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Welcome to Potential Excellence`s first podcast video, Unlocking Your Potential Excellence! We would like to give a big thank you to Samiya for being our very first guest and sharing your knowledge to the world. We will not stop until everyone knows that they have the potential to be excellent!

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1 welcome everyone to potential excellence this very first episode on our podcast unlocking your potential excellence ok guys right crazy well ladies and gentlemen good people all around the world I would like you to introduce I’d like to introduce oh my gosh I’m very nervous I’m very nervous we can’t stop now I would like to introduce our very first guest Samia all right so before we get deep into the conversation into this podcast tell the audience a little bit about yourself what would you do for a living what school you go to all of that stuff first question the week good thing bad thing good thing okay let’s buy your week a bit so what’s the let’s say what’s a good thing and a bad thing that’s happened to you this week this week today that was pretty nice stained school estate school a bad thing I try not to focus on the bad I can tell you but no it’s been really good that’s good that’s good what do you think your energy level is for the day between one to ten right now yeah out of coffee in the morning well I had a car thief you know those awake bars he was yeah they’re chocolate but it has like it’s like equals like one cup of coffee how much does it cost it’s it’s super cheap it’s like two dollars it’s kind of expensive but okay what are you having coffee oh that is shoes that you’re saving you’re still saving money what are your hobbies like my hobby is I like to draw so you’re an artist you could you could say that I like to meditate I think yoga I try try to do it every day I try every week every day even an IV a meditation every morning yeah if I wake up on time and then yoga like twice a week yeah my high school teacher put me on this guy or this organization exactly they call like Patrick Beach yoga and that’s like intense like core workout wise oh my gosh it’s crazy ten minutes of it some like guided meditation or anything like that exactly put something like that right back to the whole day the whole day let’s see future goals future goes like as in like spiritual gold okay okay let’s blended in aspects of life financial goals yeah man I just want to be financially stable I want to be independent of course is everyone career-wise it my exactly sure what I want to do but I think that’s what first usually the boat so you can like it yeah yeah I just want to be able to do what I love I want to be happy I want to go to work every day but I want to be doing something I love yeah I don’t want to I really don’t want to be in a nice flat either that’s something I always want to run out my dad he owns his own business oh really yeah so I’ve always wanted to do that from a young age I wanted run he always liked muncipal furniture stories yeah I know they make him one yeah I know he’s doing good that’s good that’s good what about I call this emotional so like relationship wise friendships like deep relationships that type of thing mm-hmm I wanna see is usually really hard for me to make like good friends or like lasting connections because people really have to be on my wavelength yeah that’s so hard to find that’s so rare yeah one or two yeah it’s solid like people that could even actually call friends real ones yeah but yeah one of me more people like me I want to keep like a vibe I want to meet my people if you know what I mean I know what you mean I know it’s looking for that mento so like let’s say someone comes comes up to you on the street and just starts like giving you so much negativity just starts bashing you like how are you gonna be able to I guess your future self – I guess overcome any sort of negativity like where do you see yourself on a mental toughness level okay so I feel like stuff like that you just have to be mentally strong which is coming at you with stuff like that yeah it’s really not a function of you almost all the time it’s like how they are what’s going on with their internal like yeah internal self so you have to understand that it’s less about you and more about them and that will kind of put your mind at ease and you won’t feel the need to overreact so like at one point my life I was actually like that I don’t know it was it was a glass here I was meditating I was super into spirituality and actually has this girl she was she just came up to me she was yelling she’s like cussing in my face I was like okay I take a step back are you okay what’s wrong and we can solve this like there’s no need to be yelling yeah because I was just so content with myself and like okay this is this isn’t about me this is clearly something else clearly something she has on a deeper level yeah but I’ve kind of like fell off from that a little bit okay by yourself but that’s good though like for someone to like give you so much negativity and you’re still able to like ask them are you okay what can I do to help even though you like they gave you so much hate and so much pain but you kind of like put that you like put yourself over above it like you know and it’s so easy to be like shredded you know yeah act out and consume you mm-hmm so all right waiter what about your let’s say some physical goals you know not everyone it’s like a Greek god but like when you see yourself at least physically being healthy for many years to live on this earth I really want to be vegan five six years now so good amazing for you why not man it’s like it’s so good for the environment for you know it is that’s a part of it but the reason I became vegetarian six years ago was because I was I was so I don’t know if you seem like these animal documentaries and like ecology factory farming Oh like that it’s so crazy so sad like I don’t want to support this industry I don’t want to put my money into those companies those organizations same day like it’s more it’s more humane than what they do here yeah yeah especially when they like I’ve heard that they feed the animals purposely to get them bigger some with some and in the were consuming that so we’re consuming the hormones as well and also