r/Relationships – I WRONGLY accused my husband of having an affair with 19 year old (Deleted post)

The relationships subreddit is the gift that keeps on giving, drama. In today’s post we have a woman that wrongly accused her husband for having an affair with their new 19 year old neighbor.

Now was this all a big misunderstanding? A home-wrecking scandal she finally discovered? Or just more fictitious stories shared on reddit just to incite crazy upvote and downvote tirades?

Well that’s why you turn to Decoy Noise for your Reddit content. Not for the relationship advice but for; the decoy detective work that is discovering the validity of these stories and the decoy court that passes judgement on their posters… Nah we’re just kidding, we’re just trying to have a good time while reading these.

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Hoping to create content inspired by Reddit Jar, ToadFilms, Updoot Everything, and Storytime with Reddit, but with more personality.

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