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hey guys welcome back to my channel I’m the ultraviolet Oracle and I’m back again with another pick a card reading for you guys today’s reading is all about relationship advice from the universe we’re gonna be taking a deeper look at what you bring to the table what they bring to the table and just extra advice from the universe you know some extra guidance if you’re new here this is a timeless rating so whenever this video finds you is a perfect time for you to see it know this is a general reading so take whatever applies to you and if it doesn’t apply it let it fly you know there’s who knows how many people are gonna see this video and so take whatever messages resonates and if it doesn’t apply let it fly if you enjoy videos like this and want to become part of the family make sure to hit that subscribe button okay you guys let’s get started so we have pile one with the amazonite we have piled two with the malachite we have pile three with the citrine and pile four with a lapis lazuli lapis lazuli now I want you guys to look at each of the piles and close your eyes and meditate on which pile calls out to you the most ask yourself you know what reading is going to resonate with me the most and let your intuition tell you which reading you should choose and if you need an extra minute pause this video to meditate on the piles and when you’re ready I’m gonna have the time stamps down in the description and pin in the comments okay when you’re ready let’s go in and get started hey pile 1 I’m so excited to be doing your reading today oh so the car that I drew for what energy you guys are bringing to the table we have the hair ephant the three of cups in the fool so we have the hair ofin three of cops being the four so that’s telling me right now from the get-go that the hair event is indicating you know you’re ready for a relationship you want to commit you know the three of cups is saying like you know you might have been dating other people you might have been social or considering other options but you’re ready for this new beginning and what you’re looking for at the moment is a committed relationship you know you’re coming with these playful kind of like light-hearted intentions and you’re ready to just take that leap of faith and start this committed relationship now the energy that I drew for what your partner is bringing to the table is the reversed eight of cups can you see that we have the reversed the world and we also have the lovers so this is telling me right now that this partner would be someone who might still have a little bit of baggage you know I doubt this is like a third party situation but this is someone who still has hit one of his feet in the past if that makes sense you know he hasn’t completely closed out a cycle in his life yet so we can’t fully commit at the moment you know any mean but the lovers card is saying you know his intentions is to commit he wants this relationship he wants to get to know you and he wanted to know what it’s like to have this relationship with you but at the moment per se he doesn’t really the other has stuff in the way or doesn’t have a full cup of love to offer because he still has baggage from the past but he is wanting this relationship with you I can tell you that right now and now the advice cards that I drew for you guys we have the pillar although so we have the pillar of light heart we also have the aroma card were you being called journey too we have the beaver spirit lay a solid foundation we have the wolf spirit turn your knowledge into wisdom we have the messenger of action card and we also have this service card let’s get into it okay so the pillar of light card in the Rama card is really telling me that you kind of can serve as this guide into helping him process his emotions healing from whatever he’s stepping out of and helping him transition into this new relationship because he wants to and he’s willing to work with you and the pillar of like heart is telling me about your receiving energetic downloads or you know your intuition is really being heightened right now and spirit or the universe or whoever you consider to be your Creator is giving you the insight and knowledge you know through your past experiences and through you know your intuition to help guide him kind of out of this darker energy into this higher vibration that makes sense his with the aroma card where you being called to journey to that’s really telling me that you might feel like you need to go out on a limb to show him you’re not the same person from his past that makes sense you know this isn’t going to be the same thing over and over and over again I really think that you know he knows you and like you guys know each other but in order to get that new beginning you know that the full card promises you need to really kind of become a little vulnerable and show him through your actions and through you know relaying to him truly who you are and how you’re going act in this relationship that you are different from any past relationship that you know he’s had or or she my bad I do a lot of same-sex reading so I’m so like with my gay friends so I’m so used to doing like hehehehe but if you ever hear me saying he or she just know that it’s gender-neutral I’m working on that you guys and then with the beaver spirit the layer solid foundation I really think that you know he is seeing through your actions through how you talk to him how you know when he sees you two together and he sees the way you carry yourself and the way you exist in this higher more loving vibration that you know that there is a solid foundation here that he hasn’t had before you know he’s taking a step back and