has what kind of fact that has to our bodies it’s so bad and what about your spiritual goals you know I know you said you’ve been meditating a bit but what about like mmm I mean everyone’s religion is different so I would like to get into that but more of believing in the unknown like how could you say I’m gonna in this case how could you say that you’re gonna graduate McMaster University right now even the last like four to five six years away it’s like where does your future self where does your future self at to like believe in the unknown that’s so scary you know I feel like everyone kind of has excited about the future it’s I try just try to remain present like there’s no past there’s no future you only have right now you’re only living right now yeah so I try to be present most of the time I feel like if you’re worrying about the future it’s really it’s really pointless yeah yeah you should have goals you should you should have your goals you should work towards them you should we should do all of that we’re stressing about it that’s it’s really not it’s not gonna help you so that’s really that’s really hot right now that’s good that’s good all right now that the audience knows a little bit about you let’s jump into the interesting questions would you give I don’t start whatever’s on your mind just say it out I’m not that experienced really okay let’s see dating advice um I guess it’s all about satisfying both partners so both people so I guess you should have a common ground whether it’s conversations you know what to say what not to say what to do or not to do dating locations so I guess it’s all about finding that place or hangout spot or org or I don’t know something that benefits both partners both parties [Music] actually know I’m gonna see enough for you don’t you well you got any preferences when you’re all like I don’t what are your preferences what are your preferences oh it’s true so I’m being interviewed yeah oh like like not taller than you or like about the same height yeah a lot of guys what’s your ideal height let’s say you’re 510 what do you want to grow to be more shorter than five five six oh wow are you gonna go away like that’s the reason that’s the reason I’ve been telling him so he knows the reason is probably because I kind of like to think further along the genes not not my children have a higher likelihood of is something that people used to judge is one of the first things from the hey then they can start working on their first now because there’s lot of people who are short and you already I’m automatically up like selfish yeah but that’s like if it takes time though it takes time like you’re sad that your foundation is strong from the get-go like days with that assurance then they’ll be well-off yeah issues it comes from it’s usually it’s usually like something deeper hmm you know their child yeah so you guys thought yet to answer the question yeah I kind of answered you kind of leads it ends with dating preferences oh oh oh yeah I didn’t answer that question I agree with him with the whole height difference like I don’t really mind a girl around my I’m gonna add on I’m gonna add on to it I don’t really mind I don’t really mind a girl with the same and I got excited it I don’t really mind the girl about my hire a bit taller obviously if I’m like 510 I would prefer to her to not be hypothetically speaking of like five five five six that’s that’s a good thing I may be Mike okay my guests in my my range is off course okay fine let’s go with the five aspects I was talking about earlier financial I want her to be stable like focus on herself long-term like marriage with kids that’s how I would think of it especially you know not not just some short-term pleasure to go with the flow and for some things in life that’s okay but for this type of relationship like someone’s daughter someone’s son like no the one I feel like that everyone has something to teach you everyone that comes here comes exactly so even if it’s shortly this is like a 1d relationship a two-year relationship time you spent with that person it could still be so I’m you date somebody who knows a prison oh yeah for sure reactions that they have cause that’s the thing whenever you’re in a relationship with somebody else goes for friendship family anything oh yeah kind of mold your social structure and your actions I’m generalizing so now every does this some older actions are motor social structure to the other person so they feel more comfortable yeah because when you really like when you’re really offended to somebody when they’re comfortable you’re comfortable so you can I build off of each other some people like adapt and change themselves the closer you to somebody the more you become like oh like that psychology just like fiving will become really important to be aware of we’re signing yourself yeah that’s a lot of people they get like caught up with the wrong crowd be a good person I’m sure you see oh I’ve seen that elementary going up like when I hit high school hit Oh especially for me because like my elementary like it was still like I guess the traditional elementary holy child yeah so but like yeah like when we got to high school when we got to car oh my gosh it’s like so many I guess temptations and so many things that you were tested on and if you I guess failed that test your path and life will go completely different compared to like other peoples conversation so many people have had have had success stories at like age 67 years old or 67 7 long I know it was like I think I can’t remember exactly but like his wife divorced him I think his kids left him he was like bankrupt the guy who created yeah like he was like like emotionally relationally financially done and then he came up with this one idea then changed its conversation Smalltalk you guys you got to go with it this is when you can kind of go with the flow of it then you’ll get yourself back you can make the best chicken chicken better than anybody else then monetize that it is true though it is true I think just makes the work so much like I guess easier I’m bearable I got to go through like it’s not difficult welcome to a female on the street like oh she’s attractive all you need to tell me right now she’s attractive because are you talking about physical appearances or that’s the thing because a lot of