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hello guys welcome to our channel hey guys in today’s video we decided we really wanted to have like a sit-down video with you guys about I know we did a QA but we really lunch do relationship advice in 2019 from a girl point in a guy’s point so if you are interested in learning about relationship advice and let me just say something before we even start this video I’m saying that like we’re the best couple out there because obviously we have our mistakes we we have think that we need to work on we’re not perfect but I don’t know I think our relationship is pretty grounded I mean for a most part but obviously we have stuff that we can work on so we’re not perfect for not saying we’re perfect but we really wanted to make this video to talk about relationships in 2019 because I think and this year of age like it’s bad it’s not good so not saying that’s for everybody but to me I have noticed it a lot so I’m just gonna go over some questions and like some things that I’ve noticed people about relationships that I kind of learn to talk about in my point of view and then he’ll go on his point of view sound like a plan it’s like I’m gonna just start from the beginning when you first started talking to some money when you first started talking to someone what I’ve noticed a lot and I could be wrong this could be just the people that I’ve like been around or noticed I’m not saying everyone’s like this but people try to rush into relationships to get marriage they forced to get into a relationship they go on like tinder dating apps which I’m not saying is bad like that’s some people find I love of their life on there I’m not saying it’s bad or anything but what I’m saying that kind of bugs me is like people rush to hurry up to start dating someone to really like talk to million girls to try there to try to find their one love because who doesn’t want to find their one love you know what I mean but honestly like I just hate seeing that because like love takes time to me when I found Christian it wasn’t something that I wanted right away it kind of I was doing life I was fine doing what I was doing I was focusing on me and he came at a time of need and I feel like really God would bring you that guy when it’s time for that guy and to me like I don’t think people should like rush and hurry up to get into this relationship to get married because not saying all relationships fail that way but most of them do and I just really think people should start taking their time more instead of being like I wanna I’m gonna marry this girl like I wanna marry this girl like get to know I’m talk to them really become friends first get to know them really well and when I mean that I mean really mean that because I think that’s super important in a relationship when you get to know um and you become friends like we started we we’re talking for probably what three four months five months before I even considered him being my boyfriend I really put my wall up because the next person I found was gonna be someone I married and he is gonna be someone I married so you really need to take time and just really get to know that person anyway that was a big one but the second one that I see a lot and I’m not saying that is with all relationships is cheating cheating is so common these days and I’m not saying everyone does it but cheating is so common and it kind of ties in with the third thing I was going to talk about and that’s trust and a lot of people talk about how they can trust their boyfriend or how can’t they trust them or for example like another question I see a lot is long-distance like people can’t won’t do long-distance because they don’t trust their significant other we are gonna make a video about long-distance because we do have a huge secret that we want to tell you guys but we’re gonna wait until the next video to talk about that but we are gonna do long-distance and when I say long-distance I mean as long distance as a relationship can get and I guarantee you guys we’re gonna be just fine because Trust trust is a huge thing a relationship and if you don’t have trust like people’s probably heard this a million times you do not have a relationship not having trust in a relationship stocks and that’s something that I feel relationships in 2019 fail or maybe in other years but especially 2019 you hear a lot more common like oh why did you and your boyfriend broke up oh he cheated on me or I cheated on him not saying guys but girls too like that’s just so common hearing and it kind of just breaks my heart because now people when you cheat on someone it not only hurts but they’ll forever have trust issues and it’s just sucks going into your next relationship because then it’s that boyfriend like you take it out on your boyfriend but it’s not his fault that you got cheated on from your last relationship and I know there is some girls out there that know exactly how it feels and knows exactly what I’m talking about and it sucks because not being able to trust your boyfriend because of a prior relationship sucks yeah and the third one I really wanted to talk about was long-distance relationship and like trust but again we are gonna make a whole separate video on like our experience what our experience is gonna be in like what our secret is but I wanted to touch base a little bit about it because it is something that I looked up and it’s the most common question that would ask is how to do long distant relationship so really I hate when people say like long-distance like just like if you’re in it it’s not gonna work and like it’s coming up like schools coming up people are going to college people are gonna have to do with long-distance again we’re doing long-distance as like the longest distance you can get but that doesn’t mean like like an hour’s long distance you know what I mean like not being with your significant other is long distance so it can work I don’t like when people say it can’t I was one of those people so I’m not gonna sit and say that I wasn’t but I was one of those people when I found out about what’s happening with us I told him that I personally am NOT gonna do it so I told him that if you go do whatever I’m not gonna date you and now looking back I felt so dumb for saying that and I’m so glad like he was very like consistent with me working on me about it and like saying well you’re not gonna go anywhere cuz we’re gonna work through this like not a lot of men do that I’m not saying all men are horrible or whatever but not a lot of men are very consistent to me that’s what you really needed in that relationship is having someone being like constantly trying to help that other person or get to that other person and like that’s what he did and I’m so glad he did that because if not I probably honestly would not be with him right now because you guys will learn why in the next video so stay tuned for that one long-distance relationship can work but you do need trust and