Nicky’s Fashion Advice For Viv – 15Years Younger

Nicky’s Fashion Advice For Viv – 15Years Younger

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hey everyone I’m sure you’re all in a great position to be offering advice on people’s relationships aren’t you I know today we’re joined by call me Carson hey never had a girlfriend perfect now judge other people am i weird if I find the faces of mountain lions sexually attractive it started with me doing research on mountain lions I saw some pictures and watch some videos and something just clicked in me their faces were absolutely beautiful I couldn’t stop looking their faces are perfectly shaped and so expressive their eyes are so bright clear and knowing people when you hold in their eyes they have flat rosy pink noses and soft furry perky is their facial markings are distinctive and really bring out their best features they have soft luscious for the color of brown sugar bro this is like how I describe my food when I’m really enjoying it this is just creepy so sexy he’s so graceful so confident so seductive oh that’s a mountain lion okay most ways I think of white and brown sugar oh hell yeah because I seen the size of that muscle but the best part of their faces is how expressed if they are how clearly they express their emotions you can feel their confidence Grace and majesty you can see their feelings unlike many other animal lionesses the feelings on humans mountain lionesses are perhaps the physical embodiment of pure sexuality and feminine gagging I see a mountain lion s and I see I am woman I am woman that’s the sequence film Will Smith right this dude this dude’s gonna be fuckin eaten by a mountain lion like a fucking towel Vamsi is gonna get eaten by a mountain lion s dude I think he’s gonna get a pack of mountain lions and he’s gonna be the Alpha there’s caring soft protectors they would not eat him they would only follow them listen this guy news is he’s talking about this guy keeps saying that the embodiment of femininity he we see the human woman the human women have fangs exactly where’s where’s they have keys where are the things so house bring me the Fang I want to kiss a mountain lion I am having an intensely sexual experience I’m glad welcome to the channel castle we all have this every recording session compared to mountain lions human women just cannot stack up the most beautiful woman on earth could not possibly hope to even compare to the raw beauty of an average mountain lioness and I’m ashamed to admit it not even my partner does though I perceive she comes the closest oh that’s that’s romantic that it’s not quite a mountain lion but they’re just like in bed together you know what I’d rather fuck a mountain lion but you do I have no soo philic has tendencies however I would never actually have sex of the mountain lioness lionesses were intelligent creatures on our level and had humanoid or these sweet mama I would be in heaven I’ve always admired the phases of feline but it was only recently that I actually found their sexually attractive so the question I’m asking here is is this healthy is this normal no is this a sign of mental illness doesn’t anyone else stare like this and OH upset right now I’m alone I’m all on the peeve side what’s up come yeah would you sit what’s wrong I don’t you like alright let’s move on I really like mountain lions I twenty five female found coke in my husband’s bag twenty-seven male I was just cleaning up well he went outside for a bit and his gym bag smelled like shit wasn’t snooping so what’s gonna wash his clothes and I found something my husband does not do drugs or at least I didn’t think he did what the fuck he just went to the pharmacy to pick up some shampoo he’s gonna be home any minute and I don’t know what to do should I throw it away and what do I say to him my heart is fucking pounding as if I were the one caught doing something wrong I don’t know if I can act normal at it false alarm I was crying and he was laughing at me yeah I ate talcum powder you ate it in my defense I thought it was cocaine so you ate it just a small way help my girlfriend is refusing to talk to me because I pretended to be dead after a car eyes I don’t believe it late last week my girlfriend and I were on our way back from dinner with a pair she was driving pulling away from a stop light the two cars next was slammed on their break but she didn’t in time we got hit by a drunk driver going 15 over the speed limit right on my son the impact was brutal though I knew right away that I was fine we were in her 2018 BMW x8 this reddit thread sponsored by BMW just Affleck’s a as a being fell P I have no idea what made me do this maybe it was a shock and having my entire world rocked in a flash of a second I decided to hang my mouth open and control myself against the intruding door then wake it off and looked over she was horrified and non-stop thought like an hour after a minute or so I snapped out of it and said gotcha gets robbed yeah three stunts on he fucking dabs and then everyone clapped at the crash scene it’s been days now and she still wins fees I know it was weird I have no idea what made me do it I wouldn’t have ever done it normally how can I salvage this I want to see this guy at comedy clubs I wanna see where he can go with this he crashes the stage and then acts like he’s dead causing a ruckus and then he does the whole thing again instead of just his girlfriend it’s like an entire crowd and they’re like what oh you my 23 female boyfriend 26 male is the chronic cheese waster we’ve been together for over seven years and we’ve never seen eye to eye on this issue we’ve clearly run out of things to argue about he insists that we throw away the entire block of cheese when the corn gets a teeny bit of malt I think it’s perfectly normal to simply cut away animals my family’s always done it that way he says it’s weird and normal people don’t perform surgery on their cheese to remove the mold am I the crazy one here maybe just like eat mochi so it never happens conceive well just then just yeah just eat the cheese a bit faster and then it never happened coming the other day so tired of all of my romantic partners taking my gorgonzola just blowing it out the window my 21 inch female won’t stop calling me 20 mil serán the world Lord and sorry what sarin the world Lord and she doesn’t believe that I didn’t come up with the name so you may know apple has a game center every time I start a game on my phone it says welcome back your name here the default name on mine is sarin the world Lord for whatever reason I never seen it name and I never bothered to change my girlfriend of three months saw it when I started a game today she saw it and cannot stop laughing at me she thinks it’s hysterical and I feel like a giant nerd I’m not really embarrassed about the name it just feels terrible that she thinks I’m trying to lie about it she just won’t believe I didn’t come up with it it doesn’t help my case I correct her every time she calls it’s Earl and the warlord and she can’t stop laughing she won’t stop calling me the warlord I want my girlfriend to stop calling me the warlord how can I convince her it’s not mine is there anyone else that has this default user name out there I need another Sarah and the warlord I need another one I’m freaking out I’m not the warlord I’m not maybe don’t have a stupid name that you said oh yeah baby don’t names if not love the folk name you have to set it up no go I this is like early fucking stupid toffee every time she calls in the warlords you should call her the way Lord fucking that’s the custom Jackie you all right though you slapping your knees like dick


