my experience dating a girl *with pictures* + advice

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I really do want to travel over there go over the Killman nach Kilmarnock Scotland where I’ve got like a a small but strong following over there I was just it’s funny because like I talked to these younger people online she’s a cunt he’s just fucking obviously blocked that comment keep saying cuss words though cuz I’m gonna I’m just gonna keep reenable is I saying do you have any advice for my friend Ryan to get with this girl he likes I’d have to talk to your friend Ryan I think because I don’t know what kind of moves he’s trying to make I you know my biggest dammit my fucking back is starting to hurt my biggest piece of advice to a lot of people trying to get with a girl they like is to give up to a certain degree oh it’s a bit dismal of advice to give but is what you said she’s a cunt does that mean that the girl he’s he likes is a cunt does he know she’s a cunt it’s very important if she’s a cunt and you both agree that she’s a cunt she’s probably just she’s probably just a quick lay to him at that point but so you know if she’s a cunt you both agree she’s a cunt maybe get in get out kind of thing you know kind of thing I would say to a certain degree give up but like not not exactly my biggest thing for young especially guys but girls too don’t come across as desperate like you obviously you know you wanna fuck okay but act like you with someone I found that most I get the most like attention from females when I’m with someone I don’t know you just seem more not accessible but you see more you just you’re not desperate you know you’re not rapey because you’re out you’re fucking cranked up on hormones have some self-control and have some class if you if you really like a girl and you want to fucking I don’t know go up to her just go up to her and I have a conversation maybe have a few little jokes in the chamber ready to go okay I’d say that the one of the one of the one of the quickest ways to a cunt is is to be it’s for one not to be a pussy to to to be calm and kind of comforting but also but mainly to be funny if you’re not funny that’s fine you can learn to be funny or just have a few little jokes here and there you know I I don’t have any you know I’m not a I don’t have like little little lines necessarily that I have because I’ve been with my girl for like six years but um I don’t know just just be observant and maybe kind of kind of give her playfully give her shit a little bit you I’ve noticed a lot of girls are you know you can even get them to blush a little bit you know point out that they’ve got I don’t know something wrong you know yo your shoes on tight yo no it’s not huh huh you know something I don’t know Ryan’s Ryan’s a cunt Ryan is a cunt who’s Ryan okay Ryan yeah oh yeah friend Ryan yeah Ryan is a cunt Willie McNeely yeah and with I don’t know with I don’t like to exclude people either so with women it’s like I’ve noticed that’s a good thing to bring up actually because I’ve noticed a lot of women lately that are there’s like there’s like nines and tens walking around that can’t get a boyfriend and it’s it’s disturbing I don’t exactly know what it is but it seems to me like maybe people are it’s it’s kind of a comp with a lot of things it’s a complicated issue but I think it’s it might be having to do with for one the media’s representation of certain things a lot of people are really media oriented these days but also I don’t know women coming across as really as as I said before with guys with desperate if you have a desperation all you may not get what you want I guess what you desire like guys see like tens and porns and they want to just go fuck up ten you know they don’t necessarily want to be in our relationship with you so you either you’re looking in the wrong place or you’re being like way too desperate you know and you know same goes with both sexes but it seems like seems like with women they have a lot of that a lot of these attractive women that are walking around with without without boyfriends or husbands or whatever it’s like they want a husband you know basically it’s like oh the clock’s ticking I need I need a husband I want kids but they’re super unhappy and they don’t they don’t don’t get that because they’re super desperate I’ve been approached by really attractive women very rarely cuz I mean look at me but you just if you’re smart if you have a good head on your shoulders you know right away when you have like a desperate woman that’s coming up to you and and guys display it a little bit more obviously when they’re desperate it’s like they get like really touchy you know don’t don’t touch it when we don’t know dude did you know I’m a Steve okay what do I do with that information


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    Thanks for tuning in guys! I do these podcasts weekly, usually saturdays or whenever I have time!

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    You got a for the thumbnail….

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    early gang

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