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how do you okay I have a situation okay I have a situation on dildo right now or there’s this boy okay so I’m talking since moon equaling trucks on I mean but they were like supporters and they were all conscious and so I made it myself a promise I can never talk to like a pan like only use the words and because they act like fuck man I have to talk to the negative it has his own platforms and don’t mean evening or don’t even do the Internet get out cuz I know he not chase them and he got no seat YouTube channel no rap career I saw at this one way he got his own thing going on like he got he’s known you know and we said but George is he DL or he’s out um it’s a good question I know him ah Richelieu huh like me Congress Lee I just know you know his face of us Church of space I don’t know if y’all know buddy buddy but is what I mean is I think if you hacks him he would tell you like yeah but II don’t just you never just openly say he felt remember though but um then we’ve been talking we’ve become really good friends I want to be really close up we’d be on the phone for how is that our first face time Tom what is like Sammy out so we’re talking about here let’s you don’t even call me and talk to me for a minute so first of all you’re always somewhere 60 walking in the fucking corner how about I find you beats nothing I have the skin I eat this you be Jones what the fuck fuck instead get American shoe on the bed you just change the fuckin number cousin tax exposed to any motherfucking way but we ain’t gonna be on the phones honking yeah we’re not flirt well he smells pretty bad times yeah flirt so I know you’re lying nice no no I sweat it out like weird when we talk is I really like gross acting’s how you know the natural fucking whore so every once in a while I’d be like when you gonna let him up mouth but then like it’s just we’re just just hot spot and so we’ve been talking a like i’ma get to day advice I mean from you I just gotta explain the whole backstory so the way he first to give me he wasn’t even maybe you bitches are trying to compañía my motherfucking clitoris maybe you bitch the fuckin fourth man what do I look like it’s like it’s going in and out like it’s clear Dennis Blair me then it’s clearer than this blurred maybe it’s you don’t really sit do you sit right there and some gold out I do some numerous oh I don’t look the way oh hell no bitch [Applause] [Music] you shame to tell you a story about the light it’s not hit my fucking foot I think I’m bleeding I may need a medic oh my god how fucking school this is a lot of shit going on in Georgia right now I love that it’s better well God has blessed this side of bed late you didn’t even believe the roof you said where you didn’t leave the room I went to the other side of there what’s this this one always loved it okay this side is way better okay Oh was that it you know I guess I’d try so you wanted to miss me your thick ass bitch oh my Oh bitch I was listening but how about if I use it can you still see me who all knew this boy come on do not disturb [Applause] [Music] Yahoo fight was he a come on lad you keep piles in the lab I’m a convict okay that’s not the nigga that I’m asking for advice about we’re not going to entertain questions about what was just on the phone we’re going to get back to what the fuck I was asking if I’ve been to so much um okay good pussy over here so anyways one of those bits of nothing I was sampled on the part where he was talking about how he’s not like he don’t be saying that he’s like if lesson was he gay he would say it right all right all right so man here we go okay so EDM me my – I’ve been knowing this boy since 2016 but he’s been around on this where I’m seeing what a minute but he’s like give me a hot key and low-key but he anyway but he being I didn’t know he knew of me and study me was like you really killing it pulseless you doing good keep it up it’s good to see you talentino look some light I appreciate you can know it was like yeah I mean expect I mean care if you didn’t get I just smash this my eye here doing good you know we got to do to each other about his son but I do you know me boom far way means I’m gonna disappear say it ask me something but it was a hypothesis sleep cuz it was like 3:00 in the morning and you know for between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. my legs are open strong right now walk the fuck away so he tried to FaceTime me on the Instagram shit and it wasn’t working stop seeing him I know man we don’t get on the phone and that was the first part on who’s on for us it’s all about all but alone come on everything and we after that car like we started talking every single day and every phone call you got on top like five hours to tell but when he meets how to have no relationship we should be like buddies that good friends good house but it’s more than like you know when we link though and they happy but he told me something that was so sweet he was like if we do when we do Lynch up he’s like but I really do love because I even though that sound creepy because we just met but it’s like no five is folks deliver me I’m a horse so when you say I love you whoa the vagina dries up and I was like the you have a bond with somebody that moves with this book like you you think you’re supposed to take five months but you really only take like five days and it’s not you like wow I read what we do so that’s meeting him but it being right on the relationship so he was like the last time I felt this way oh shut this way huh do you like he was like I mean you’re very pretty laughs I’m your court yeah cuz I and you’re somebody I could potentially I see myself talk it’s going frou-frou but I don’t mess that up because it’s sometimes when