    Jon Allissa

    (12/22/2019 - 3:06 am)

    First post is basically a dude finding out he was a furry all along.

    Indie Jerry

    (12/22/2019 - 3:06 am)

    If my girlfriend called me “The Warlord” I’d threaten to pillage her village.

    Jeremy Tory

    (12/22/2019 - 3:07 am)

    Why am I watching this when I spend all day in my room without talking anyone

    Jeremy Allissa

    (12/22/2019 - 3:08 am)

    I imagine the mountain lion guy would go into overload if he saw the khajhit in any of the elder scrolls games

    Jon Dominica

    (12/22/2019 - 3:08 am)

    To be fair on the “Serand the Warlord” story- back when my father made an Xbox Live account the name he wanted was already taken (Sarge), but he just kept pressing “A”. Because of this he selected the first recommended alternative- “Boyish Integral”, and I have/will never let him live it down. So actually I can see how that can happen.

    Jasmin Dominica

    (12/22/2019 - 3:09 am)

    That first guy is legit just a furry and he doesn’t know

    Jeremy Chris

    (12/22/2019 - 3:10 am)

    Mountain lions are cool, but I prefer MEIN PANZERKAMPFWAGEN V. AUSF. A PANTHER

    Mimi Brody

    (12/22/2019 - 3:10 am)

    Humanoid bodies, same intelligence, mountain lion heads…. Sounds like a furry to me

    Irving Caelan

    (12/22/2019 - 3:11 am)

    The first guy brings a new meaning to the term “cougar”

    Amyas Toby

    (12/22/2019 - 3:12 am)

    4:17 has this man played Elder Scrolls? There is an entire race of exactly what he is looking for

    Darien Faron

    (12/22/2019 - 3:12 am)

    8:32 Memes absolutely ruined me. Every time I hear consume I just start laughing uncontrollably.

    Madonna Normand

    (12/22/2019 - 3:13 am)

    I wonder if that first poster realizes that male mountain lions don’t have manes to distinguish them from the females.

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