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what’s up you guys you sugar acacia and I’m back I know I’m used to stay in Saturday advice because I hate things that take care of and I wasn’t feeling good on Saturday and I had an emergency on seriously just when I was gonna do the video to say an emergency so in Saturday I just wasn’t feeling good when I got home I wasn’t my feeling video so what I do wit for dirt or do it’s time for advice you guys like yeah but before I give today advice I want to do another Q&A so which I leave with some questions in the comments so that we can ask them to another Q&A video because I just love answering people questions but yeah so this is wise it’s gonna be on path to keep your relationship and you know like tell you some advice that you guys might need okay so I was gonna blank when I blend on camera but I have everything um oh my god why are you just walking just be boring cuz I went out there and shoot okay but like I was saying in a relationship does not be insecurity whether you trust your partner or not you just gotta choose the right person for you basically right you might not be doing it tonight y’all in but this person might be doing someone I in but find the right person like you gotta get the right qualities what you’re looking for to me and holiday you don’t want to be no side you don’t want to get a thigh you don’t want to get arrested or thought either if you know you’re not ready for a relationship why miss the the situation for the good people because when people been Harbor from so many times they don’t weren’t gonna mix press machines but luckily I found my mr. right I’m married um I loved it he was the right person for me we never cheated on each other we have our arguments Toby we get over like there’s an argument we might not talk to each other for an hour when we talk about India eg so like every relationship is gonna hear arguments babe who’s down for you who’s gonna be there for you who got shot babe this way the boys are down soon not everybody not everybody that you relationship with don’t have your thing and then some I’m not gonna be there for you you gotta look at infant we now face each other we’re there for each other we lawyer to each other we communicating something moves out so there’s all about maturity I saw it slows down see if you read this letter down like if you’re not ready to sit down I mean don’t get little false hopes up you feel me because they just missed them love like especially they feeling a little shoe collisions mixed up and so me I need to saturday i’ma come y’all somewhere thoughts all here and there are you seeing all these stuffs all on social media I got different people and it just means the you know you laughs I just set it down baby because you saw my son you want STDs you know HIV you want AIDS you’re not gonna real young comedian you don’t wanna study yet you ain’t set it down so of course you don’t have hobbies do it ever guys you know we’re gonna be a porn star points I made more being on the look around you did still next-closest 14 and 32 $20 first on see some real good for some cracks but it’s okay you know set it down I’ll go before so it may moment but I’m just talking here but rid up if y’all wanna do relationship find you that right person that’s gonna be for you be lawyer today person and hopefully they be lawyers to you know I always be insecure you don’t malicious but you know you might be chickens not be checking stuff out down the line but you know you don’t want to sound insecure it’s all kind of check it out and make sure it’s accurate um you know go on days communicate talk things out with each other if there’s an army of something occur talk it out do whatever you have to do in order to keep the relationship don’t care no better no but do whatever you have to do to keep a relationship and be I don’t talk to you about being murdered in that video yeah that’s what people don’t want set it down that’s what people who just want to be a thought out there and I always end up kind of mixing a little earlier if I see one another but don’t man yeah but I’m a girl half an hour cut this video was already getting too low and I know people not gonna watch the whole video Figgy long so I’m a guy inside not cut a shot right there just be Boyle communicate go on date have fun do it early I got a do so keep your relationship going but this show girl kissing in the Sun else peace I saw wait you need to trust wonder too cuz you might even so matter but this freshmen are these few which is gonna be made stuff but keep it rolling don’t give up don’t try to commit suicide doggy Dundee because you always help somebody side so you feel like you ain’t got no bad side so you can call them suicide hotlines whatever hang out you need the call you can call him and get some help it’s a lot of people on Facebook they can help you because we not anybody to commit suicide or homicide just for relationship it’s not really Carrefour don’t lose your life or cure the person that’s you in love we don’t do nothing there are people there to talk to you and I’m out and I’m starting out but I hope you like this advice to eat any sugar and he/she and I’m out because my video getting old anyway I’m out yeah new series don’t forget to Leon can raise their bellowing them coming or where we are see this video it bye


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