people do stuff it makes it awkward you know me I don’t understand it’s a pelagic I could fuck you didn’t go get ice cream afterwards it is nothing awkward with me but you know some people he’s never had before so obviously I’m the first person who’s gonna give him here no one loves putting the hook out there’s no doubt that’s why I’m like whoa it’s this we don’t because chow I’m liable to fuck up your whole world literally but um the cutest thing happened the other night move on the phone t no more blood bitch I forgot like not nor with the fuck weird or so he was like um he was going through something in our packet from good advice the night before and we little eyes when I hang it up and then the next day we got on the phone with somebody who’s like I would do appreciate you like nobody really talked just a really really really nice and mushy stuff mean I’m a little bitch they don’t take long for me I’m a little I want my heart must leave yes though he’s saying all this good shit in my ear but which is more than he said with one friend but you don’t want to jinx nothing but he know it could be and so he was i’ma just played song they can explain everything I’m times day they played this song you know you know kailani is you know Carolina girl it was fun you don’t never get like yeah I was listening to out there cuz he really do open up on the phone right he left a burden but I won’t be on the phone I’ll be making some where people act like a little boy sounds like a little layers but a little bit but it’s so cute it’s like that was just such a key moment in their played a song there may be continuous tone killed Naima the fuck hardware because I was out what the fuck are we doing like are we just buddy sorry good this how the fuck is it a nice my first time so I don’t know what the fuck to do how do you know somebody is trying to but which how do you deal with a person that don’t know what they want yeah this if you wasn’t listening I’m from so I have a plane ticket I know bitch I was listening but you’re saying how do you deal with somebody who don’t know what they want but you’re not just talking so one person so what do you really want you got to know what you want before you can over somebody else one I want I’m the type of person I know exactly what I and until the Magel s to be known that he wants me I’m gonna do me but the moment he lets me know he wants to do me I’m not doing nobody else because thanks just like putting all your fucking eggs in one basket look you drop the basket and bitch well let you you don’t I don’t know because you’re a whore so recently recently I have not been a whore lately you’re not just saying no today I sucked it yesterday but before that it was a week and a half but before the how long one month without second if I will be a slow down you know by this time last year oh okay so really you don’t really want him because I don’t know no you don’t because if you wonder why you out here sucking other people’s dicks you don’t even know who it is so you look down bitch okay yeah yeah I know but I say shit but anyway no but happy I’m just such a direct person I don’t know he’s them he don’t know he knoweth he won’t be he just don’t wanna move fuck it up because he really likes me like I don’t just the same thing from Gingka giving give this over that’s it the same energy he’s giving give that same energy back and so he’s really showing you like this is what I want like right now he probably just see feel me like he probably just trying to get to know you to see where y’all gonna land it but don’t let that happen then it’s not gonna happen with them he compared the connection that we’ve had in the first few days to the connection that took him five months with this girl he still talking has been talking so for the past four years he still talk sir they’re not together but that has nothing to do with me that’s right it’ll be lifelong friends they take each other virginity but um yeah he say it’s a my five months with her how he feels about me and we only known each other probably somebody whoa that’s whoa lots of blown a person cuz if I start getting cold and Jenn was the same wannabe hold up it’s a beautiful channel do you know gay couples make money that’s who I am you might help for him really one who because she’ll go big whether you just got there no no other side wait do you have like a general Jin you will be feel about him like do you like him oh I really do fuck with his personality and he he is boyfriend material he got his own shit is all money’s order than me and we quit we grew up the damn near the same fucking way yeah I really do like that but I can’t say to fucking mother stupid what I mean I gotta think of something you don’t think saying oh no well I say just like just go with the flow like you don’t wanna rush nothing but you don’t want to have him thinking that you fucking with him is me really not fucking him so and just go with the flow and wherever it leads you if y’all end up together oh I really want to circus take that but that’s the thing that’s what’s crazy about it usually I just want to suck it at the tip and that’s all I want out of it I actually care to suck his dick and steal shit wouldn’t that be nice that’s rare I don’t do that off I really like them oh it’s my tapes who the fuck’s days so open em hell no hell no that’s one of the girls huh give one chance that’s the most that you could do is give them a chance by god only know each other oh yeah how long a girl will be and we ever talk all day we’re not gonna be in half because I got annoyed II wasn’t able to give me the straight for answer you know what he kept beating around I don’t know I’m not those type of people who can really express things still is just bright Jesus say what she want me with no