people take it on that base about you I gave you guys that beats value we you guys could elaborate on other men’s apartments is all they so mean personally I genuinely don’t have a lot of physical preferences right yeah okay Heidi’s attractive that’s I think even attractiveness is soul relative I really like someone if I if I vibe with someone if I feel connection with someone they become attractive you forget every aspect of them becomes attracted you have to non-traditionally attractive you don’t have like the nicest here this really become so attractive because because of the connection that we shared just waiting for by a negative is asking cuz I overthink too many things my god okay fine I’ll spoon feed you give me some new leg straight will take hair preference okay do you like hair curly curly curly yeah yeah okay do you have any like do you have references oh no no I don’t have free space see he says she always says this Brenda’s want to share the viewers I never said that see see I see this always stay exactly okay fine I don’t I don’t discriminate I don’t discriminate what do you mean I can’t provide don’t discriminate I don’t okay we’ve been friends for a minute ray Sophie most he’s like old bro she’s attractive and let me talk about he weren’t black fist –ax and and I know in our environment environment okay fine no I’m not your act okay fine fine fine I’ll say curly hair since I since I like working out a fit girl I know it’s so fake oh my gosh you wanna go that I want to ask no I want to ask you guys a question because I see this a lot guys like thick yeah what is what is how do you define dick I hear this so much I hear so much I’m still trying to figure it out what is things because people are so obsessed with this idea of dick this images like this you’re attractive ray you know it varies though like like it depends some say there’s a scale I’m like what is this explain it for it girls you really don’t know yeah right how can I explain this in the right way let’s see it maybe okay let’s let’s say if it stands out the most to a guy like like let’s say the girl has bigger legs in her upper body than they will say that’s more say so upper body is stick to is that yeah I can’t I can’t I can’t find the right words to put it in I want to see the wrong information because when it comes to thick that’s defined aside what is thick what portion of the female body looking at that is big body yeah anybody’s thick anybody could be somebody referring to usually it’s the price theory er the rear the gluteus maximus that’s the thing when someone says slim thick ideally doesn’t mean that she has like she’s curvy she’s or like a smaller waist but it comes to your hips your hips are wide and her butts being yeah kind of like that summits that are similar to that hourglass figure said are some wake just dick think it’s just like in that transition stage between like you’re not your you can’t call them I guess more on the overweight side but more and you can’t call those it’s some guys will call girl thick and it’s like dad Diane for that one Dhawan is perspective down his perspective yeah if I’m in the presence of emails I switch my vocab with your crude okay so there every guy that is every guy yeah yeah and why do you why do you guys do that cuz I come off a certain way I know my thoughts on them is like that yeah it’s all about psychology that’s not sure for the most part for them yeah that’s it a you should be able you should be able to be your authentic self dating the female yeah how are you gonna get to know you then I will filter my soul but not hasta sanchalan sister time with Kevin like his man he’s not gonna like yeah cuz he knows perspective and certain people he’s not gonna filter himself completely like it’s gonna be like a completely different guy he’s just gonna watch what he says more around a female then if he was with a guy I mean I need like some you know me I mean I need to be spoon-fed okay so it’s gonna keep moving because Brian does like participating as a whole Podcast so nope you don’t think so if you get the joke explain the joke okay okay to find like nice give me give me when I say nice usually people say nice they mean they’re referring to not just the leg stereotypical nerd but not that goody two-shoes type thing yeah Oh like the always thing yes everything not standing up for yourself that that’s the damn people on this planet I will not say yes until I agree but I can set myself a nice guy I’m an okay let me because all of these things are like very bait yeah yes to the question it is not like any structure so when you think of a nice guy right yeah you think of the type of guy that is more so he’ll go out of his way to be nice for no reason mm-hmm he we could go to stare at the quarry but I don’t want to stare at the Perot true um he’s not like all the street all the time you know anything about alright you don’t really see my parties that’s what a nice guy is okay you can be on become a party and you can be all done you can still be a nice I think that saying nice guys gonna slash the type of like nice guy to talking about is the one who is like very kind of he mows outwardly express it very complimented and like like when you see nice guy to most people they think about that guy is like not masculine compared to like the other I guess jocks or with that exactly like a quite uncle bad boy yeah there’s some really nice mandamus some of people just saw me finish last yes typical nice guy I think I can be I think they do ever say no signal it’s nice to hear and if these your ego no it does yeah yeah yeah women are so used to being compliment they’re so used to attention they’re so used to all of that so someone that they’re they wanna pursue a day they’re attractive to you have to play the game like if they’re just so outwards but they’re like super super affectionate super like it’s like it’s like putting all your cards on the table you know you don’t do that you have to keep something surprising they want to surprise ya there’s a game to it and you can’t but if that kind of is that kind of a toxic mentality innocence that breathes the table so same school that it’s not kind of toxic when you see something like that cuz shouldn’t you want that type of outward niceness because when you see some mystery like oh maybe I don’t want to text her good