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I am this is Genesis and we’re here to give you guys some quick advice um plays it relationships on YouTube please like share comment and subscribe warning I’m using the rebel deck for your advice cards so it is gonna be a little blunt and some cussing so if that’s not your thing um but we’re gonna go through the whole zodiac and give your advice on each sign that you possibly maybe don’t know it so for Libra Gemini Libra is dealing with geminis what is the fight shuffle shuffle is love can hurt like hell breathe through that ah Libra babe are you throw hard over a Gemini I don’t know he does this reason though mm-hmm I feel like there’s a Gemini in your past that you you’re kind of mourning over this is your birthday season huh are you kind of mourning over like the good times with them the times you guys shared so I think because it’s around your birthday you probably reflecting on a lot and this person it was very potent in your life so you you you’re kind of hurt you it kind of stings it kind of hurts a little bit you know just breathe although the memories the good memories or whatever are good to have or whatever try not to say it so much stuck on your pass enjoy your birthday and celebrate yourself all right cancer libras doing with cancer spend time with bay make art love our music you may be inspired when you’re around this caster discount caster may inspire you are you guys want to do something creative I’m your zip and paint and I’m saying I’m hearing are you guys just made simply just spend time singing mm-hmm if you guys think y’all just st. spend times like making up little freestyles or whatever spend time with with that person that person may lift your spirits deal with your drama handle excess our hearts and our resolve fillings use your logic for a reason you know you have logic use it for you have logic for a reason music uh what virgos either you are the virgos still have passed X you have X’s popping the back up there so friends wait they’re friends with everybody hey cool their exes and it’s like every time you maybe try to confront this Virgo about it or it could be the Virgo confronting Libra body or whatever it’s always like no it’s no filling Sarah I don’t know why you’re trippin that’s just you know my baby mom that’s just my baby daddy or that yeah we’ve dated but we’re just friends whatever look if you want your present to work and possibly have a future how it’s gonna go past gotta be out if you want your past go back to your past but don’t bring your past up your present stop saying that it’s all is there feelings like oh you’re wrong why would you do that so you’re always tripping over nothing no no no no no verify to verify they feel not very validated their feelings and when it says your feelings you have logic for a reason whoever it’s the person that’s sitting on the other in like why is there to my show of your exercise show on it why did bah bah bah bah blah use your logic go to together I bet you will make theirs if you are a Libra dealing with it Aries 3 4 hmm stop trying to control every damn thing let this go don’t be so extra it might be the area since being very controlling into the Libra trying to control them materialistically their time energy everything or it could be vice versa stop stop just say those five little words you decide worthy they’re controlling you too food she got her in effect he was like yes maybe this person is willing you in what it’s to have the taste for Deniz he came from nowhere it’s not I’m trying to focus anyways maybe this person is trying to like every time you turn around stop that’s how they’re trying to control you that’s how they’re monopolizing your time forgive not for them do that for you either you need to forgive this person is like maybe this person is trying to win you over by continuously taking you out to eat and I’ll cook for you or what you want by my blood just so they can kiss your butt and get back in your good graces cuz they feel like you’re still mad at them there or something like that forgive him and let it go that’s dirt control America their manipulation tactic to draw you in mm-hmm agreed to disagree well well well you see definitely best life another with another person good time so if this is a situation where you guys are not together but they trying to ease themselves in by always offering you stuff but you’re trying to tell them hey look just cuz we go out to dinner that’s not a date maybe and they’re like no no no you’re right right it’s not a date but every time tonight is you want to go I know what to eat I know where to go maybe you need to agree to disagree with this person in the sense of to me it feels like a date and I know you’re saying that you don’t feel like it’s a day either but I feel like you’re trying to get back in my good graces and date me and that’s not what I want – let me pull back that’s how I see it so anyways if you are a Libra dealing with a Capricorn you think you got them all figured out huh you don’t surprise [Music] go on a real date here you smell good and get your sexy on you may feel I feel like this Capricorn has to showed you all all what they were doing they you may there may be a Capricorn did you feel like they’re not really they’re attractive or whatever but you know I’m hearing late night so you may have this Capricorn as a buddy and so when you see them they don’t dress up and overextend themselves is because are you friendzone them so what’s the point of getting all dressed up and I know you guys like pretty thing it’s beautiful things you like people to be on the up and up you think you know that that’s like that’s all they have to offer that’s all they are ask them on a road day take them somewhere our vice versa vice could be out but I don’t see libras are very much they care about they look but it could be vice versa but if you think you know a Capricorn you really don’t if you think you got them all figured out oh yeah that person they don’t dress up they don’t wear makeup they don’t do this are you don’t really line this hair up he’s always got dirt on TV so it’s just I mean he did that part of him is good but in the end I wouldn’t be seeing him up to come on a day all right so you know we Shane got like in public on after day and also it may not just be their appearance it may be a conversation you may think this person don’t really have much to offer for us conversation you if you go on a road ain’t you may see you differently or find out differently I see if you’re a Libra doing would have high seas to you are on the same team play like it your heart you’re hot smart and got a great ass your person is lucky remind them this I believe is for the Pisces not for the Libra cuz like I said libras usually keep themselves up but um I’m hearing you own some the Pisces may only get dressed up when they’re going out with their friends but they never get dressed up for you mm-hmm are when a doing something else you never seen this putt are they they seem to have so much to say to everybody else but they don’t got nothing to say to you um maybe it’s time for you to lead by example if if it’s oh well they are they only get dressed up when they’re around their friends get dressed up and just leave out this bad advice because some people don’t say that you know be respectful you know your relationship better to me but I’m saying your brain is basically