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highly always your girl you be in Genesis we’re here to give you guys a quick love reading please like share comment and subscribe we’re gonna go through the whole zodiac and give you advice if you’re dealing with this particular sign now if we say is you and is then also just know that the advice is gonna be kind of hard cuz we’re using a normal day yeah so alright so if you’re a Leo dealing with an Aquarius your friends miss your face then need you you need them you may be missing in Aquarius you may be trying to figure out how I’m hearing the Sun by Jaheim trying to make my way back way back to you I’m not gonna sing but you could be trying to figure out how to get back in this person’s good gracious or vice versa trying to figure out how to get to them because there seems ideas that there’s some disconnect between you two so your advice is maybe it’s time for you to come out of hiding and express to this person wherever you need to express to them if you are Leo Dillon with a Leo keep clean girls bathrooms and dirty floors suck so if you’re only ho dealing with a Leo I feel like things are not clinging around you guys and it doesn’t just mean like housekeeping it could be just a matter of you just feel like I don’t know why okay this could be very much as you but I see someone that’s constantly trying to clean clean clean clean clean clean like they’re just they’re overly cleaning but they’re doing it doing it they’re doing it in a sense of trying to like I’m hearing trying to beat the stereotype trying to be for perfectionism trying to show perfect that they’re capable of doing everything on their own like they have it all together when inside they’re falling apart mm-hmm if you’re a Leo and this is you but if you’re Lee you’re dealing with another Leo this person your definition of clean in their definition of cleaner too different and is I it’s a clash here even if it’s not the physical cleaning is it’s more or less how y’all relationship I don’t know wife still feeling like actual cleaning like you guys got two different interpretations of it also could be two different interpretations of the way they like coming out for our relationship keeping them nice and clean like PDA showing what we’re gonna show online what we’re not gonna show online what we are going to expose at night one of you may be more internet problem where you guys are every time something happens you’re putting it up on the internet you loved getting the internet attention so you’re taking a lot of pictures whatever in the other leo is not like that they’re more private it’s up to you but I feel like somebody that you shared space I don’t know why I’m going back to the physical because I really feel like it’s physical somebody that you feel did you already connected to this ilio they don’t they’re there cleaning is not the same as yours like your definition of clean in there it’s just totally different if you’re a Leo dealing with a Scorpio people are messy love them anyway you may have a Scorpio that I feel like they’re antagonizing you or your partner they’re trying to like it feels like they may be starting stuff I’m hearing they start to fire how the much matches play innocent afterwards so if you have a Scorpio in the mix somewhere I felt like they’re just being messy if it also could be I’m back to this cleaning thing they could be very messy they keep their area messy and you it frustrates you and you almost want to put them out but there’s their advising just I love them as they are do everything but love I’m seeing gloves um like handle them with kid gloves you coming out and just being blunt with them are you being very harsh towards them it’s gonna make them run away and make them cute it’s like they’re doing it to spite you so maybe do it with love and maybe that will help the situation if you’re a Leo Dillon a Sagittarius you’re not being heard say that again louder you may have expressed to the Sagittarius how you felt and they’re ignoring it or did you feel like they were just regarding with it the best way to to get their attention is stop talking and do if they’re gonna keep getting your attention are and you’re like it’s negative attention it doesn’t matter if they’re getting your intention but the things that they do then they’re gonna continue to do it it’s time for you to do something different if you want something different because people love them too Virgo it’s not that serious laughs laughs don’t let the make you better um when it comes to the Virgo the Virgo maybe one of you is blowing something out of proportion I see the other person laughing at them one of you is deeply offended by something or there’s better and the other person is just taking it with a grain of salt which is frustrating the other person even more stop taking theat so personal don’t take it so serious if they can laugh it off so can you if it’s something that is really really really that bad and they just don’t see it is that important or whatever maybe you need to train change your energy and your flow somewhere else Libre it isn’t personal shit’s not always about you but damn same thing is with the virgo libra Libra could be very flighty in and out and you could be trying