edgier thing it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone if you wear some really nice black like not super skinny jeans you do not want skinny jeans that look like leggings Hawthorne Heights and all that stuff that that’s back in the day if you want to be fashionable try and wear something that’s slim fit um I got these I love these jeans I actually wore these to the Alpha hem project and I still have them there’s not super skinny they’re nice and slim fit and I got them at Walmart for I think less than like 20 bucks and these are some of my work pants they get dirty but um I wash them and they look good and they’re not super super distressed they’re not super distorted super torn they’re nice they’re clean they’re really comfortable and again I got them for less than $20 don’t wear anything super super over-the-top distressed you guys do not want to do that to try and stay away from distressing try and stay away from the rips the tears you want something that’s a little more subtle and go with black again black looks great with everything you don’t want a super super jet black like my wallet want something that’s not jet black but like a natural black um if you’re kind of understanding that you want something that’s kind of actually I could use my fans as an example you see how the toes a little dirty I live in the country are super black and then here’s a little bit lighter of a black you want that softer black it’s gonna look better it’s not going to be super popping and super super black and also matching blacks if you’re wearing black pants and your shirt is straight jet black brand new black and then your pants are kind of distressed it’s going to look a little off so if you try and stick to that do something a little lighter up top or do something that kind of matches the same time all right guys one of the last things that was on my mind was hair hair is a touchy subject your outfit kid look incredible your outfit could be perfect you could have a nice leather jacket and a white shirt like in the white v-neck or a great v-neck and then black jeans and the nice brand-new pair of bands that are just super clean and you could just look awesome you look like a musician on stage performing but if your hair looks like crap like mine currently does I really need a haircut so if your hair looks horrible it’s gonna kill your whole look Sam with facial hair if you’re not cleaned up under here you don’t have the neckline which I need to touch up which I should probably do if your whole thing up here looks like crap your whole outfit looks like crap all that time effort and energy that you put into making that outfit it’s gonna go to waste because up here if your scraggly and your scruffy and your hair’s all sorts of a mess you’re gonna look horrible so what I’m gonna recommend guys try and keep up on your hair every two weeks if you have super long hair and you have really long luscious locks like I can’t even think of somebody my James Hetfield or way back in the day like in the 80s old school hair metal Metallica if you have hair like that first of all I envy you because your hair probably looks great and secondly I wouldn’t have to worry about cutting my hair so much obviously take care of a shampoo conditioner hair to clean your hair if your hair is dirty it’s gonna get dingy and crunchy and it’s gonna look just nasty it’s gonna be frizzy take care of your hair secondly take care of your fingers your fair nails make sure they’re clean same with your toes when you shower do that brush your teeth one big thing is hygiene hygiene is a huge factor guys to take care of yourselves now a haircut what you can do a lot of guys now look at photographs of um I can’t remember his name Sam Carter and then the guy from upon a burning body their hair styles are quite similar and a lot of people feel Bozeman obviously it honestly if you really want to follow somebody that really takes care of his appearance and he’s a metal head look at Phil Bozeman this dude has a little dog that looks like it belongs in a backpack like something off Beverly Hills Chihuahua something and just walking around a little puppy dog in a bag Phil Bozeman is that kind of guy he has a tiny dog he loves his dog post photos all the time same with Sam Carter I follow him on Instagram it’s the same difference don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone don’t be afraid to be yourself you don’t always have to be dark you don’t always have to be super super edgy so Phil Bozeman is a perfect perfect example this guy takes care of himself his beard always looks good as hair ohi’s looks good he always dresses fantastic Phil Bozeman is probably one of the best-looking best dressed men of that whole ng community but all right guys I figured I close this video again I tried to keep it as short as possible I’m gonna keep it under 12 minutes you guys are the greatest again I couldn’t do this without you guys I’m gonna do this without your support so let me know what you guys think and I’ll see you

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