watching you and seeing you know it’s kinda like the opposite of red flags if that makes it instead of seeing red flags he’s seeing like green flags you know like a reasons to keep going reasons to pursue you and you know this reading is really telling me just give it time you know don’t stress it don’t try and rush into it just enjoy your time getting to know each other all is unfolding exactly how it’s supposed to especially with this turn knowledge into wisdom turn knowledge that you are receiving through your intuition into wisdom that you can relate to him because anyone for instance I could just have knowledge like how can I put this on I could tell anyone you know only act out of love in this relationship unconditionally and all will unfold as it should be or you know as it should unfold and yes that is true but it’s very like knowledge but like how can we turn that into something applicable how can we how can I relay that message into something that be workable knowledge that people could use in their relationships and so instead of just like telling him like all of these healthy thought patterns that you have in life you know how your thought patterns and where you’re coming from and your intentions are different it’s really telling me to like show him like I’m hearing the words show him or her oh my god I’m still doing it I’m so bad you guys show them how you guys are creating this solid foundation that you’re coming from a different place that you know their partner you know didn’t come from and how this is a completely different cycle than what they are they they have been experiencing if that makes sense how can you turn these intuitive insights from the universe and to knowledge that you can relay and show your partner that make sense with the messenger of action card it says something new and exciting relating to creativity where your passions comes to your attention you feel an eagerness to learn and you’re ready to get going although you may feel insecure and I really feel like spirit is advising you to open up a little bit and to become a little more vulnerable to your partner because as you do they will also and you know it might seem a little scary at first to become vulnerable because right now there is this very light very light hearted and playful energy but with the pillar of light card and the messenger of action card this vulnerability will do nothing but show him who you truly are and allow him to trust more him or her or they I’m so sorry especially I’m with this service card when you stop trying to force things to happen or progress or you know when you’re just wanting one – wanting wanting this service card is really telling me that if you just become more vulnerable and it is like acting of service to them because that’s what they need right now to know that this is different in order to trust you and for them to open up a little more to you and for this connection to become deeper you have to kind of be of service to this relationship if that makes sense you know that’s what Spirit is really telling me to tell you guys you know it is very light head you know I’m just gonna do a recap right now everything is looking amazing like I love this energy it’s very light heart it’s very playful if you have doubts or worries about your partner’s intentions you know don’t but just know that he’s still dealing and working through damn it there’s they’re still working through some baggage in the past and it’s just a matter of time enjoy this time getting to know each other and becoming a little more vulnerable and see how it does nothing but push you guys a little further on this romantic journey but yeah that’s all I got for you guys at the moment thank you guys so much for tuning into this reading I hope the messages resonated with you and you found them helpful if you would feel free please subscribed make sure you share this video and if you wouldn’t like absolutely but I’ll see you guys in the next video until then I wish you guys nothing but infinite love and abundance have a good one you guys bye hey piyo number two or if you chose V malachite let’s go in and jump into your reading okay so to start off with for the cards that I drew for what energy you’re bringing to the table we have the reverse to page of cups we have the nine of swords and we also have the ace of cups so right off the bat what I’m feeling right now is that you are someone right now who’s trying to offer this emotional you know cup of love with the ace of cups to your partner you know but the nine of swords is really telling me that you know you might lose a lot of sleep you might have some anxiety you might be fearful if this is gonna be something that’s actually gonna follow through because you know it might be going slow it could be taking its time your partner might not be as receptive to emotional like you know they might not be very affectionate that’s the one who’s looking for and with the page of cups you might not think that you have an addict adequate cup of love to offer someone because they might not you know be on the same love languages you if that makes sense because for your partner’s energy what I have right now is I have double first six of sorts I have the queen of swords and then I also have the knight of Pentacles so what these cards are talking about is you know with the regular six of swords it talks about someone moving on from a situation you can see this person here moving on to safer troubled waters even though it might have been you know painful but we have it in this situation reversed which is very similar to pile number one and it’s talking about your partner not fully being moved on from a previous situation you know still having baggage that