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This is a 40-minute video highlight where I was featured in the “h3 Podcast #24 – We Won The Lawsuit! & Skippy Gets Dating Advice From a Pro.”
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I really captain oka like me I said baby I really don’t I’ll see myself having kids [Music] what’s poppin poppin all puppy do gonna say man a simple words and I’m coming back with another video man shit at me with your car do you wanna sign she’s ever gonna be doing this mug bang you do one time we’re gonna be talking about a relationship and the topics as well so I’ve seen the Taliban make sure you guys like comment you can do to the channel subscribe to dig on the same you should subscribe to me too they’re nice I’ll have it soon this 51 girl – Yasmine Nicole give me a burn saying I’m being loved no no chicken nuggets to fear me even I already ate already hey now I’m base it I got the number one what’s the want to talk about we’re gonna talk about relationships yeah trying to get anyone see I don’t even know cuz he was really playing okay you feel like relation so hard of these days hey harder these days just because especially if it’s on social media because it’d be people who on sites those just to get you mad like you don’t even say they only had things I say but they’re gonna just say these trying to try to be under your skin well me it’s not really a things I’ve been being a while so I got used to it and also femurs how do you feel about like posting yo like your significant other like you did after like the reason why I can’t use too much I am trying to be a brand so you know most brands will see me a 16 girl she has a boyfriend and they’re already profile needs as long as I take real good professional nice pictures I can but at the same time if you’re not this what it is but really if you’re not getting paid on social media like for being relationship or whatever you really should you ain’t got a post post videos like social media can just get into it well for no reason it doesn’t even matter like I’m not posting no female I mean would I can’t do it we’ve gotta be deep exactly we gotta be deep I can’t be that just I don’t know if like everybody temporary today so it’s like bugs off be both rocking abate yes when you say yeah Rose if you’re not deep you posted a female secret she gonna be making soup it tell them to help other people so I got you really got to be deep with it and it’s like your poster girl and it’ll just be like down here talking to her I’m gonna go shot shake her so I you got amazing you deep you know it see you’re like me and that’s why we shouldn’t I feel like it’s hard to find my somebody to know you know it’s like hey yeah and that’s why bro debugging into legend soo do not rush into it bro you gotta at least take three to six months at least talking stage but I’ll do it you a year talking years I mean like if you could like it’s different a lot like I’ve planned on the year but you never know who you gonna be like I feel like if you guys click faster you know what I mean yeah you could click faster somebody you expect that if I’m talking if I’m talking to somebody like me as me we talk for a month and then I cook I just feel the connection using a clip that’s right yeah it’d be like that but I feel like I’ve seen people get pale I’ve been playing so it’s like that’s why yes I mean you got to make sure that you know that person you know that they nothing no games it takes a while how you feel about like but if I going that day right it’s our first date how it like how do you feel about like paying like you pay in first day or like what you yeah on the first day if you would niggas we gotta pay ya got to if you’re done it’s over for you bro already broke so you already think that get you’re not even about none my mom’s dad always paid for everything accused of provider so like but at the same time at the same time that don’t mean the legend ship the Duke that do not mean that like me as mean but I pay for most of stuff at the same time she’s ship soon can she pay for me sometimes just to keep the balance of it right but the dude is supposed to be the provider he wants to pay for most of the stuff at the same time if you’ve been spinning about 200 the weekend your girl can buy a little food ain’t paying for me I ain’t going it’s not that’s not the way guess unattractive bro I feel like me if I’m in a relationship I’m one of these where the female is like the first day like the first few days I’m gonna pay for sure yeah yeah first you first when once you start like you know talking for a long time we dated for a minute you know I feel like it’s cause he pays you know here and there we are hearing it but it you know to me I thought you see often yeah but if she don’t offer it for too long you have to be like a what something I should say and you can see her response yeah you do that all right you just really gotta you really gotta read that person brother see what’s up person here’s please you don’t want to be with our selfish person at all I feel like when you really like get to know somebody after that connection now Ilitch Dargis no need for me explain also you want to make sure that what happened you what I’m saying I feel like if I go to the movies like every now and then like you get