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a dose let’s talk about the sound and it won’t be much better but let’s go on the sounds the wizards yeah the wizard or albums let’s not get it yeah what we have to deal with this okay so once again the time stamp this this is a end of September we’re kind of revealing the summer okay and tell me what do you think let’s talk about two or three albums of the summer so your favorite little baby words plus the same bad I know it’s all in the world or was at one point probably not a good I’m scared that him in 21 did what they had to do hmm and I’m gonna say sir surfing or surfing with the Y or with the ing I think you not saying sir fie like slimy yeah like that’s what I heard but you know I love the honesty it’s like for me young thug is abstract music because some of his words are so yeah you have to make up your own I appreciate it though you know so it’s like you get to formulate your own opinion on what those words should be in that space fact um what else what else did you like this year I was a big fan of toddler the creators on for yeah I’m not I’m not a huge Tyler to create a friend this definitely pushed me over the fence okay that’s fair to say love just the production from top to bottom I know I’m gonna have to give my top three because I’m trip already know but um it’s hard for me to really dissect the tracks from one another because I look at it as like a total work in a way to how it’s one project it’s just one it employs one playthrough but on sir that’s fair to say in no order like new magic wand earthquake and I would say boys a gun the concept is a little shaky but is amazing there’s nothing he was clear about what he was trying to say shakey yeah I guess he was clear but is it’s just a good song it’s a good song it’s a good song am I missing one soso cuz cuz I don’t know if boys are guns on my top three but it’s one of the three that I’ve just wishing it down now that I remember I got new magic wand earthquakes in my wake and I know Matt there and I’m earthquake new magic wand running out of time before did we just become best friends do we have the same three we already what gang you know you Pig boys a gun bro are you stuck with it’s a good song cut that I’m not gonna lie I guess before I really listened to it all I was like yo this song is amazing first listen I caught it he said my pocket is comb you’re my favorite guy so I said wait a minute wait oh I’ve had a waiter waiter not knowing none of my three good song he said what he had to say I just really like I think it’s like a respecting thing I want to save the Jackson 5 sample yo that’s what God that’s what God – by yourself it was the sample I was like yo what sample is this and then when I heard he didn’t sample anything on a whole album demonstrate him I was just sliding – this is crazy he’s he’s you know he took it to a exact inception but I mean either way since we’re gonna talk about boys are gone just a little quick aside if you haven’t seen it yet and you want to laughs you got to go to youtube and type in front master flex Oh Tyler the Creator freestyle 2019 because I’m not sure any other year talk about this year when he store anything I went out to Lori’s that night to support a friend she was doing a live show okay he’s performing and after the after-party was at this this barn Lower East Side called short stories right right and who walks in Tyler they created with a couple of his crews Reggie was there so you had like a bunch of like West Coast link up next in situations going and I remember I didn’t watch that freestyle till after I ran into him and when I watched the Freestyle I’m like oh my gosh he had that outfit on so fresh off fresh so you guys are gonna laugh when you get a chance to watch that freestyle yeah and see how small the world is so we’ve talked about Igor being an amazing album as well as so much fun so much fun by young thug anything else you want to throw out there I think I have like one or two great albums I came out to summer that you should hear that chica so my first one is gonna be the gold League Apple okay ds4 I believe it was called more yeah awesome it did get a lot of plays but I feel like it was maybe more of an internationally welcome to album I think we yeah as you know the home teeny to revisit it because it wasn’t even moola mm-hmm we’re sure for sure and then uh little brother little brother had one I forgot what the name of the album is give me a second world Lord may help me may also help me what is it it is made the Lord watch may the Lord watch if anybody’s a little brother album if anyone’s a little brother fan please check out this album if you’re not a little brother fan or don’t know who they are please check out the menstrual show and then this album the amazing thing is they kept the same formula what is it ten years later where they mixed the comedy and the skits are hilarious right I remember working out to this and almost dropping away myself because I cracked up at hearing one of the the first times yeah okay so definitely I think we touched on some great music this summer Freddie Gibbs isn’t a school Freddie Gibbs he might be up for diagramming he he really afford again there’s rumblings about Freddie Gibbs that I grab me I’m not gassing us it’s the thing that’s amazing thing okay Freddie I hope you win it I don’t know I mean it was a good album it was an awesome out here and it was mad lib did the whole thing or the whole thing yeah pinata I think I like pinata a little bit more but I’m not averse off on this thing that uh