no no he might be one of those people who done got done you feel me dirty he just not beat they express his feelings for her like he don’t know how to express his feelings cuz I need ah me one of those loops like I use I used to know how to express my films but it’s just like when you express your feelings and it’s like you still get done that way you feel me it’s like you’re tired of getting done that way you just don’t know how to express your feeling somewhere and that’s me so I don’t really like I’m really not in the mood just say what you like what you don’t like what do you want what you don’t I mean but that’d be hard though I think love expressing your stuff the same way you go to subway and have your fuckin sandwich man each other gets everything you want on your fucking sandwich okay not that I don’t know it’s not I mean it’s just all the kids on like cuz people really take the past to heart because that’s me if I got really let the past affect my future and he’s probably one of those people who said ass don’t really know how to express his feelings and he feel like if he expresses films to you you probably gonna look at him but a different type of way that’s probably why he don’t really like know cuz I want to fuck me shame on him like chill him more than sick but I wonder fuck that’s a thank you okay he’s so cool I really would scare with him I I do is say the word and I’m off the market Oh My Jesus he was fuck him and you want to fuck with him mm-hmm okay okay I guess it’s a cool dude I hope he’s not watching this laughs hey probably he’s probably somewhere handling some business but we’re not talking to damn hot because I hung up he hates being hung up on oh hang up on me I’m blond I feel you like to see me before I cut you out I just think of me invincible he hates that with a passion and I’m a good bitch hit me so I need to be saying something I’m gonna continue heading up they see I woke up in his face the other night and he sent me over 1 million voice no and he was like you keep fuckin plan when I don’t love these bitches things I heard is a special fuckin bit oh fuck call the killer killer comin up the fucking top just like aggressive shit like they just say once you fuck you mean you hang them up a this shit did I don’t poop with their dog home like this shit at all but shit fuckin take your ass to sleep good night I love you fuck how do you think he loves you yeah some of my Jesus that way I cannot it was so cute and threatening at the same time I love it huh so who was the last person that’s expect this with drinking haters right now I said [Applause] and I called him once he didn’t answer that take someone I’m not gonna fucking chase you and that’s that oh well bitch if he didn’t text you back or didn’t answer your calls then but but but he’s busy supposed to percent all day we don’t have a good on the phone until around like 3:00 in the morning because he be out all day you don’t get home till like early in the morning is 138th right we got out now okay so just put it like this if it’s the hour and a half and you still haven’t heard from them total nigga wait up if you don’t really give a fuck through okay that’s so dead waste because they’re just showing you like okay beyond so arguments they won’t fucking yeah but you’re not throwing that there to show you that you wanna polka mean we got so argument and now for communication is the key to all this shit for a furrowed but when it be technical so yeah we got winning we don’t we ain’t giving so are my blue dots with disagreement one night was about his brother and uh he wasn’t listening with taking me seriously like I was giving him Darius advice and he was like do I look but I’m like are you serious you just look I’m sick oh and I hung up in his face Indian witness up their whole day but I call him that next night and he was surprised not cotton is my dog yeah yeah fine history I was like no I’m just perfect then again if anybody who wants to fuck with you go make time to talk to you niggas phones being a hands 24/7 you can’t tell me it don’t cuz my shape you in my head 21st and I’m just bad at sexting that’s all so listen if you really want to fuck with you they gonna make time and that’s what it is he’s made hella fuckin time I am I like Lucifer he called me he’s call me mother I’ll call him and we won’t offer oh no I feel like he I don’t know I just really pissed him off by hanging a like I could tell you right cuz I don’t wanna put sounds he caught that twice I mean he played in my face another and then we have talked it on all day I think well I just give us some song and if you don’t text you or call you then well he’s not my nigga and you notice that we were talking so I can’t be sad if we stop talking now um Naima does this mean I’m like I’m about to die so because it’s been a lot fun as making sense to me like me hard on finding who who talking shit about me on a spam okay Dyson what are you talking about bunch of – because I’ve been dealing with me lately and I know when so much good shit happen too fast from everything is this a whole lot of beautiful makers and moms my bitches pop up little right like oh my this must be the end time things are looking so good look at read this come I don’t think he giving it he met it sketchy and you keep giving him excuses niggas know what they want and don’t watch crunch shit spam or whatever her name is Oh bindiya I was talking about that I was talking about that earlier I’m gonna save the laughs it can rewatch it fuck their bitch tell that bitch I said suck my dick okay next to the foundation I said to get that out cuz I know she’s watching me that bitch’s mpletely bitches infamy they don’t like you but still watching that shit is weird to say but my date well okay yeah I don’t know just give us