they’re dealing with and that’s absolutely fine because the queen of swords is really telling me that your partner right now is still rationalizing still mentally coping and receiving closure from any baggage that they might have in the past the queen of swords is someone who knows your truth knows the truth of a situation in fines the truth of a situation it’s not so much emotional healing but kind of like rationalizing you know what happened why did this happen what’s going on now and you know all of dodge as the night of pinnacles talks about someone wanting to offer you something of like either something with like material value but in this case it would be they’re wanting to offer you something of substance to you they have the it’s actually very strange how similar this reading is to pile one so if you haven’t the seen pound number one I would definitely suggest going to go check it out but your partner does have the intentions of offering you something of substance when it comes to this relationship that they just need a little bit of time right now because the knight of Pentacles is earth energy it’s very grounded it doesn’t move so quickly I’ve you know that’s actually the slowest moving energy you know out of the elements and so this is someone who’s making sure that they have a cell a solid foundation someone who wants to make sure they’re making the right steps before they make them you know if that makes sense but I’m also getting a strong feeling of like codependency not saying that you are codependent but some codependency issues on your side you know because there’s a lot of fear and kind of insecurity here like is this gonna happen isn’t not am i doing things right you know all of this just going going going going around in circles in your mind when that just needs to be released because your advice cards right here is you have the take a break card get off the treadmill we have the awakening card entering into a new state of being we have be stag spirit take the lead we have horse spirit freedom is yours now we also have the go within card you are a very intuitive person it’s the equivalent to the high priestess in Tarot and then we also have this self-sufficiency card and so a spirit is really advising you right now to take the lead in this relationship but when I say take the lead I mean by showing them through your actions and through how you’re dealing with this relationship that they are making right choices when it st. ate the lead like cuz you also got that take a break hard so I wouldn’t try and pursue pursue pursue and trying you know progress in this relationship so quickly you know lay off the heat a little bit and just kind of take the lead by showing them how this relationship should progress in a very healthy balanced and grounded way you know what I mean take this time to get to know each other take this time to enjoy the process of getting to know each other because it only happens once you know everything is going according to plan you know this partner is wanting to offer you something of substance and you are offering your cup of love to your partner everything is going according to plan but spirit is telling me that you are someone who’s very educated and very insightful and wise when it comes to their emotions and so but when it’s saying take the lead take the lead and showing them all of the education and wisdom you have in your emotions if that makes sense they might not know how to open up or become vulnerable or how to let go of the past emotionally they know how to deal with things you know in the queen of swords energy where they know how to rationalize things but they don’t know how to heal from things emotionally and that takes a certain kind of knowledge that you know you can show them and especially with this horse spirit freedom is yours it’s really telling me that this relationship was also brought into your life to teach you that you know no matter what happens I don’t need this relationship I have my cup of love I know what I have to offer and I will not spend another minute in anxiety or stress all is folding according to divine plan freedom is yours freedom you know this was brought into your life to teach you and to you know resurface these codependency tendencies that you may have so that they can be addressed and worked on and released you know what I mean is the goeth end card you are a very intuitive person you know and it’s really telling me that you have to balance this kind of earth energy and water energy you know you know what’s gonna happen you know what I mean but it hasn’t quite happened yet which is why you have this nine of swords you know losing sleep anxiety and stress over it going well I know it’s gonna happen but is it gonna happen because it’s not happening yet but the cartridge is telling me you patient give it some time enjoy this process you know the energy that you can bring to this table that’s kind of needed at the moment is this playful childlike energy to make this partner feel safe to open up and to progress further into this relationship it’s very beautiful energy this self-sufficiency card is really telling me once again with confirmation that this relationship was brought into your life to bring out those codependency issues in order to be addressed in healed so that you know you can make sure that whatever codependency issues you’ve had in the past it doesn’t flood into this new relationship and so sabotages this relationship because this partner right now I’m feeling needs to feel safe they need to feel safe with you like you’re not the same person that they once dealt with you know they need time to heal and it’s no one thing that’s gonna be a long time it’s just saying to be