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This week on Love Hacks, we’ll be answering the following question by Desiree:

Hi Nikki and Cleo,
I don’t understand what happened to the sweet man I married. He used to do anything to make me happy which is huge part of why I agreed to marry him. Now he’s just grumpy and argumentative all the time. This is not what I signed up for!

In fact it’s getting to the stage where it almost feels like if I say something’s black he’ll say it’s white just to be difficult. We are fighting all the time and my girlfriends say I should leave, that I can do so much better, I have to agree.

We went away on holiday three months ago and things were worse because we didn’t have our work to distract us and we were drinking.

I guess neither of us has done much to try and fix this, he’s not keen on going to therapy and I’m not sure it’ll change anything.

Thank you,
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