some time I guess anyway in other news wait wait wait hello back up back up back up skirt all the way back to the first sort of fine actually you said in the beginning visions of sue do people sounds like crazy [Applause] they know I don’t answer no people this contestants this contestants in the phone right now but as far as taking a meter seriously I can’t take once it will so check him I can’t think nobody says I know this bitch stop giving it’s easy to mix shake he on this little man she I just don’t know I don’t like people to feel relaxed he’s aware mustn’t know yet he asked me mine and I didn’t ask him his that’s specially arms literally uh I don’t like I’m you know how we’re friends you don’t like videos no y’all get just think y’all know every fucking thing even when y’all wrong I still think y’all right my brother’s Leo I know here’s the thing well I’m still gonna say that about us it’s not that Leo’s think we’re always right we just know how to make our point look more valid than yours every time and I’ll still be drunk so I don’t yes valid point little debunk think of Leo’s is good lawyers a lawyer can make a nigga that broke the law look like he’s innocent they do it all the time just we can prove your point better yes still be wrong no we didn’t know how to work they don’t like to admit when y’all are wrong some of us are mature enough to say we’re wrong but nine times out of ten situations we put ourselves in speak on behalf of other meals but I know situation I for myself and I want to insert myself in something like I’m gonna end up looking stupid in the end I take myself out of it therefore if I get engaged in arguing with someone which is everywhere I’m always right because I don’t entertainment than a student I’m not even gonna get on y’all Gemini’s you just gonna leave that Gemini’s I love those most of my trade niggas in my life have been Gemini’s you know that suicides based on case matter nothing I’m fuckin hates the Gemini’s doubt manipulative compulsive as Liars this with the foot yellow I fucking hate them I don’t like Gina’s what are you what the fuckers are like what does that mean we’re fish right y’all let’s think about let me say something I really have not learned any of the other signs I don’t know nothing about them what’s the pisces characteristic trait let me all the way let me get your personnel okay Pisces are hard loving dates for us easily yes they are deep down good as people put our often misunderstood yes oh my god okay well then I don’t mind and we’re fucking lovers I’ll fuckin eat that shit so I’ll get you the fish they are I don’t know don’t understand it but yes we’re fish I see the fish mmm-hmm that means you pieces got common it’s so mean fuck out of here right around my throat on if my son was a fish tank tile eels Allah has debts up in the brag about how are my amethyst remember that barely now let’s play be to love with us we need to do a visual for this rig mates okay in that thing we don’t have to talk about that I can’t get too many teachers to the public but yeah just I just thought you such a busy person you don’t have time to do anything yes I mean no name what do you do well as you’re so busy like you’re just Iowa they going to going to parks and have a little children follow you around first of all I didn’t go to Six Flags but I just went to six likes it’s a little six legs because my friends called me and they was like listo six legs so I was like okay but I don’t know if I really like go my mind soul and I make song I won’t be busy for she had I’m cute loved it they and that’s about much [Applause] yeah cute look hey mom why don’t you go call it boy what boy I’m not gonna know I’m a bad bitch I can’t chase something I’m not gonna say that dear I can’t take something odd but but you know deep down inside you want us all to really good I do to study for next to Julius and I caused you early today if you wanted to speak to me you wouldn’t reply by now therefore I cannot chase no nigger it says very steep on I’m pretty no yes deliver our purposes her miles off with no one to leave her my real one time oh yeah I do that – I’m a petty bitch if I wonder I put my shit on if I know where are you and I’m just gonna leave already people hate that red shit they don’t like this shit oh did you go video ray yeah question Miami the same way I fuck with down you like with the fuck night [Applause] it’s just people think I stay someone there for attention I didn’t be having random as thoughts of sexual activity I can’t open I don’t mind either I was how’s your friend Oh on Friday and he was talking shitty as open what kind of talking shit like most hard drag no because we had we did a basketball game and we had to pick players or whatever and it was my team against his team he played basketball oh no he didn’t play the game [Applause] did he talk about me time no name but what the fuck could I ask you ask the mouse is gonna actually next time you see Sal oh my gosh I don’t be thinking about that at the right time so now that I know where your loyalty lies guess who’s not gonna be invited to my wedding oh no cuz my email just think what if you toast there to be a me and we being me we talked and yet to realize I’m a real cool person and I changed this perspective on sexuality and then we ended up talking cans together and ended up being together forever you don’t know what you could do if you just act right I don’t think that would happen but you could go to sleep and dream about it maybe I had one thing I should never do is dream about an inconvenience to me they don’t want me the flowers the dream was set up I’ll get out you know reality no well I think that he loves me secretly because I’m a beautiful person that’s not to worry hey you said what have you ever dreamt him