“Love Yourself, Love One Another, Relationship Advice” by Ray Anthony Moya

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[Music] [Music] welcome back to another card game play with my cousin mark I don’t know why a with the recording thing that I have you can only hear my voice no no you can’t hear my voice you can only hear hit my cousin’s voice so it’s just some funny moments I guess enjoy the video love each you saw my girlfriend today whenever I hope whenever I go up there I will meet her okay mark Jesus dollar knows how you gotta be Justin you don’t you don’t want to chase after them they got a case that to you I should be I should be on my own shit ladies and gentlemen dating advice with Mark nah don’t be like that yes we crazy for you first we go crazy before you go crazy a pair like maybe not a fake girl laughing you know I’m done I’m done let’s let’s just get to the gameplay I don’t even think that we win just kind of see cool window Destin do you watch you watch stuff man is sir it really sucks that you guys can’t hear me we’d be talking about some funny-ass shit I’m fighting Ricky’s set up cuz it’s like a fucking steamer setup it’s too fucking monitors dude it’s all the fucking thingy to a tripod connect it to the table excuse my Amy okay I’m better than this now shut up [Applause] dude I’m going I just fuck their own spawn oh I wish I could say the same at that moment yeah and that was the moment where he uninstalled black ops for now I’m joking then there’s a guy by our call-outs are on point pro level come with you on the right side at this moment when I thought I was going on my cousin you never see you goes on to the right side and then he goes to the three-piece and I’m struggling to get a few kills oh my god hold up rewind that back you see it through a killstreak at a car oh my god yet press X like this did you [Applause] [Applause] look you could hear me raging in the back why look at those stats 14 and 9 I’m so drastic game the story behind my low level there’s this one point where where you’re grinding out some double xp and I didn’t get planned I thought I was gonna prestige but then I accidentally pressed a fresh restart [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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