that’s a huge thing in long-distance because you’re always wondering like what is he doing I’m not with him and all that jazz and I know some people know exactly what I’m talking about and the feeling sucks knowing not knowing what your boyfriend is doing or working that or I get it I really do get it so it can work you need trust and if you cannot trust your significant other I would work on that before wherever they go but you do have communication you do have a cell phone I know what stuff’s not having that person physically next to you I get it it sucks and I’m gonna have to go through that exact same thing and I’m probably gonna do updated videos about it and you’ll see why I’m gonna do it when we make our next video but so really that’s all I really want to talk about in a girl’s point of view he probably has way more to tell about like guys and like what should do and like just advice for guys out there I just thought it was really nice to get a mix of me and him like girl and guy advice but long-distance can work don’t say it can’t try to make it work and really just like think of all the positive things that are gonna come out of it don’t don’t back out I was in that same boat I was gonna do the exact same thing don’t do it because you never know where this person is gonna take you in life for example if I would have said no I would have missed out on a fabulous guy and I don’t know where I would have been in life so definitely keep trying it will work yeah so that is my three things that I was trying to touch about and girl’s point of view just his point of the other relationship and that guy’s like in a guy’s point of view and like his thoughts and advice for relationships and what she kind of did hi gentlemen so first point I want to make is that our relationship is a commitment not a feeling okay so if you if you find if you have a really good first impression with this girl and you’re and you choose to be in a relationship or pursue a relationship it is it’s now it’s now a commitment like speaking about movie that I was I was very consistent and persistent with keeping with wanting her and showing her value and stuff like this because she didn’t want me honestly she didn’t want me at first oh yeah like when you get into relationship guys it’s it is one you find something that you don’t like about somebody you have to figure that out you have to work through it yeah you have to change things for that person that you’re pursuing a relationship with and well my I mean by feeling is just like if you feel some weight torture that’s like you don’t like something about her you don’t just on the next one you know done with that you know so that’s that’s a big point that you have to stick with it you have to change things that maybe she doesn’t like about you and you have to be willing to change those things going off when she said about trust you have to be able to trust one another and a big thing that that goes into that is communication if you don’t have communication with each other it’s gonna be really hard to trust each other if you were to say you live together and you just leave the house randomly without telling her where you’re going she’s gonna feel off about that big one is a guard your heart so a big one for guys is is porn if you’re in a relationship and you’re gonna watching porn it’s like it’s so easy to just look at girls that way other women in your life that way so easily and I mean your heart can get deceptive very quickly so you have to be able to guard your heart from those things that you don’t want in your relationship when you’re when you watch porn it’s easy to look at girls like that and next thing you know you’re cheating on her and I guess another big point is we we plant our relationship and he came from a Christian home and I did not and that’s something huge that I had to get and really stay on it kind of like what he said that’s I could have walked away from it but I stayed pretty steady and wanted to change because I wanted to marry him you gotta be on the same page we haven’t had to be you don’t have to be a she doesn’t have to be a saint for me to marry her but she has to like we’re both growing you know so but she has to be willing to do that and change and wanna grow with me for us to work just I don’t know not be willing to change that I’ll just yeah and stop being stubborn I am stubborn but a lot of people are suffering change I know some people are like this is how I am I’m not gonna change you’re not gonna get anywhere in life with a guy because it is very unlikely you’re gonna find a guy like it’s just gonna be like perfect perfect perfect I mean it can but like there’s gonna be things that you do need a change in a relationship that’s how relationships grow it’s just something like don’t say you won’t change for the person you love don’t be stubborn change for the person you love because that’s gonna help like imagine if I went to a change and I and I did you can ask him I said many times hi guys I said many times that I not gonna change I was not gonna change I was very stubborn I believed what I believed in I believed that I was mad at God for a certain reason that I can talk about in a different video but he really changed me in a good way and I’m absolutely blessed that he did because honestly I feel better than I ever did before so don’t be stubborn change if you need to change because it might be better in the long run and you’d be like and your eyes will really open and be like dang this is something I probably should have done a long time ago so my three points commitment trust communication and God her boys God yeah god that’s a huge thing I know we didn’t really talk about that but it is a huge huge huge thing that you need in the relationship going to church with your significant others probably like I look forward for Sunday’s to go to church with him just praying with him I think it’s honestly the best thing I again thought it was the weirdest thing and now I’m so grateful that he came into my life and he showed me a different way of viewing life and it’s just its greatest thing ever but yeah so we do have some suggested videos if you do want to see some if you want to see I do want to talk about young marriage just because a lot of people are like back and forth about it I do want to talk about um what our secret is that will be the next one I know that for a fact and then if you want I can’t talk about like my backstory and he can talk about his backstory and we can come not compare but kind of show you just because you come from somewhere else and your boyfriend who’s significant other come from somewhere else you can still be together but just let us know in the comments if you want to see that I would be so social okay with doing a video like that and I think a lot of people need to see the difference because our life is literally as different as it can be so thank you so much for watching 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