patient with them be patient with yourself enjoy this time getting to know them yes but that’s all I’m seing for you guys at the moment I really hope this reading resonated with you guys let me know down in the comments how this reading resonated with you I love reading all of your guys’s stories if you found this reading helpful in any way please share it so we can get the messages out to as many people as possible if you would please subscribe like or comment on this video shows love that yeah that’s all I’m getting it for you guys stay tuned for the next reading and that’s all I have I’m wishing you guys abundant peace abundant love and abundant abundance have a blessed one you guys bye for those of you who chose pond number 3 or the beautiful citrine crystal welcome to your reading okay so for the three cards that I drew for you guys for your energy that you bring to the table we have the reversed seven of swords we have the reverse ten of cups alibi’d you look at it twice and then we also have the king of cups before I get into you I’m also gonna show you the cards that I pulled for your on what your partner is bringing to the table we have the reversed five of swords we have the three of Pentacles and we also have the king of swords perfect okay let’s jump into it oh so just start off with um this is some heavier dense energy okay sorry to be so playful and then get um like serious but like this is 303 but starting off with you well I got to you and your partner this is a relationship that has just been tried and tried in trying to try you’ve made mistakes they’ve made plenty of mistakes both of you have considered leaving this relationship like is it worth fixing is it worth saving because the reverse set of cups tells me like at this moment like you’re not happy you’re not content you know you have this like it’s oh the vision I just got was like a family pretending to be happy and kind of like happy on this surface without anyone really knowing what’s going on on the inside and you know and when I say you guys have made mistakes of course everyone’s made mistakes but like they could have cheated you could have cheated we’re humans we all make mistakes are not saying like if you know you should leave you should leave but but this reading is really telling me like you are becoming much more grounded in your emotions but this king of cups and you have plenty of mistakes and you know that you know you have hurt this person and you feel like you might be stealing from them or robbing them of some potential partner that they could have and they feel the same for you and both of you kind of go in this like back and forth kind of should I stay should I go is it worth it isn’t not but you know they have the king of swords they know the truth they know the analytics behind this relationship as in like they are very mentally grounded they are very reasonably sound people and the three of Pentacles Tommy they are more than happy to work with you in a very collaborative in communicative way to fix whatever issues or problems you guys have you know with the three of Pentacles just talks about seeing your worth seeing their worth what both of you bring to the table and working together in order to like fix what issues and problems you guys are experiencing at this moment and yes it’s gonna be a lot of work because well yes it might be a lot of work but the cards are really telling me that it’s gonna be worth it because you have down here you have the initiation rite of passage card you have the warrior woman card what are you being called to right now before I get into their cards it’s really telling me that like this is a rite of passage why Mena’s it says on the card but it is just is crossing the threshold and have you answered your deepest calling and I really feel like down deep in your heart and in in in your intuition you know that this is a relationship worth saving you guys have been together for so long and you guys have experienced so many happy emotions and just because you might be experiencing you know one saying like the mistakes you guys made doesn’t hurt each other but that doesn’t mean it’s broken nothing you know fully broken you know do you mean and with this warrior one with that it’s really telling me that like you have this drink and courage and there’s a deep desire to stay and give it your all and to set boundaries do what you know to do in order to help to heal this relationship because your partner is gonna do the exact same and want to with you which is like oh my god don’t cry but it’s a very beautiful energy because like you guys have been through so much together but like your partner and you are both so willing to work through this together and put in the work you know such as like setting boundaries making sure that there’s effective communication fully understanding your partner’s needs and communicating them to each other making sure you’re receiving what you want to receive in a relationship and just really studying that strong and solid foundation that you once had you know you two have been through so much together and that doesn’t matter heal together work through these things together and you can make it through because you also have the hummingbird spirit be here now and you’ll it’s so beautiful you have this squirrel spirit believe in yourself be here and now stopping scaping and running from this relationship stop running and escaping your problems in your own inner you know traumas and things that you still need to deal and heal from you know be present in this current situation with your partner and believe in yourself and believe in this relationship again because I know you do and if you’ve been waiting for a sign that you know