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Advice to my future son in laws and grandsons, on how to make a relationship work

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alright reason I like to make these videos is because I like to pass on my information to my grandkids and my kids now since I’ve got girls this is actually intended towards men so it’ll be my grandsons and my future son in laws and I want to talk about how to build healthy relationships with your spouse’s so if you my son-in-law you better listen up because this is the only way I found out that works I’m sure other people have better opinions on this so I look I’m gonna put things in terms of sports since I think guys can really relate to that and I want to talk about your relationship in terms of winning and losing and when you think about winning and losing you shouldn’t be looking at it as a fight you know you don’t get into a fight with your spouse and say wow I won that argument trust me you win an argument with your spouse you actually lose it because you might be right at the point at that point in time but they’re not gonna be happy your wife’s not gonna be happy you know so you really want to make a consensus winning in a relationship is waking up not wanting to kill each other you know we all want to be happy but we can’t be happy every day so in those days when people aren’t happy at least I don’t want to kill you right so that’s winning and let’s talk about winning you know winning can be done in two ways on a sports field it can be done with offense and it could be done but done with defense offense brings in the fans but defense wins championships so let me give you examples of often some of the things I do offensively to make the relationship better I will for example at least two to three times once every two to three weeks I bring my wife flowers you know they’re dead cheap you know fifteen twenty dollars you can get your wife a bouquet of flowers it pays dividends you know just for no reason at all you bring flowers after a fight trust me you know the first time she’s gonna be out that was really nice thank you but after a while says what what do these flowers do it here you know this doesn’t make anything better it’s a constant you have to do for no reason you know another way I’d like to do things is every now you know I roll over and I you know hug my wife and I’ll do that for like 10 minutes you know just to say hey I love you you know I care about you and then after 10 minutes of face we got to get some sleep and I yeah I can’t sleep with a head full a mouth full of hair so roll over unless we’ve been drinking then then I usually pass out snoring and she gives me a swift kick in the balls but you know again it’s about winning if she wakes up happy that you kick me in the balls what she doesn’t unless I’m just saying that you know um I don’t know maybe she does secretly find that enjoyable home but that’s not the point the point this is you know that’s offensive things you Pro you’re proactive and getting things done then there’s defense you know defense is not saying things stupid you know the perfect example is your wife puts on you know a dress and says do I look fat in this never say yeah you can lose a couple weight or that really doesn’t fit you great no you look beautiful baby I’ve never seen anything so beautiful on you no no I’m lucky you know that my wife you know she looks great and everything so I don’t have to worry about that by the way that’s office because she will see you this oh maybe I could about that part for I don’t know how think that one oh well you know that that’s good defense this is saying the right things and don’t put your foot in your mouth so where I’m going with this is the other day my wife goes ahead and she asked me to pick her up some vitamins office of course babe now here’s where the defense comes into play we’d have a whole thing of men’s vitamins we have big canister of men’s vitamins and they’re pretty close I mean I think they’re probably the same but she wanted women’s vitamins I could say you know you just take my vitamins but that would be poor defense because I could possibly start a fight she would say fine I’ll take your vitamins that’s stupid I’m just gonna go out the safe way I’m going out there anyway to pick up dinner which our local grocery store and get us some vitamins so I go in and I get looking for women’s vitamins I don’t see any women’s vitamins you know grocery store not a pharmacy but they do have the centrum old Silver’s over 50 vitamins now I know that these are probably the same vitamins for people under 50 or my wife’s case you know 21 to 25 to get Mets offense and but am I gonna pick those up no that would be stupid for me to show up with with vitamins over 50 what kind of message is understanding God our played a defense so I proactively offense go over to Walgreens and I find vitamins for youthful people I think I got the teenage growing adult vitamins you know again that not only defense but it’s like offense at the same time and I bring them home to her and I’m like here’s your vitamins and she looks at me and she says oh don’t you know I take the gummy bears the gummy vitamins but trust me in that situation if we’re talking about on offense and defense in a football game I gave up a field goal their father brought her over you know the over 50 I mean now it’s like two touchdowns in a safety so I still won as far as that goes I was like I know I should have remembered that it was my fault you know why because as a guy it is always your fault but to know that’s another test that you need to take on as a guy as a husband you have one of two main things that you care about and everything else she’s right on you know you get into a fight you’re all over to a fetal position and get kicked and just say yep yeah I’m right because trust me trying to win a fight you did it’s not impossible women had memories like elephants they will remember everything you’ve done for the last 30 40 years anyway that’s my advice to my future grandkids my future son-in-law is just play offense and play defense and your win and winning is is a happy marriage you as a and I’m gonna wonder if my wife’s gonna watch this I don’t know how it’s gonna go over anyway bye

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