that Palmolive verse that was it was long-running sometimes I’ve been in a butcher first yeah he put them all out and any foot out the UM at Benny was nice to put out the he has a verse on gold links album yeah and all those verses drop like a mnemonic yeah sorry like yeah he was definitely it was right after the Raptors won so he’s probably just oh also I put Rick Ross’s album on there just speaking of the Raptors winning I wish that that Pusha verse would have been on Maybach Music six after hearing the verse because after the robbers one you drink out a little sassy talking about this guy how cuz they brought it on me pushes responses to that we’re in Maybach Music six I didn’t I didn’t realize that but I definitely heard the versa know this like I do everything else we’re not putting it there I respect it Pusha T was going in on that verse but I didn’t like I knew what it was directed towards but I didn’t know it was it was yeah you know connecting the dots that it was Drake left but you know before we get into fashion and and letting these people go till we get to our next episode I remember we did also have a great conversation about the lackluster tracks that Drake put out once the Raptors won yeah like if you didn’t know anything about basketball you wouldn’t have learned anything off the tracks right I thought it would have been a little more championship theme but it wasn’t it was just to Lucy’s could have been talking about wouldn’t I give them hitting your favorite actor shout out to the Raptors I and I would have been like after all some relevant super cool Hawaiian music video we was already married claim shoe to him going home with something I should have said a little more context but um Game six to those to higher up higher up and in the background no we not you know in the camera zone that’s we on our own cameras you heard okay so as far as context go goes let’s just talk about what you want it’s we got on I really always feel that as you wear something you are a canvas you are telling a story absolutely so um the story I’m going to tell you today is what could have been so this is a shirt from 1999 when the Knicks went to the finals and they lost for the Spurs I believe it was in six games but I was I was a young kid at the time and I just had recently become a huge a Knicks fan she and and it was always funny because before I had my my hair like this my boys would always joke and say some make some joke about being related to Tim Duncan so at that time I was like Tim Duncan was right with me because he looked like my cousin but the Knicks were my team so um I found this shirt I’m a professional drifter I found this shirt a couple months back and I just almost cried because this is like a Holy Grail straight it may mean nothing to you out there who are smart enough not to be next fans but for me this means a lot and then I do something that I don’t actually try to do often but we kind of just through these outfits on I usually don’t wear Jordans with my next gear because of all the things he did to us in the garden yeah that’s fair and I don’t know but I do have my royal ones on today for those that know this is probably for me the best colorway of the Jordan one um definitely top three with the Chicago’s and the red ones I mean you could always bring in the shadows wheat it’s those in the bridge it’s right there right I mean so these are one of the only shoes that I have doubled up I’ve got another pair on ice for when I turn 40 and I don’t feel like finds things on the internet anymore I can just crack those puppies out you ready so yeah that’s my outfit and I got some black acne jeans that um I love these jeans because they stay black you know how you get black jeans and one even after a year they’re not black – I’ve had yeah these aren’t ashy at all and I’ve had these for like three or four years yeah so a quality acne payme quality so quality less than let me see let’s talk about you with what you got let’s go first and head to toe we’ll start with the Lost Boy Hat a good friend of mine put out a great project Lost Boy support that we go into the riddick bowe ready bow in Evander Holyfield 1993 great gift from my friend rich I’m a huge boxing fan like he says professional thrifty came across this one and just hit me with it um I did that with my Tim Allen inspired cargo with a great show I had to give it to him that’s how I’m coming mm-hmm you know so cool great for it I missed him when I was in tenth grade ooh it was a very very sad day my grades weren’t what they were supposed to be started missing my mom shouldn’t get him for me and I didn’t start working to my like senior year for real stuff yeah had no choice was your first job sitting here six legs six flags I know that Arvind a Martian Wow every Nike SB foot – Sarah you better change your name – Marcus – Marshall j-dog my first job was at the heavies man first job with some high school as well finish line initially yeah then you got me yeah and you know how it was working at a sneaker store at the mall in high school at the mall finish line – yeah I peaked I peaked at about 16 and a half yeah yeah been chasing my ghost ever since she but um yeah I mean that that was an awesome way to like end the show I mean I’m sure you guys at home already ready for the second one which we’re about to record real soon but Wilson rhythm what I’m still very soon I’m Richard McLean notice lean perked major perks and Marcus Perkins and this is perks and lean about to come off your TV screen yeah blow up


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