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what’s your fucking so we should go back with another video and you guys can see from the title I’m gonna be doing a relationship advice that video I’m not an expert so don’t come for me I am NOT a therapist a counselor on relationships to love in general so don’t take this seriously take some of this yours but not all oh that’s just that I hope you guys enjoy this video make sure you like comment subscribe Oh Anakin’s stuff and pharma is the gamma world like and without further ado let’s jump right into the video [Music] I don’t even always start because relationships let’s start from liking a boy or just having a crush on somebody don’t like somebody because of their appearance or just because they just – well my parents just until they dressed nice they have a good smile on it is chatting and all because o it is attractive but like don’t do that because baby have them males that be thank yourself but they be treating you like trash don’t even really care about you and like it’s just a lot – yeah you know with that me personally everyone that knows me knows that I don’t take someone because of the way they look you can be on the on the site but I’m not gonna date you because of the way you look because as far as everybody knows me knows is that I want to say I don’t want to sound harsh I mean you don’t want to sound harsh but as far as mercy for long I’m staying most most of my exes or yeah because I don’t care about how you looked it’s just about how you treat me and that’s on period so if you can’t shake me right then get out the way it’s a plus if you look good but it’s better if you treat me right but y’all can be Damon on people because of the way they look or anything you know some keep that in mind i’m ii don’t be bothered for these news flies because these niggas like for everything and y’all know that right not because he tells you he’s doyle means that he’s loyal y’all be so stupid just because somebody tells you something doesn’t mean is that don’t be a clown don’t be a fool for him stay woke cheery like just because he says he does it doesn’t mean he really loves you I’m sorry okay Bo not just because she says oh no okay this is what pisses me off the most because okay like you know like this person you want it to work you want to be with this person for the rest of your life see you know you want to be with this person and you always try to work it out it’s tough like baby like know sometimes when you just assume things no downloads right we just have some things and like you tell them about it just be like oh you always want some things always wanna jump to conclusions because I because I know is that and you can tell me that it’s not that so not behaving when I can ask them about something and they lie like what the hell are you lying for what’s the sense in line because I already know what’s up but you lying in bed that pisses me off because I don’t like when you once you lie to me why do i to me ii me for a fool someday because maybe I got time for you I just don’t have time for you and like you just basically the whites up because honestly these boys don’t really want job they don’t really more nice they just want to use this and y’all know a so don’t don’t be stupid don’t fall for you and just so another thing is like sometimes it’s it’s a good to jump to conclusions because when you jump to conclusions the conclusions be thanks but sometime you don’t see conclusion it just starts arguments please the your significant other no yeah it just and sometimes doesn’t help with the relationship but sometimes it does because you find out sometimes and sometimes it just pull out trash by um so what I to say when I do the conclusions it’s because it’s that purely y’all niggas you’ll be thinking like how are you trying to lie but child lies don’t be enough but if you can align stay in the line way don’t go for food to here to here to here don’t be doing all that stuff you gotta keep it here because your lies be here then it goes that we gonna come back so here and right it doesn’t have a big voice so you need to stop it and the point is I don’t understand like these boys oh my god yo if y’all don’t really want this person is wrong you don’t wanna be with this person who I’d like to just have them out here the kid like a foot wave this goes to anybody like well they do does have a matter the kid a fool looking like a whole clown out here like baby boy this is this the same day you can’t be doing it if you don’t want this first and then just tell this person that you don’t want him or her y’all be doing way too much my honesty like I get that sometimes like you like this person but you don’t want a serious relationship you just want them to be yours but you would like oh my god it’s so hard to explain because I’ve been through it like I wanted this Percy and like I’m one of this person but I didn’t want anything serious but at the same time I want him to be for me but at the same time I don’t want him to be for me for me like do you understand that I don’t think you guys understand I wanted this person but I don’t want one this person I want this person to be for me to be my husband but I didn’t want him to Oh guys I’m just telling y’all like this through this relationship stuff like especially in 2019 it’s trash and I feel like honestly now relationships don’t even be relationships it just being crash yeah like oh hey I can tell y’all day I’m gonna be honest a job like clean mmm what was that gonna say I fell oh I was gonna stay but okay let me tell you something let me tell you something communication is key like if you want something to work out then y’all gotta talk about it y’all need to talk about it because if you don’t talk about a thing what the hell is gonna happy y’all need to communicate you know that y’all need to talk about the situation and y’all don’t need to be lying what are you lying for if you know anything cheat on this person then just don’t feel with the person is that so hard is that so hard like I mean understanding that you want this person but you don’t want anything serious but you don’t want the person to be for somebody else I have this thing that I’ll get that because that’s my situation right now I want this person but I don’t want to be serious serious participant but this person I don’t want this person to do somebody else I kept that that’s medium but it let me tell y’all babe if y’all know y’all gonna do something stupid then just do like for you y’all just need to what’s the point of cheating honestly like sometimes like sometimes if you choose to get mad at the person to code the person cheat on you but it just sometimes the original relationship sometimes like the other person takes it in a different way and doesn’t know how to handle it so love to turn from these today’s United States man yeah y’all can be doing it mmm y’all can be doing that because there’s these boys baby trash lay honestly Danny Chester like Robert you today me like stop it like it is you’re just breaking my heart but tell anytime something okay let me tell us something these niggas is for everybody yeah I know it you something y’all feel really for everybody too but when they lose me for everybody y’all Haiti but y’all me for anyway – I don’t understand it it’s awesome – serious you gonna let this going all this up because hey y’all mm-hmm there were this one time I was with this boy and like we wasn’t together together but we used together oh wait okay let me try to explain you feel nothing you know what I’m not gonna tell you that but okay let me please let me give you all listen are you so y’all with this person y’all have you and Benjamin wait Clarissa and Benjamin okay now Karissa she Clarissa and Benjamin don’t want anything serious but they want each they want each other and like they don’t know what to do buddy because like [Applause] anything so hard like I know where y’all coming from when it’s like when y’all be saying it’s like it’s hard to be loyal to somebody honestly it’s not hard to me one because if you really want this person you wouldn’t do anything to hurt this person you wouldn’t do anything to make it to see you wouldn’t do anything to see this person unhappy you will make it work and you would just put all your energy and focus on one person if you cheat this because you didn’t really want this person you is because you like the idea of being with this person but you just didn’t you just couldn’t cooperate if you cheat I’ll be honest I know everybody cheats like because sometimes you think about even like what if he’s cheating on me what if she’s cheating on me you just be like well I’m a cheat before he or she cheats I did that before I cheated before just retreated bet that’s a song for y’all business story time is so this pathetic and I will not cheat I realized I was like I don’t really want this person II like I like being with him but I don’t like being with him like it’s hard to explain and it’s a lot – it’s a lot to penetrate it’s about to understand but at the end of the day you just gotta be wise about the whole relationship type stuff because hey everybody and it’s pencil thanks baby yes there’s home thanks Leia this this is just part one for relationship side by side stuff because I don’t want it to be too long it’s already at 15 minutes I don’t know how how I edit that but yeah I’m gonna bring the part too because I got a lot more to say and i’ma write down notes for this one so yeah thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe for more videos go follow my Instagram I will knock here I’m across off this video and I’ll see you guys in my next one [Music]


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