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language of desire | Relationship Advice ,

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The Language of Desire is the result of a personal quest by Felicity Keith to discover what exactly made men different than women and how any woman can use that information to make her and her man enjoy a completely and utterly blissed-out sex life.

Language of Desire is a complete guide for all women who wants to turn up the heat in their relationship in a very good way, and if I may add in a sexy way that will keep their man spell bound, hooked and begging for more. The language of desire contain techniques and tips on how to turn a boring relationship to an absolute cracker.

One of the techniques taught in The Language of Desire is the “Tease Intensifier” This technique is all about the thrill. It is use to build a little sexual tension between you and your man, it’s a playful way of allowing your man to chase you while remaining out of reach so that when he finally reach you, the sizzle factor is high. The Tease Intensifier is made up of The Tease Kiss, The Tease Text, Innuendo Tease. To learn more about The Language of Desire and The Tease Intensifier with examples of how you can use it to get your man hooked to you, follow this link to download The Language of Desire –
language of desire | Relationship Advice ,

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