Real Do and Don’ts During Dating For Women

Discover how you can influence a man’s innermost emotions and How you can REALLY understand what he feels.

Do: Meet in a quiet place.
The success or failure of a date does not only depend on the people sitting at the table. The location of the appointment also plays a role. It is not wise to meet a busy place with a lot of noise. Logical, because this means that you cannot have a normal conversation with each other! So choose a quiet restaurant or a nice lunchroom where you can simply understand each other. If necessary, visit the place a few days before your date, so that you have a bit of an impression.
Don’t: Too busy with your phone,
Put your cell phone away. It appears that almost seventy percent of the women are annoyed by a date that is too busy with his phone. What men think about it is not known, but it is of course not a good sign if the smartphone is apparently more important than the person sitting in front of you. For the gentlemen among us: it’s fine to be friendly to the waitress, but stop flirting! Women generally find this a huge turnoff.
Do: Look well cared for and confident.
Whether you are dating for the first time or have already had dozens of dates: it is still exciting to meet someone. Always do your best and choose beautiful clothing that fits comfortably. Your date must be able to see that you are comfortable with yourself.
Don’t: Stay in the same position every time.
The first impression is determined by both a person’s face and posture. Never sit in the same position, because this appears tense.
Do: Talk calmly and be interested in your conversation partner
Be calm and confident during your date. Don’t get too excited, because this may be overwhelming for your date. Always give someone a fair chance, even if your first impression may not be as good.
Don’t: Try to handle uncomfortable conversations
Try to avoid uncomfortable moments during the date. It’s okay if it comes to a halt once, but saying ‘well, well’ or ‘hey, hey’ certainly does not absorb the silence. In fact, this probably causes annoyance and even more inconvenience.
Do: Go into the depth.
Do not be afraid to go into depth during a first date. Discuss together what you find important in life and find out if you are on the same line. It’s nice when you live in about the same way.
Don’t: Talk about sex.
You will get to know someone well in just a few hours. Of course, this does not mean that all topics of discussion should immediately come to the table. That way you can better avoid the subject of ‘sex’. By talking about that you might give the wrong signal.

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