it’s worth the energy and the effort to work with your partner to restore this relationship this is it this is your sign from the universe which could literally make me cry but yeah because guess what your next card is I swear to god don’t cry Matthew the new beginnings card you know the equivalent can you see that again you there we go the new beginnings card which is equivalent to the fool in Tarot it says you you are at the beginning of a wonderful journey there’s no need to have any fear as guardian angels walk beside you every step of the way you have unique gifts to offer to this situation and if you will just free yourself from doubt which holds you back new opportunities will present themselves if you truly believe and then you also have the change card don’t scare yourself with the next 40 steps all you need is that one next action you can say to the universe just show me the first step and change me into one who can take it and like the reason why I like I’m literally about to start crying right now is because it this hit so close to home with me because like the energy I’m getting feel like you right now is like someone who’s dealt with a lot someone who might not know how to fully love who might have you know have experienced a lot of traumas and might not have ever put in this much work or effort into a relationship before but like you’re finding this inner strength in you to face your fears to evolve to evolve in this relationship and your partner is here supporting you every step of the way don’t close them out don’t shut them out think about you know I keep seeing these like memories of you two together from like way back when because I have a feeling you two have been together a long time and it can be that way again you can change your actions you can change what you bring to the table don’t be scared to take a deep look into yourself and reassess what you bring to the table it’s not pointless like it’s not worthless like like this is such a beautiful reading though like I’ve never cried during one of my readings before like you are finally finding the strength and courage to do what is necessary in order to collaborate and work with your partner in order to have the relationship that y’all used to have once again it’s very beautiful because you know people from the outside may feel like oh it’s you know just go ahead like obviously if you’re watching this video and you know your partner’s abusive and there’s no change there leave you know this this bottle might not be for you you know I’m just telling you but the cards are showing me and it’s so beautiful because like to open up a little bit about me I’ve had an abusive ex before who I loved so so so so much and I was willing to work with them and show them how to love how to heal their traumas but they could never find that strength within them to work with me and meet me a halfway and I was altum Utley you know showing that this relationship wasn’t meant to last and I remember like I can just feel your partner’s energy so strong you know just loving you so much that they’re willing to meet you halfway in this relationship and instead of just running off like you have before or just like you know excuse my language it you know I don’t need to look at myself I don’t need to do you know – no you don’t need to but that’s what love does and you know you love this person and you know that and anything different isn’t going to change that sorry you guys but like this is such a beautiful relationship if you’ve been looking for a conference and you know this isn’t confident yes its confirmation for some of you guys that you should stay but this is also confirmation for some of you that like you can do it and I’m so proud of you for the work that you’re already meeting in this relationship it hasn’t been you know it hasn’t been easy but you’re doing a beautiful job don’t give up now you have a new beginning waiting for you oh I told you guys this is heavier energy but who could take a deep breath with me oh ah but if you’re watching this I just want to say I love you obvious obviously you’re watching them I love you guys I’m proud of you guys you can do it and you’re already doing it don’t give up now just keep going just keep going but that’s all I got for you guys I hope it resonated please leave your story down in the comments I love hearing how the story resonates with each and every one of you if you found this reading helpful at all please share it please help me get my readings out to as many people as possible if you feel lad please you know comment like it doesn’t kill nobody oh but yeah that’s all I got for you guys I hope to see you guys in the next reading I’m wishing you guys and in an abundant love peace and abundance as well bye guys for those of you who chose pond number four or the beautiful lapis lazuli welcome to your reading okay right off the bat let me start off with the three cards that I drew for the energy you’re embodying in this relationship okay so we have the reversed Knight of swords boom we have the ace of Pentacles and we also have the four of cups and for your partner I have the magician I have the two of swords and you also have that five of ones okay before I get into what oracle cards I pulled for you know advice and guidance I’m gonna kind of tell you the story that’s being painted to me so I’m seeing that this it’s probably someone that you’re is fairly new into your life that you’re in the process of getting to know and been acquainted with I feel like you’ve noticed some red flags from the beginning with the reverse Knight of swords but you’re kind of like I don’t know I’m not well loving get to know a little better before I like categorize out as a red flag you know any