the tickets you get the snacks yeah I got me yeah I ain’t thought about that yeah that’s a good that’s a good suggestion right there well uh yeah righteous used to be harder nowadays I really do all right people really don’t be last night right no right I’ll see people post like a female is my they cheating here yeah the casino ready for some I need you wasn’t you just wait what you know was like you know it’s genuine and then output gonna get that device I’m trying to get a girl bro don’t try try hard but don’t make it so obvious no sir don’t don’t just be gonna hot out your way just to do some little ass stuff bro you gotta make sure that she knows she wants to know yes oxy boom get watching tomorrow this dude went over there to the mall and bought this girl first are cheap I know what it was he brought us some possession I think he looks a few here two week Saturday 19 top of my mom and then I’m month later after that she says dude I snapchat in the club right she in the club with the perfume bottle broken on the ground she was like I dropped the dang after this dude that’s been a hundred awesome awesome perfume and I wasn’t even together you know saying that’s just the that’s just the example of trying to harbor and if you got a if you feel like you got a pay you feel good to like you bro it’s nothing wrong exactly but if a girl is like that but you just like down I got to do whatever I gotta do to get it and it’s not gonna even Lance like things if you’re doing stuff just to get it’s not even on the same with you losing you gotta make sure you choose wisely you don’t do so much but of course you can take the little date maybe bar a little soon but don’t spend $100 in the first date on sink then you got going somewhere that’s fine if you really make a good impression then yeah you can take her out to eat don’t just buy her some great multiple things just trying to try to flex search under the summer that you got it or whatever cuz that’s this already a bad way to start showing a girl that you know I got money I can buy you whatever I’m gonna say this you’ll end up just using you know say you got to be smart with it you can’t just buy your money I think you should take a manager you feel about life I know a lot of people have an issue with did not is will be like hyperbola having friends and release for both cuz you got it balanced and not that balanced it – and females do i yeah maybe getting done us on top of way yeah I guess just some girls don’t like to feel like a dude is controlling him but everything look let me tell food you can’t eat a food me I’m gonna do right so girl got a do friend I know news who are friends with girls who have boyfriends Newt they talk about know what I talked about yesterday tell about the girls he’d be Fe I know what he’s doing and he best friends with this girl she got nigga and all these dudes talk about his like Brock can’t wait today over I can’t wait today that’s without you exactly but like news they go in there and then if your girl got to do and he offering in your face brave that’s that’s really just like how you know something you think you can just really destroy the energy the dudes really wait on you to miss over Joker they really waiting on you to mess up but it’s all to do but what helps a relationship learn and grow get over things like is insurance if you don’t trust her and if you feel like she’s news unless the then that’s nothing work y’all leave a breakup or just go at it go I feel like you gotta get them on first before anything that’s why I feel like you guys kind of best friend before you even get together you know you got to be like equal to like if she cares about so much about her boyfriends friends then she shouldn’t be mad at how do you feel like a you know like you could I say he had a friend before you were in the picture like a female and how do you feel like would you let him still be friends yeah I like her she’s cool I feel like when you do find that one girl oh it’s like you need more female friend me cuz like what am I gonna talk to her about yeah it’s like what am I gonna talk to her about my girl don’t he make six anything I’m gonna talk and go out go talk to my girl but exactly like you asked me ha best friend but first I’ll be talking to she’s only person I really was talking supersize my niggas either some good question Thanks yup girl got a lot of followers say I got a lot of followers I’m on it’s gonna take a minute promise you is gonna take a minute to get over that thing just that urge and justify every dude that like her picture like it takes to me once you get over that area just really just like and like you really just become free yeah it’s like meanwhile all these dudes and trying to be I mean trying to vomit Chloe’s the one that sees me exactly these hugs how you don’t wanna channel bags it’s gonna take a minute she got some followers could even begin jealous you and give you mad the thing with the monster got to be they they in her comments I’m in her get fit in the blank with whatever you want you can fit in the blend over whatever you want that’s tough you can fill it in with whatever you want they could be her ring the ants RDR whatever her house you see some else oh no I’m just being honest but I’m trying to help I’m so about the fellow viewers didn’t I look how to