morning or maybe I don’t want to be I don’t want her to think that I’m cleaning I want to think that I’m like nice is a sense when you’re just talking to somewhere you just just like start seeing someone you don’t want that like don’t want that in the first like you have to build build up to that and eventually yeah you guys will get to that point but in the beginning when you do that that’s it’s not attractive because women are so used to hearing that they’re so used to it and yeah it’s just like I said like I said like putting all your cards on the table but you don’t do that when you’re playing whatever poker I don’t play but yeah it’s like the mysterious like the misty mist it’s like the mystery is the chase the chase yeah yeah it’s fun it’s entertaining and it’s like harmless fun I don’t think it’s toxic I think that you can have that the whole stage relationship and it’s fun no you guys get serious and yeah then you can move into that so be more romantic and be nice guys more like establish yeah yeah yeah I think so you’re not gonna get a girl but being romantic straight up the front because it comes off as too much it’s overwhelming and I completely agree though because like if you’re trying to like get someone invested in you you don’t want to give everything to them all I want yeah and it looks like you have no Drive no passion and you’re not working on your grind yeah that’s the thing that’s the thing yeah that’s that’s what becomes a turn-off yeah I like that the nicely I like the they know the game this thing with the thing with females females are so sneaky with the way they operate all of that when I like opt I personally think that females that kind of like make the guy accent mouth by acting a certain way around there’s some more with it yes but then but then but then there’s like guys when they say they ask her girl out and the girl says yes it fills their ego they give some so much pride so as its salt it’s somewhat of a win-win the first the first one like the first like the first date type thing like the first asked me out okay do you want to go out and I won’t lie at the back of my mind personally I would have wanted to do the the asking females don’t want to do that because then it’s like okay does he even want to see me like am i I want him to do be on his own terms so I know they like he wants to yeah but that’s also a fear am I gonna lie it’s two-sided with that because I as the guy I might be kind of reclusive to actually pursue that because I don’t know if you’re ready yeah but I feel like I am worried guys are more used to doing it because guys are expected to do it all this which is not good which is like a sticker it falls into like gender should that want to generals it’s actually right yeah so what are generals you guys you think you guys like like the stereotypical guy thinks they’re typical girl mmm it creates a lot of insecurities between people especially when they look at social media saying this is how a guy should be that’s how a girl should be and then they question their own actions their own lifestyles their own I guess day to day lifestyle I’m living so I don’t I wouldn’t say I fall into that completely but our I would say that as a guy who wants to like provide for his family and that type of thing I feel like I fall into that but just like the stereotypical guy who does ABC no I don’t think so isn’t it your isn’t it your podcast it’s the way you look at gender roles because you can look at it from the perspective of this is just the way the act yeah they act like this because yeah so this is not how they would naturally ask you to take them out of their environment yeah that’s the too easy to look at it and for me personally I feel like I act the way I act but I think is if you were taking me out of my environment I don’t know about actively differently so I can’t baladi either I decided that’s the thing oh man I feel like gender itself is a social contract so everything that we we know and who we are which it’s socially constructed we grew up with this is how me oh shit yeah and that’s all you’ve ever known so of course you fall into that type it’s like that stereotypical like you said you you feel like you’ve fallen sisters yeah yeah yeah and me too I completely feel like I fall into that stereotype of how a female should act you know do your hair wear your makeup just a certain way yeah if you don’t those repercussions exactly as a society if you’re not following the gendered norms you look as weird or you’re you’re yeah you’re the weird one you’re the odd one out you’re you’re people so if I didn’t have all that I don’t know who I’d be honestly if you said if you took it out of the environment you don’t know who you think different but I feel like you what you you wouldn’t but it’s because at such a young age you’ve been brought up that’s like when when you look at children right you haven’t really had time to be socially because socially morph let me out right so she ought to know better girl child yeah male child there are differences in personality and are okay yeah with some people yes again you think so because it actually starts at a very young age oh yeah like pink blanket right a little pink blanket blue blanket you’re a certain way you’re given certain toys no no no no I mean okay yes okay yes when the parents give it to you you are kind of but when you think about it really like one years old two years old you don’t know they do these trucks they give you these cars they give you the girls it gives them their dolls and they’re like okay and they do their thing and play with what you have and even what you see on TV like you have these girl shows you have to these boy shows you see how they should they act the boys huh she’s away the media per you see how so this starts at such a young age yeah and people from the dangers I know me I grew up was the older brother up until like middle school I was I was like I was early a boy I was such a tumble oh that’s all yeah yeah because I want to do everything you wanted to do he wanted to take you on I want to play pokemon he played sports I played sports like out hang out I don’t have any girlfriends I would play with his friends all day yeah yeah up until middle school like I didn’t have friends like didn’t like me why because I was so masculine and is that generally okay I have