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what is something smoothness of what hey Peter hey hey buddy do you see by the title like many years I uploaded my first youtube video including yeah you to me that you got over four point three thousand suck are you talking about well over four point we W but know your name let it accumulate use the lipid so now and I’m stuck being consisted by I’m doing a sneaker review you know everybody has enough it was my thing is on the review on it’s alright no he just stopped learning for it was not the case of the new like comment I will come and see you on this channel and you know would be alone like if you see it in a lake I like the skeleton thing like I put yak Cena yeah no did my first look at it like I thought it’d be more brighter than anything like the color would be that kind of dark but it no its own sue that I wanted but at the end of the day like I just like these are retro eleven is like I this technically my first pair of retro there’s nothing too much but at the same time it’s not because I had some but they’re like yeah let me know in the comments if this has to count because I have some retro heaven but the futures so I have some future low like this I’ll know that counted that’s considered the Elizabethan my first period actually come like this like this kind of style like the features like the materially different digit like you know it’s just one whole team but is actually her I should like the feeling of this it feels like you do feel like genuine love but I like the design they put on here like they actually one thing I noticed bothers you like I like the waiting’s like the scales on it let me show you just get out that you have to see it but the scales on it like they put something on it and like it looks like a fly mean like a planet other than a I think I do like the design I like the icy bottom like you know in my opinion used by these shoes like thanks to wear with this I think it’s all white find a color like this but if you do that’s okay you were like white pants and like this color something you’re like I don’t like white shirt yeah and yeah yeah I’m gonna pull up yeah oh yeah see toes I’m searching like I like ignoring it right here yeah I mean the icy bottom is one thing I can tell you about this shoe like at no cost like if you ever bought you what I see bottom like you can should know we’re in the rain like nothing that is not bad I mean he would have been wrong but I’m just saying like if you want it like to permit from yellowing like I advise you to go I think it’s sneaker soles or soul protections I think that it was called sole protector they provide you it’s like a little sticker that goes on the bottom here and I think I’ve seen it on Instagram yeah so yeah I advise how to go to so like so protective I will leave a link in the description see interesting issue and mind you they do a lot of swimming later on oh and when you buy these like these are true to size so you can always get it like I say when you were nine you go ahead about a nine don’t buy it all in one size bigger because they’re a little tight but these are super size there are kind of ruining it so they’re actually good I actually like the material this is actually I just feel like a car seat lizard right hey guys got no a be I have like a car yeah I’ve been in the car we like leather seats and yeah I know what that material feel like this would they feel like so yeah that’s a definite like I actually wanted this color because I’m like man I’m gonna Oklahoma next week and so I’m gonna do more fascist about that to like you know do like ya know I goes water to know yeah I don’t see but yeah so yeah I’m gonna see me wear knees and pretty eyes why is another smaller arm I’m just starting to town I’m just not getting back on it I’m sorry Marissa like I don’t care you know I must use you today wait for like they have a couple thousand ah you know have mercury beginning all the way to whatever this yeah so I got some Merce I just literally created some birthday messages so next week in the vlog when I do some vlogging I will similarities with the Marsden I can wear this what I have I think you can wear this but all white if you wear jewelry I like I think like if you have a tennis and I had somebody commented like I had somebody comment my video like the my first videos I polished their clothing on that’s what s what we soldiers weapons reviews they wanted me to do magnetic energies Ryan got genius and apply some Tom but I would go to review on it oh yeah so I’ll do a review Annette yeah it’s called salsa technically yeah hey Roxanne yeah I’ll do a review on it and I’m just in love with a thank you to the first unit at Moody’s max on my main Tony appreciate it thank you yes you say you guys this is a dishes all protective so protector let me see beauty focus focus focus focus my is like a sticker go on the bottom of your shoes I’m at a vet and I’m laying yes he got the livers over with the icy bottoms figured it got dicey but yeah yeah more concert like this understand I did review these identities I think every fine now everybody already like not everybody knows most people already know yes please I’d like to miss you connected it if you reading me personally about where doors I like the I like the for the 11 will one space the six and I like the cans it’s a few more man matter though right the I like those a lot of Georgetown like I’m just thinking I’m just saying how I could buy any Jordan I’m you saying preferably me like my favors are the dilemmas waters along the sixes thing I like those yeah trust me I actually got six to ten all right but did I don’t you know so I remember I got B’s and I got I pay like