keep a long relationship every relationship bro no matter how good you think it is you gonna fight you don’t have problems you even wanna break up you gonna write they facing it with a brick but look the key thing get to it is bro if you can forgive each other and move past things and actually grow together bro that will never end that will never end because to me bro only reason I feel like our relationships at end if y’all really love each other is like some of my cheats cuz that means the baby I’m loving you feel me or you know saying someone’s too happy they had to move but they pinched something like that that’s like only way that’s a good question like would you like would you want to get bad for somebody for this anyway but then you got people who would say like it’s certain circumstances to wear it like you know what I mean I don’t feel that way no I was drunk ft girl Oh broke haven’t let me look should you try you did it to do oh that’s well-seasoned even banana pardon exactly no no no don’t go to party I don’t like parties there’s no business for me at parties if you girl but you got a nigga bro don’t go to a party take your party with bio sorry girls don’t drink if you’re alone if you have no protection from all these nasty dudes you know having intentions don’t drink literally just chilled listen to this that is also a fake excuse know what I was dreaming he is I was high so you know it’s a no what you doing like you know when there before you did that you know that your significant was in your mind at that same moment right like that’s that’s it’s common sense like before you’re gonna go kiss this girl you’re gonna look at her and think oh I got my girl yet secured right now that’s a fake excuse I wouldn’t ever believe that if somebody ever said oh I did it because I was group yeah there’s a library yeah because she was feeling like she wanted to yes alcohol me I say sad bro night bro like if you want to cheat bro his Wolf’s a stinky bro I understand good afterlife females really be cheating like a be 50/50 no I think everyone cheats the same Nakashima be slate with it I mean like girls they can hide that shit for as long as they want until something pops up you know what’s done in the dark must on your life but they can have a clean slate nothing in their messages snapchat Instagram nothing I’ll listen have the whole nother damn snapchat or something have a whole nother damn Instagram you don’t know I don’t seen it though yeah that’s what happened to my friend that she is there but you might as well stay single though people who do that are just broken or if you in a relationship you feel like you want to go measure someone else right straight up like it in our reason there’s looking coding in your relationships because people be by making these few more stars instead of something else and they make it hard for people like me exactly the person yeah let’s see Mimi’s tragic not be installing to Twitter so bite there you not be seeing all these key to stop having a baby food what do you I think is a good age have the kids I think it’s a good age to have a kid when you’re stable exactly when you stable exactly and when you finally done all the things you want to do in life because you know when you have a baby yeah you’re gonna have to invest your life yourself into that one baby you can’t just be like I’m gonna have a baby alright bye mama finna go party you take care of my kids which is what you’re groaning you you know you’re super responsible go do that go have fun but you know you’re gonna want to take care of your kid and you know if you want to travel you want to do things when I get stubborn wait for the baby 2426 my mom had me at 26 actually brother imma go you could be 23 you be cool eternity 3:23 I’m Evo there’s really no wrong hey you know what you wanna do for your kids and you’re good but I’m gonna say 23 to 26 good like he said I feel like whenever you like financially emotionally ready to there’s a lot of people gonna be missing me status bad the kids bringing all these different like boyfriend’s into the kid’s life thank you mean psychologically thing my mom really brought all these songs and talk to all these boys I want it because my mom did I really clapping okay by me I said baby I really don’t like I don’t see myself having kids I don’t like I want to be different topic but I don’t see much of any keys oh no nothing no the people that hate you know I think that is their brother I think I need a care bro I think everybody should have one kid must have you know I played nice in that little book I think anybody who can who can handle is that one probably gonna have a kid probably you like 30 that kind of old that’s – oh it’s kind of miss – oh I would not I would not want to be dirty having another kid you can’t even be real old by the time I want to be like when I’m 50 I wanted to be 25 yeah music because when a 53 and you 18 no sir my dad’s 50 my dad’s 55 and I’m 16 right here crazy look good that’s like me though you look like a 35 ya know correct so we finished our food though that’s it that’s the end of the mug baby if you gotta like the video make sure you like comment if news channel subscribe now goes decide to the channel holes I know what do you I’m not touching you



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