multiple times the dancer that step now I may have let me go read off the list at the end their job though much the shade medium deck he’s never be in the bay easy [Applause] no fuck bro which implants it is 30 Oh My Jesus shake I don’t know what was the court my mind Taylor 19 but he just never sick my missus let me I’m Sinbad [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what is these days still to get me back and we could be together right isn’t that taste so good he’s worth what aliens aren’t allowed like he wanted to make that’d be fine as hell when you look quick really just steer this Bank is one nice thing about had a strong you had to doubt it it’s a possibility now he’s athletic he one strike healthy people die every day I guess do you know I just suck his dick right there in front of not well one here I don’t that’s my friend I don’t let’s say your day that’s your friend well no because I remember well we never mind you remember way don’t let me say efficient I will wait how realistic five minutes [Applause] I think it was three [Applause] okay we just gotta get past it but when do you plan on getting pregnant right yeah you know my mom told me she told me she can’t see me having no kids and I’m just gonna be with a dog your mother dragged so swiftly you didn’t even realize she dragged a fuckin E and I believe her everybody you don’t think you’ll ever have kids what a waste of a fucking vagina you don’t mean I was a girl my fucking prick oh my mom worst happen isn’t what’s happening mush we’re men minstrel what’s the way for the practice defensive your maternity shoe oh fuck those pictures so you know like if I was about pregnant okay can you see me pregnant by about a second I’ll be a pretty s pregnant right [Music] my pride is early after Mike if you was a girl and he was dead when he was pushing off the baby it would be experts he’ll like you would scream what in pain well I like my contractions would be very smooth well but they would have fired up you probably feel for as a girl so there’s no probably I would there’s no probably in my mind I was there’s not a shadow of a doubt in my mind I suppose about I was a girl I promise you by now I have at least like 60 60 bodies it’s not more than that I would have been fuck but I would have been a clean I want to be just fucking healing all my niggas will be clean I would fuck fucking fucking fuck you might as well get paid for it and be a boy star yes that wasn’t in the girl Diego who would his part out fuck for free that’s the mouth off about fucking the time total rather like a business it wouldn’t be a mom vagina woman ever been a body part would have been a business we could have been a bit since I would have run and nigga sort of ran through me there’s a girl in theater has a vagina and she used it and I commend you girl and when you didn’t get just calling you a slut or a fork don’t slow down keep doing you oh who I’m you don’t catch nothing oh it’s 2,000 people for something here’s a fucking horse you’re not gonna miss me every person in these Thomas has morals and self-respect hell I’m loud what you serve anybody but um as well use my kitchen nothing do you think they do you you got a vagina but you a car is that even possible fabulous this is my peasant a grapefruit is very stuck when when you touch the fabric [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so are you not something the middle right now now watch another dick I was physical I have a question oh you’re very happy for you so let’s just say you were a virgin do you think you will want to fuck all the time are you sensible look at this chat bitch is a sexual person I do you think about sex after like Jesus had them only moment you look like oh now they might follow you for Wow and one thing I can’t say that I have learned about you you would nasty bitch yeah you got a freaky side I don’t care okay I might do but it takes that right person to bring it up whatever cos post it’s my third shift up I hear their bitch she enough villains it’s the right person oh my maybe that’s our difference it takes the right person is very common [Applause] I have a whole pile of liquor on my bed what next to my bed we need to get drunk together amen we got drunk together don’t get funny as shit no name but that would be the funniest mouth your life Glasson you think I’m funny sober drunk Shay oh my everything is the key and don’t let us be out of public it’s our roast oh hell no fuck this have honesty her name a little bit limitless we go here and there dying nervo everybody would not even know this open boat she was not a fucking pigeon do you see her look a Husker hey so why does my life it’s up a 131 so I don’t know we just but then that should just going in you said I said my life stopped at 131 so I don’t know when it’s gonna end well if it does coming up while I’m talking I want to let it be known for the record my pussy is killed better than all of the business talk shit about me as long as I said that before the love AP the love cami and whatever down Harry I know Christmas for me when it was going on in my life my world but I could be shattered you’re going through a little niggas I’m not going to shit oh really my mind is well that cost addictive won’t stress me out that’s my password in this generation yes so do you think I have to fuck with an older older dick have you ever [Applause] ouu child you what you don’t know I fucked at all so how do you like like who’s better the older or younger the older niggas that I fucked with in the past they get very clingy and overprotective I think I’m still a young skipping to the beach though a young nigga that I fuck with when they can just discard me like I’m trash it turns me on but like


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