to change oh she’s not she’s not a girl you know she’s like she’s one of the guys mm or to society and be more accepted in Ellen more accepted so if if that wasn’t a thing I would become see different if you like I would be the next one’s about expectations which one first officials first okay expectations that you have on of the opposite gender do you expect men to be more like you know older door you’d expect men so like I think not not even not you know yeah we’ll talk about that in just a second true but you’re not in a relationship just men in general do you expect them to be working more kind of sorry I feel like you should treat people how they treat you you should be kind to everyone regardless of their gender regardless of who they are yeah no I don’t think gender has anything to do with it yeah yeah no Street people I’ve see everyone nice sweet see everyone kindly if you get to the door first pull the door open respect no matter if they’re a male or a female child or like whatever they are yeah no I now he’s a depression and all that’s expectations of what I want from my significant other oh please oh my bad I’m just going so fast in general yeah like treating me the way you would treat okay treating me the way you a tree like your own female friend or guy friend and like no differently just showing that respect factor because even before even think about getting to any relationship or friendship or anything you want to have that respect factor you don’t wanna be with someone in there like being their presence and have some sort of weird vibe from them you don’t want to be in their presence and have some sort of like I don’t want to you know you’ll be sick of seeing them sick of hearing them so if they’re not giving you I guess that respect from the beginning I don’t want to be around them [Music] it’s not exactly every was about the questions because they’re all types of people react differently mm-hmm more tomboy time especially become more feminine the majority do you guys do you guys think there’s more than one gender two genders I’d open up knowledge on them do I think there’s more I’ve heard like I want to rumor but it’s a ills on in circles on Instagram so you gotta take it with a pinch of salt you can’t believe it now I don’t think there’s more than one two dentists yeah now I’m saying boy girl that’s it boy girl that’s itself is that know that what gender is male and female but there is no biologically there’s sex right yeah there’s a there’s sex yeah gender itself to social contract and so there’s male and there’s female and there’s like black and white I I was in my throat like sure everyone started laughing but she said if you’ve ever seen a micropenis okay and a really large clit they look almost identical like they’d look like almost exactly so she’s like if you if you take that in in that song like people you know like winter sexist people are born with oh that’s that’s not a gender though it’s a different set of chromosomes well it can’t be different that’s a that’s a that’s sex I’m talking about gender create area I see because some people they don’t conform to any of that so you could think when you say you don’t conform to any of that what I don’t understand is why do lesbians well this is like stereotypical obviously well on some lesbians tend to act more masculine but if no such thing is gender why you acting more masculine just like cuz you acting the way you do it do you maybe they aren’t being more masculine maybe they’re just their authentic selves why can a mass I can’t I think we all we all have it’s definitely not we all have masculine and female I mean feminine components to us we all have estrogen testosterone so maybe she naturally has more testosterone maybe doesn’t have to do with a play with that one yeah so you’re saying that they’re acting me so do you believe that it doesn’t I’m sorry is this also levels could be affecting their brain a sense that because no I’m just I’m Saskia’s like hormones or what like function a lot of our body but make a lot of our bodies as body systems yeah so do you think that the higher levels of sass you own would make you more likely to feel like I am a man like make that decision within yourself if you put testosterone in me I definitely would right would I not okay well I don’t know exactly I don’t know exactly how that works but I’m sure even without having testosterone you could just naturally be like we put these labels masculine and feminine like masculine is you’re supposed to be tough take those labels away it’s just that’s just people and that’s just characters that’s just qualities yeah so someone’s naturally some type of way then you can’t really say it’s an imitation of a of masculinity I’m being feminine I’m doing like estrogen to start certain ratios that’s the I design I I’m not sure it’s okay I’m still intrigued by the whole gender role of thing because actually like it has me shook heard me I just want an excellent okay fine I’ll answer other questions you want me to answer at the end of the podcast I feel like with people they have like their limits I feel like at first it’s like okay this person is like always on me so like it fills their ego you know their pride goes through the roof and all that stuff but then after a while or even the next day is like okay I’m starting to get annoyed it does a pen um based on my knowledge not experience I heard that it is females I don’t I don’t agree with it but that’s what I’ve that’s what I’ve like seen and heard yeah maybe so you saying like in person in person cuz but take it in men like to act a certain way when they’re in depending on what the environment doing that is because girls cause girls they they know the game with it when it comes to texting they know the gamer comes to tax and guys they you know and they have a lot of work to do so oh yeah yeah even not every guy of course every day yeah cleanliness is not it’s not okay it’s not okay okay because that’s comes from insecurity these are community to be like fed attention all the time oh yeah if you need some constants mm-hmm love or support or it’s yeah you have to be able to sustain that within yourself and without attention I always feel like you can’t you can’t be like a half and half to a stone we go all right you have to be you don’t need someone to completely make your life