Marriage and relationship advice.

Marriage and relationship advice.

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Fanbox granddad’s gaff here I thought I’d do a bit more of a serious float today after the funding came to the last few days I thought I’d talk about marriage because people sometimes said to me you know from the outside it looks as though you’re reasonably happy in your marriage I wanna say yeah we do very well it’s of creating that illusion well as well how do you do it well obviously it’s a lot of compromise on my part which I which I’m happy to do over the years um but you have to realize in the marriage that you never gonna have perfection okay so I’ve got a resource which I got from the flea market yesterday and I’d like to show you that this here is a complete and happy marriage you’ve got the interesting area down here but also you’ve got the blue bits here which are quite boring okay it’s like you’re washing and yawning and doing the bank of stuff and washing the car and all that sort of stuff and most people that that’s okay but what happens is different people have different needs or different interests I would say and the big three interest which sandy has which I’m not particularly interested in which that’s going to art galleries and museums and castles I don’t find that particularly interesting from my part you know I like to go out and have fun with with fun people and she doesn’t really fit into that category so let me let me explain using my my resource as you can can see these holes represent castles and art galleries and museums okay now I’m quite happy for Sandy to go and see other people to fill those holes because if she has her holes filled that makes her happy and complete this is her perspective of our Marg okay now if we take a look at my perspective you can see I’ve got one big hole it’s a very big hole and it’s unlikely that one person is going to fill that hole for me so I ten to have lots of people who helped fill my at all and that completes me and excuse me satisfied so basically to sum up I suppose what I’m saying if you want a happy relationship you should be prepared for your partner to have their holes filled by someone else I’m sure I haven’t covered everything yeah and this is just the basics and you probably do have other questions you’d like to ask about relationships you can like drop me a line and perhaps I’ll send letter later blog


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