Ready to be part of the Dating Revolution?

Have you been gaming for years but are still not quite happy with where you are at in life?

Find out how to reboot your entire mindset when it comes to dating and attraction.

Take faith into your own hand and become the man you were born to be and get the girl you want.

Attraction and dating advice has been flawed for way too long, leaving men spinning their wheels in endless mind games and traps that foster loneliness and false ego-beliefs.

Nobody seems to talk about the dark side of game and the dangers it can lead to.

My goal is to finally put an end to this.

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A lot of men validate themselves by the
quality of women that they feel that they can attract or the number of women
they feel that they can sleep with or attract. The first question one has to ask is: “why are you getting involved in the dating game or the pickup community?” What stage of development are you at? Are you still all about you?
I mean sexual maturity for a man begins at the moment where you realize it’s no
longer about your orgasm … Is it all about you? “What can I learn”, “what technique can I do to manipulate somebody’s awareness so that I have an agenda that I can accomplish or am I about being able to grow myself as a human being – as a man? Which is far more
attractive – paradoxically – to women on someone who owns himself
because he’s all about raising his level of consciousness, NOT raising his score
sheet. “And then at that point attraction becomes automatic?”. Of course – why? Because you don’t need what it is that you’re desperately chasing. You already
ARE that with you seek. You’re already strong enough
And that, as I say, is very attractive to women because they’re not looking for a boy or
a weak man, or somebody who’s got to consult his notes on what line to say
next or how to drop in a weasel phrase or drop in some
level of instigated phrase that’ll trigger and security so that you can
take the dominant position energetically… …I mean give me a f*#kin break.

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