oh yeah [Music] relationships yeah so controversy I drink like 1 liter of water per day I’ll do more yeah most likely more probably more sometimes I do too I’d like maybe like two two and a half yeah that’s what makes you hydrated I’ll shoot the question oh it was a question again somewhat jealousy yeah well yeah we’re doing everything is stereotype everything is due to everyone’s different actual numbers a thousand people some next city or country oh yeah for sure for sure take it as people general general general advice and information for specific people jealousy was more jealous male/female I would have to say stereotypical of course females just because I I know how a male things so I know like when it comes to I guess emotions and stuff especially for most guys they like to hide that thing so like Dave I guess wouldn’t I don’t know how can I put this some guys don’t really take relationship seriously so I guess when they see jealousy they know that I should know I can really put them out to choose my answer mmm jealousy jealousy jealousy yeah let me come back to it I think again it’s like I can’t really base it on gender it’s a person for some type of thing right but I think males and females they get jealous about different things yeah like I know a lot of lot of girls they’ll get jealous boyfriend it’s liking another because pictures are commenting on other girls pictures but guys they’re usually they’re usually not like that if they but if they see I say they’re with their girlfriend the amount of code to say they’ll be angry that’s the thing that will make them jealous but switch that and I don’t think the female would care that much of it okay like other females like I’m talking like for myself I was with my boyfriend and a female approached him and was hitting on him okay yeah yeah yeah that’s understandable but if it’s like too much flirting as too much like like to an extent of like okay like you need to like get off fun right there though then like what’s really like what are you doing you know if you were like you’re with your girlfriend and a man comes through and he’s talking to her I’ll get I’ll get it I won’t get it like obviously cuz for me personally I won’t get defensive off the spot it depends the situation yeah I think that’s it that’s so primal it is it is because that’s like that’s like your family you know you’re committing yourself to another person so like if someone’s trying to take that person from you that’s like that commitment everything good that’s happening in that relationship from you you know I mean so it’s very primal trust comes into it trust Trust trust comes into everything I think if you have confidence if you are secure with your relationship know like how does healthy everything else okay probable for the sake of answering the question and I always just say females and even yourself yeah you’re not confident anything can make you insecure anything can make you jealous yeah what situations can you guys give that name examples I would make you jealous let’s see so like if I’m here with with my girl or like in general situation general okay so I could I could kind of tell the difference between like I know kind of not experience I could kind of tell the difference between like female friend and no guy guy friend and my my girl vibing with each other from like like a best friend type of relationship so I get there hugging a lot that type of thing that’s not jealousy just because they’ve been that close friends I ask you there’s a lot of females can’t tell they’ll have to be completely oblivious like for a very long time I had a really good friend I was a guy yeah brother-sister thing so like that I don’t want to count that as jealousy how do you know unless I know K maybe though maybe the way let’s say when they’re like hugging and just being close from a physical standpoint as like hopefully but just best friends bit based on where the guy may be touching her like hugging wise and stuff so like where his hands are let’s see but like if he’s not trying to make it yeah but if I make it so obvious that that’s all okay that is obvious I won’t disappoint the people you answer all these questions I I usually pick other my free time anyway well I wonder you’re still prepared to spot like that it’s a matter of guys tend to invest their time yeah but we don’t like to ms a time to thing into things we don’t really care about overnight making the time we oscillate a clear sign doing something productive with his how you would like brothers to [Music] exactly give a situation how real life okay CEA’s Caribana time right yeah well it’s been care about cuz everyone knows like a badass so care about it is a Caribbean Latin American I don’t know pretty dinner is pretty diverse yes pretty diverse no i-i’ve only I’m only went once in 2015 I’ve never gone it was it was for it was Cody I don’t know what you’re talking about this was this was for a trick this is for a trip for my job for my police job youth youth in policing police an initiative my first job lying lying I have the I don’t approve proof it was actually so high you go from work to I wanna hear this story you will you remember we got put all of our cars in one we got a savings invested by yeah yeah yeah that’s like the funny thing about Carroll Monday is is thank you party all weekend from Friday through Sunday and Monday is like another party to thank to thank the people for coming to the party it’s a thank you party for coming to the party that’s what Caribana is like everybody’s don’t care about a party hey mr. Ono mr. so much not you guys was just to care about uh hmm say that you estimate your significant other your significant other Louis took care about up mhm a female that’s he’s chillin he stood on the corner she said I’m not you know madam do you know I feel my starts dancing on him I’m significant other she’s just dancing you know winding by herself I’m man man’s like walk up – oh I see I don’t care if I was there with him was that no oh you know that you can do if you were there and if you are there but you saying you wouldn’t care if you were there I’m there like I’m not insecure so that wouldn’t that wouldn’t really scare me as intimidate me no I’m not gonna take my man like you guys I’ll be doing my thing so like I see I see yeah but if I wasn’t there and he told me later