to take this personal don’t do remember somebody’s disconnect or somebody things that they say but I don’t know why that bully somebody could be trying to bully you somebody could be trying to and I know libras brother like oh I would never mm-hmm everybody has something but and you couldn’t be taking his bullying and they they’re not meaning it as such they could say something is stuck to you type of thing I try not to take everything so personal try not to be so sensitive it’s not always about you you always you can feel like oh they’re not calling me so they must be talking to somebody else and it could very well be sleep and think that they’re ignoring you it’s not about you it’s just they were asleep so Pisces if you’re dealing with a Pisces stop trying to control every damn thing that should go don’t be so extra if you’re doing what a Pisces you may feel like the Pisces is yours I’m your money um you may feel like the Pisces is yours and you so if they are yours you are entitled to tell them what to do when to do it and how to do it it’s not their whole person did they’re not they’re not your toy they’re not something to be controlled they’re a person also it could be the Pisces honesty I don’t know why but for a while when I first started started this channel and those videos are not up anymore but it was Pisces and videos that were together and womp was being very controlling of the other one you may have tried to like this person gar this person is trying to let you go and you’re not trying to let them go or vice versa let him go you can’t control somebody else you can’t control their desires you can’t control what they want anything that you have to keep controlled it’s not worth having Ares spend time with me make our music it’s not for you to open up your artistic side which is person if you’re leo dealing with it Ares maybe it’s time for you guys to go to art museum do something different if you guys are into music make music together yeah write them a poem or something like that but it’s hard for you guys to do something different something out of the box a word it’s like what are you can’t go wrong as long as it’s something that feels good to you you’re connected to then as art is beautiful so maybe it’s time for you to get connected to an Aries in a beautiful way at a different way they’re they’re probably different for you you’re not used to this you’re not used to a person like this so it’s hard for you to try something for different to get to this connection Taurus you’re hot smart ain’t got a great ass your person is look you remind them if you’re done with a Torrance this Taurus may may not be showing you as much attention may not be fluffing you as much as you want them to but you got to remember you may have got very comfortable in a relationship and stop doing what you used to do and the tourists kind of part was like I’m I’m used to seeing this so you know nothing new so you know one time you got him with Aria could be vice versa it could be the other way around the torus is just you know hey this is who I am they’re not trying anything new or whatever and it’s time for the tourists to do that when it comes to this leo however it works yes sir go uh cancer I feel like this is a person that’s been around for a while and you whenever you needed your ego stroked or whenever you needed some attention whatever it is they were always there waiting patiently but this cancer seem like they’re getting fed up either it’s the cash for joining to Leo – Leo – the cancer whoever’s doing this the person’s getting fed up it’s time for you to up your game up make a decision shit-or-get-off-the-pot right Capricorn time for lighting a matter stopper you get a little bit deeper with this Capricorn you guys may have been flirting keeping things kind of just on its surface it’s not for you really good to know this person before you commit to them if you’re dating if you’re in an actual relationship with this cat Capricorn you may have thought you’re may be coming to a realization that you guys rush into a relationship and you thought you knew him and you’re like I don’t think I really know you so it’s not for you to take a little bit deeper with this person really get to know them because you’re starting to see things and you’re like that wasn’t there before but it actually was you just didn’t did that deep Gemini now homemade food is so if you’re a Leo doing what any Jim and I um y’all need to start spending more time indoors you guys may be overspending to impress each other or you know I say each other it can go vice versa or social media doing this just it’s time to spend some time with you within the four walls of your home get quiet so someone and get intimate not saying everybody should be having sex do you but what I’m saying is to get very intimate with somebody spend that one-on-one and nobody and make an intimacy it’s a connection between two it’s where you guys can really get me spiritually maybe physically make it with each other and really you connect or reconnect so Leo that’s all I have for you is she so she has for you so those that we have for you please like share comment and subscribe again piece off and minibuses take care


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