mean and with the ace of Pentacles in the four of cups how do I say this okay so you’re wanting to offer something like okay so the ace of Pentacles is a new beginning and like a physical relationship you have the intention of committing of wanting that relationship with them but in their mind so the magician is usually about meaning at the station like knowing you’re powering all of that jobs but it also talks about being a trickster and the energy I’m getting from this with the reverse to have swords and the five of Wands is that this person most likely does not have the same intentions as you and there’s nothing wrong with that I did did not mean to make that face um but I mean I’m just gonna be real honest with you guys I’m gonna keep it I’m gonna keep it real um I have a feeling like this person isn’t really showing their true colors but you would get to know them a lot more and or at least try to and like oh that was a red flag but this person with the five of Wands is more or less looking for more when they’re friends with benefit situation and the magician card is telling me that you know they could have been you know sneaky and kind of deceitful with their intentions and kind of leading you on especially with you know starting with your oracle cards you have the crumbling card what are you playing on to that needs to be released you also have the priestess card how are you being called to step up and lead I mean already right off the bat I can tell you right now the crumbling card is talking about like at our moment of letting go what needs to be released and you know that you know that this needs to be released because you’ve already been seen the red flags and the animal oracle cards you have the starfish spirit open to all an infinite possibilities infinite possibilities The Crow Spirit says co-create what spirit you also have the letting go card oh my gosh which I didn’t realize um no no mine oh well this is the equivalent to the devil card in Tarot this is a letting go card and you also have the challenges card so I get a feeling really that this you know is a connection that needs to be released but the letting go card says releasing the past can seem like a challenge but it can also be liberating your Angels will help you let go so that you can fly higher than ever before endings always Herald new beginnings choose to allow the situation to lead you into a more joyful life you know what might be a challenge to let this go cuz it’s really looked like someone you know you could it looks like it was going really well but I’m letting you know right now especially with this crumbling card because if you look at it you see how there’s dark and stormy clouds in the background and it seems so scary and daunting but if you can get past it you have this beautiful and peaceful land right after it and all this fear is just an illusion just holding you back from it experiencing this new joyful life you know spirit is really telling me right now that enjoy this connection yes have fun you know if you’re looking for like a friends-with-benefits kind of situation have fun you know go for it you know what I mean but just know what to expect when stopping into this if you want to friends-with-benefits situation great you know what I mean if you’re looking for something more and that’s not for you and then this needs to be released and this needs to look leads to like you need to let it go and it might seem like a challenge you know of course of course but I just spirit is really telling me make your own decision but just know going into this this might be about this is their intentions but you know feel it out you know everything is okay there’s nothing to fear but just know that this might be where they’re coming from and spirit is really advising you know to step up and lead big the bigger person and say you know what and well actually with the step up and lead card it’s really telling you to be that person to state your intentions of what you want and to ask of them what their intentions are because there’s nothing wrong with that and you know why guess you don’t have to ask them ask if you want to know ask purely you know the spirit isn’t really advising me to tell you to really let go or to not let go but like you do not know their intention so don’t get your hopes up before it then you know any mean and to really step up be this warrior woman be this priestess and be the bigger person and the mature and responsible person and say what are your intentions here you know what are you looking for this is what I’m looking for it but this is what I’m open to you know this is what I’m wanting this is what I’m willing to experience all of that just just open communicate with this partner and that’s the best way to find the truth I can guide you in any way possible but communicate with your partner cuz there might be some things that you don’t know regarding their motives or where they’re coming from and yeah but that’s all I got for you guys I hope this reading helped you guys to receive some guidance and I really hoped it resonated with you guys let me know down in the comments your story and how it resonated with you I love Rena if you guys found this reading helpful in any way make sure to share this reading so we can get this reading out to as many people as possible thank you guys so much for tuning in I can’t wait to see you in the next video if you feel that please like and share this video subscribe to join the family to see more content relating to this I’m making readings all the time thank you guys so much for joining me and I’m wishing you infinite peace infinite abundance and infinite joy my love you guys

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