it’s different if someone’s if he’s telling you right that’s like I’ll respect and you’re being like straight up really Alice told me like I knew someone there secure I see because you didn’t tell me number one number two that’s embarrassing yeah having to hear it from someone else yeah yeah especially feel like if he explains it in a way that’s not genuine like I didn’t I didn’t mean for it I know I didn’t mean but that’s the thing so I’m if some I guess along the lines of it dis is not altered this does not ruin our relationship in the fact that he told you she wind up on me yeah you know you’re being honest yeah yeah so clearly you’re serious yeah if you it was a different type of way then it would be then I’ll be jealous then I’ll be mine what about you for me it’s a big difference I would prefer to not think of another guy or even imagine another guy lining up on my girl getting close to my girl in that sort of aspect ever especially at Caribana cuz those guys are yeah guys are reckless especially when everybody like I have with any other guy yeah yeah like with that I’m not real sure if it’s like I’m so hot I’m like subconsciously like I’m insecure yeah I can’t think of it this is my song kind of bad but like if I’m gonna go to my way to date you I remember I date with like long-term I did with marriage in mind I’m not dating for more reason I see what am i way to date you you I don’t want to say you are mine but like makes a point he meets a fair point it’s a fair point okay there’s no way of seeing this tone it sounded kind of like more like it’s a general thing yeah yeah you don’t say she’s a she you you don’t you don’t want to say okay this this girl that I I have interesting she’s my possession she’s mine no one else get paid it’s not like that I love you so much that I don’t want anybody else oh yeah it’s like you spent so much time money bah blah blah in this one I guess not item investment investment investment and like it’s so precious that you don’t even want to share with other people I see I see what you mean it’s like one take this food from you just because someone has like someone’s looking at so yeah okay so when it’s all about it’s all about the preferences it’s all about the preference if you think about from that from that mindset it’s more of like they’re just like a tasty or like tasting of all yeah I mean I don’t like obviously what doesn’t it’s a good thing like okay like your girlfriend is so attractive look I don’t think I like that oh really very interesting I wouldn’t never perceive that you would think yeah I as a human you assume people think like you thought everybody I never you took in that mindset have you thought about it that way that’s really interesting that’s pretty interesting yeah I know I’m a little bit more easygoing yeah so I feel I don’t know for some reason if I if someone Oh No academic securing the academic bag after all that time that I was jealous you can’t recall it’s harder when you’re on the spot oh I said there’s this time I did it this girl call on me the calls the disrespect and it is good so don’t tell don’t see your name oh I know but it’s no what is that one one minute still got to McMaster okay uh it’s my mind okay so there was this I did this email from high school up to like November integrates called brave men are gonna live in our supreme good eleven remember we spoke so around nine months wave throughout a relationship she’s a very friendly female so like whatever we always chill with that well the only time like I always actually done as I said this is this is his joke but she’s always serious well doing arm she went to a California for the summer being very great um so she went to like this all event I think with a baby shower and on the baby shower had like a massage a masseuse and he was at Mayo she got a massage and I gave her massages right and she was the critiques my massage what she thought you won too cuz I have to give her massages and she’s a professional so business she always likes she’s always like critiquing them and then when she she got this massage I’m like our professional male did not need to see you as male but anyway um I kind of said I was jealous as a joke in that sense as a reference to her not not responding that positively see so this is more of like not like a personal like regular like on there’s like a guy approached on the street type jealousy more of like I know but let’s say hypothetically speaking you were for this scenario this was more of like a like a business type type jealous literal the only reason I’d be jealous and I situations cuz she was in California I couldn’t give her massage so she got it from somebody else and you don’t know how the guy looks like and then the insecurities or coming yeah yeah Oh last question it’s gonna be the last question yes you have to have two hand on a ended I know I know how to say yeah cuz you guys need to say your personal experiences I it takes me long to think what the jealous think I don’t have enough experience to say I was jealous when I was younger I would get really jealous everything would that was probably because I was so insecure and I was so young yeah I just had it but build up that confidence within myself everything I would get yeah I grew out of that I was so young I was a fourteen maybe [Music] I’m back in the day that’s that’s a whole adult may be married with kids what you’d be surprised back in the day seven value oh yeah have a lot of kids the farms and stuff I have no experience to say this is the last one kind of ties into jealousy talk about cheating [Music] I reduce it narrows the cheating or just cheating in general she got caught by another man okay let’s do a physical physical scenario in emotional scenarios aware being drunk is not an excuse it really isn’t because you should never think about weight unless your party with me should I be choking on a drink never drinks bad for your liver sometimes the juice and if there’s an event are you guys coming class I’m doing my homework I’ll be here for photo books first books first party later well okay it is cheating forgivable in a relationship mmm okay okay let’s see I think long-term I think about my kids I think about like my kids kids I think about my my life in general I think about my time I think about the whole thing about you spent so much time effort