two hundreds of these oh if you didn’t if you don’t know what these are these like they’re like have classic mm doing something like the other stuff but yeah there’s a white with red and then blue on the other side I have these my sixes the week sixes I have these and first I was gonna get the I think those were twelve oh that’s another pair of my favorite shoes from the doors I like the twelve but it was another so I can’t remember what it was but it was another one and it was eat my ain’t one thrown at these but see you know tell my guys I actually bought a sole protector for these but I made a dumb position I actually wore it in the know this i went i literally wore it to school one time and then it started raining but it was sunny out like that holiday and like towards three o’clock a sci-fi remembers like they’re about good and school into that board but like when you live it started raining and I’d hang all the pair shoes luckily I had like the water particular on there so you know and all the time I like waterfall on ages you know what bro what are you talking about my dad but yeah I had this all protect on here and then I was walking in the rain I was nothing walking my socks future be out walking in the rain and then water got in the inside and then it started like how can I tell like this it was on the side and then grass started getting into a house I started getting money on the inside not like ah so I took it off and see yeah that’s what I’m talking about I don’t know if you guys can tell but to me it looks right it looks good but I don’t know from a distance to me it kind of look like a yellowing now I’m like it’s not yellow it’s good right now it’s not yellow and only because I rarely wear these all right literally hour anyway and I might do a giveaway on this I’m not I’m not sure everywhere I saw I say y’all let me know if y’all want these but I might do a giveaway yeah am i doing giveaways sometimes yeah that’s what happened with me that I took the sole protector off me that’s it but it’ll it perfectly Ponder’s I don’t like each other so yeah that’s the six of them pretend that I have but that’s what I was saying about the taint of these real quick all right this box is Mike’s I’m keeping it so yeah so with this I’m just saying like you know if you really want these I’ll go ahead and copy it you got my I’m already on it these are like some price they’re good shoes person we gotta put he told me they pay 200 something make it with a DD rain 16 something cents but that’s and I’m so I’m surprised you still like 200 cuz normally when shoes come out you know they’ll be at a high price but give it a lot like too much and yeah I know what I’m talking about give it by like two months the price drops I’d be like cuz this will happen with my teens I got the tans for $200 and then I came back I went to the mall I think like two months later and they was in there and they stole it and they’re like the original price was 195 190 190 I remember it was $15 tape because I paid 205 and then the two months after I went back it talked down to like one I feel like once what was it 110 like they dropped it or something I like wow hey that’s why I’m like like getting shilling for it come out how ready wait so I can pay less that’s a good advice right there you gonna buy shoes don’t wait don’t get them when they first come out and if that’s what you want to do but you really try to save money like you know wait a couple months so price goes up but yeah you got my reviews on me I actually like these that I see I see solar how much shelf in a little DS way yeah these are the is actually good and you know I at the end of the video I’ll show y’all what they look like outside it’s tough no mmm time put it on my feet these yeah I got see a fig I got see the feet I mean I know I’m gonna gas it up for y’all yeah yeah I want to see more videos on this channel I let me know go ahead like and subscribe to this channel once again know subscribe turn on post notifications go ahead leave a comment and that’s what it is the so that’s all it’s a real issue that actually nice-looking that’s all I could say so go ahead smash that like button call me I could follow me on instagram intrepid yeah regular back API to Nick about your essay yeah erected that KB go subscribe to my main channel is called reckless can be now dude that’s what I upload a lot mostly since I’ve been to right now I’ve been uploading on that channel a lot and then I had to come back to this channel because I like okay I created a channel for veteran like me I like to work like when I go operated I like the dresser but you know my home and I got there so I’m just saying you know I like I like to wear clothes I like to do I like to the night so I was like you know let me create a fancy time I gave you our tips reviews and other yeah let me know what time ceilings channel I saw them say but I know it’s been quite some time that I uploaded on this so no I’m trying to come up with a schedule actually like uploaded on this channel more but we don’t see yeah we don’t see so yeah I like when I do the blog for this like when I were to fit with these yeah I had to suck out my main channel say I can actually see it so that’s gotta make my many time I hit the subscribe button over there you know and yeah I watched all the videos leave a like comment down below and that’s pretty much it it’s a boy KB duh yey-hey fashion guy here [Music]


    Amyas Normand

    (12/15/2019 - 3:05 pm)

    Wish you the best man good luck

    Giselle Everette

    (12/15/2019 - 3:05 pm)

    I would like the Jordan 6s for the giveaway thanks if you still doing the giveaway appreciate it

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