um that’s that’s not that’s not the right advice I’m trying to be PC here but basically what I’m saying is you got to remind them who you who they’re messing with right did you like somebody and maybe have a conversation and it’s not about you you know you could come you here reminder who you messing with remember it and remind them that you guys are on it you you mean it well and you know maybe okay babe look I go to the gym I work out I would like for you to come join me I like you to come to this it’s not about you’re fat you’re lazy what the is that that’s harsh I’m a dick myself so I don’t judge I’m this that was the inner job with something came out first if you reliever didn’t want to leave we’re just could be you or you or somebody who’s actually you’re actually doing what this is a Libra you’re stressed massage bench watching show you need to disconnect for a minute mm-hmm I feel like you guys have had some rough times even if you’re a Libra dealing with another Libra one or both of you have been through had a moment you guys are going through some things right now and there’s just time just to chill be on Shelby on ice and not even trying to do a bunch of hoopla or whatever because I feel like there’s some decision there just because I know from previous readings there’s some decisions that you got to make or they have to make and it’s time for them to just relax cuz if they are stressed you are there are stress if you are Libra dealing with a Scorpio keep that to yourself I love being criticized as no one ever the scorpio could be riding your ass they could be talking a hell of like i think their credits critical of if they can’t find something in the present chance to be critical about they never each to the past because you’re right now I don’t even think they’re on call now I feel like they they’re doing this because they’re they’re not over whatever happened in the past or if you if it’s something in the present tense they’re criticizing you felt they’re not over it so they’re they’re just dragging you with them like you’re gonna you’re gonna feel my wrath you are feeling my pain you feel that you feel that I thought that to the end they’re not letting they’re not laying up there overly critical of everything you do even when you’re trying damn I’m trying if you are a Libra don’t wanna grace my grass that’s a Libra Oh understanding leave her doing whatever occurs family is getting on your nerves have each other’s back yeah that’s always come on you don’t get snacks anything he said he don’t want to take a shower in that bathroom okay I’m I’m gonna go over that but they tell him you pull another card because we’re talking I’m like right whatever it’s not fair to y’all so but I feel like when it comes to Aquarius there could have been a connection with a Libra and Aquarius that was rule that was cool but your family did not approve of this connection mm-hmm are you didn’t feel like this person was appropriate or your family would accept this connection with this Aquarius they’re saying now that you tried it your family’s way and they still get on your damn nerves just like listen I picked who you want me to pick I’ve done what you want me to do and the person that I pick is getting on my damn nerves and they’re not even who I want I’ve tried it your way I think I’m gonna go back to their queries I think I want to try it with the Aquarius because the query is I would it felt real there there that’s what my heart and my passion and that’s where I want to be yeah for like whoever you’re around family friends whatever they’re getting on your damn nerves and it’s because they it’s getting on your nerves because whoever this Aquarius is I don’t feel like you’re in contact with this Aquarius and even if you are in contact with this Aquarius you are with this equation this your family your friends don’t like them and they’re making you make a choice I can automate Oh mm-hmm but I feel like it’s pushing me more towards them cuz you’ve tried it their way and you’re like it’s me and you against the world are this your family boy oh no they told me do another confident brace just in case nothing because I’m all worries but smoking pocum’s and we tell my she said no biceps in your bed you’re absolutely correct but my Libra gets in my bag where’s my grandson I’m like no no but anyone who come to my room okay you don’t want to share his bad news want to get my bed I think he wanted a bigger bed he got a bigger bed he has a full-size bed yeah he’s tall for his age behind a big he’s got no way you’ll be three so yeah so you another boy please bye yeah you know what it is my sheets are better okay Oh Korea’s belieber another time for to get real get honest is fun damn know what I’m saying it’s not for you get honest I think you’ve been living underneath your family’s expectations your their wants their needs on earth could be Aquarius and you’ve been denying the Aquarius for too long and you were starting to realize I’ve tried it my family’s way I’ve done it my family’s way and I can no longer do this anymore and I know if it’s if I try Aquarius Aquarius oh go back or get with or whatever or stay with then you know what I don’t give a I just need to get room with the money to have a conversation I need to say what I need to say and see if it’s even a possibility because doing it any other way right now let’s get on my nerves if you are a little leave her jealous I cherish them it is impersonal shed shit’s not always about you check yourself your plane will fire literally um you need to check yourself when it comes to this Sagittarius you may be spazzing out on them or you made out a white hair you’re tryna indirectly but they they they may seem like they’re slow and they don’t see it but they do you don’t think the day they catch it oh it’s been caught and they’re just sitting I see the Sagittarius in bad note it Oh note it oh babe and you playing with fire cuz they’re gonna explode at any point in time Libra what Taurus you can’t say thank you enough they deserve a medal for putting up with your ass I feel like this tourists I ain’t putting up with your putting up with your today they’re done not done in this is like I’m not with you no more it’s like I need you to recognize that I’ve I need you to recognize what I be tripping to this don’t you can’t take all the credit I need you to see me in this and what I bring to this or what I have brought to this because I don’t think you have realized you don’t see how you have come off to this Taurus Libra but Leo okay Libra with Leo just walk away everyone could use a little break this Li okay you and as Leo could be at odds with each other disagreement if this is a family member especially after we talk so our prayers think I don’t know why but um but whatever it is if you are a Leo doing man Libra doing what everyone just walk away it’s not worth it’s not worth fighting I know I feel like this person know how I’m really triggered so I think this person knows how to trigger you they know what buttons to push and they they do that and you can make you get completely out of character or vice versa walk away give it a break table the situation until you guys are both in a healthier more commerce position to straighteners out so Libra that’s all we have for you please like share coming and subscribe until next time please love our many blessings

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