and money you know caring for someone loving someone vibing with someone and many many things in between business and then if you are in a relationship with someone and then they just I guess give themselves to someone else that like that’s when it’s like okay I forgive you as a person like human making making mistakes that whole thing but if I personally feel because I am so long-term for my kids for my family for my future if you the action that you committed was so bad I will forgive you as a person but but not as like my significant other like we’ll keep it like that like a friends type or even like if it’s that bad then no friends that type of thing like she kissed him that’s I think that’s the level I think that’s like like there’s so many things there’s an emotional part to it that’s like yeah if you’re willing to kiss someone I think yeah it’s that long term that comes into my head because I’m like you know if you’re willing to do this with someone what about five years later with another guy who probably has a B C more features than this guy that you did that back on the case so it’s that long-term mindset I have so yes it’s the same thing jeanny cheating has got now that you’re saying that I think I think I think you’re right because I know like TV shows are like I don’t know it’s not like just TV but people are saying oh it’s one thing it doesn’t mean anything it doesn’t mean anything but if you really think about it it has meaning everything has a lot comes from a lack of respect exactly they don’t respect you don’t respect themselves especially like I’m balancing like a bunch of other stuff and you and it’s like good investment time with you and then you’re just gonna do that that just basically like gives me so much like I like I lose all respect for you and that sort of aspect of life emotional emotional I think that’s so much worse I probably if it probably is so I’d say I’m with you this is my best friend Brian yeah and with Ryan I’m super like always although we’re not nothing physically nothing physical but we’re talking like we’re like oh so the potential of dating Brian if you know me I means you don’t you did not respect what I have to offer I mean like we can store we can store I think if you’re on the road and you’re about to get hit by a car I’ll see you as a person as a person as a person you have value because no person deserves that I know but like yo I think I think the emotion one is worse for him I think it’s worse because physically let’s say you’re not around the C she’s in California then it’s been like it like two months and it’s really just a whole summer just needed and summers like anyone okay but that’s completely physical yeah someone’s not even satisfying you emotionally Naga no but physical cheating someone you okay it can’t there’s a couch eating can be just physical like it’s maybe you just wanted to have some it could have been any it didn’t have to be this one person it didn’t have to be Brian it could have been that’s why zxl you know it couldn’t be anyone that when you my body Mike that’s like that’s the cab she’s like I cannot digest living me is I know like I’ve never had sex on version obviously were like Toronto you guys but if they if they are pregnant their life is not over of course not of course not you have no idea how much respect I have for that especially because I like you’re my family oh yeah moms any convention which is why I’m here yeah I would not be alive if they avoided that is showers but I respect that song what compassion the most passion he’s been in this whole video for sure like it is literally impossible for me to have sex or some other female and not be happy with them emotionally yeah that I cannot I would say oh yeah I would agree I I think I’m gonna I’m gonna have to agree with it cuz it’s like emotional and then like packing on the kissing and all that stuff but like sex is like the like one thing well else is like I don’t think I don’t think there’s any worse not awesome not for me personally I can’t think of any that’s not did I can’t yeah cuz like emotionally I’m saying like cheating it’s like mentally you’re not even in the relationship so like literally like at least with physical physical cheating it could be just like physical features yeah yeah like you see like whatever it was lust yeah like the body that his body himself you just want to be with him even though you emotionally love coming home to be cared for to your man but that’s emotional part if that’s gone if you can’t even get your girl or guy invested in you for that relationship then I don’t yeah that’s that’s you’re done and then you’re so like you’re so you’re aware of what you’re doing money money I can get I’ve spent a lot of money I don’t have a lot of money to my name of course but I spent some stuff that I regret in the future I’m not rich Richard sorry but money I can get that back what else you can get so many things back but time you kick I thought I I tried I tried but time you cannot get back especially we spent like a good like yeah years with that person and it ends like that I’d rather be done with the relationship after years of having it just because we just lost interest at least because that’s a bit more natural but if it’s we lot like the relationship is done just because so-and-so felt the need to just get up and leave and just you know not be in the relationship anymore mentally emotionally and physically mm-hmm no I don’t want that don’t forget oh yeah I think that’s I think we answered all the questions we need to ask we’re almost like an hour and a half you’re the very first guest is there anything you want to plug well yeah I think that that’s it goodbye thank you guys so much for for I guess tuning in to the very first potential excellence podcast unlocking your potential excellence episode one it’s the first of many YouTube something yeah I’ll be on everything trying to get us get us to get us everywhere everywhere by these people no no no is this what I do my catchphrase you don’t know the catch but yeah I really thank you for tuning in that’s the first of many tell us what you want in the comments below because we’re just getting started and as usual never forget you have the potential to be excellent and subscribe to the unforgettable journey


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