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Hey guys I decided to do a video you giving advice about all types of relationships. All the advice I’m giving are also from personal experiences. I hope you guys enjoy the video.

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a new video you guys need to my channel make sure that subscribe button and join my family in the post vacation – see you guys communauté effect when almond who is the most so you can be able to wash them right on time I don’t try and post twice a week they’re not busy eating you’re lazy also falling off my socials my Instagram I sent at my Twitter they’ll be in Scripture box down below and I’ll also be right up here on the screen go do that keep off me why not let’s get around into this video as you guys can see right side of this video I will be talking about all types of relationships whether you have to do with the parent siblings family friends and significant others I posted a poll on that Instagram so you guys can ask me questions for this video let’s get right into it first we’re going to be talking about significant others why do people have trust issues well there are a lot of people around the world that has trust issues and I’m also one of those people I believe that it’s because I’ve been through too much in my life that had to do with so many people whether it was a relationship friends family it was just too much to do with and to be honest the first person who ever really like broke my heart was my blood to go father and he’s supposed to be like the main person that’s not supposed to break my heart but he did so I think that’s what led me to have trust issues with certain guys that do come in my life whether it’s a friend family or a significant other that’s why I believe that people will have trust issues because it has to do with stuff that has to deal with their past and maybe they’re not over the situations that happened in their past maybe is scarred him for life and they don’t know how to handle the situations and maybe they’re just afraid to get into another relationship it doesn’t matter what type of relationship it is but sometimes it is hard and I know that it’s hard for me I know why girls have trust issues girls have trust issues because they believe that the guy’s not going to treat them in the right way that the is going to cheat on them that the guy is just going to use them and not appreciate them for who they really are but guys guys it’s the same situation as well but the things that we’re all gonna have to do is learn how it’s like deal with the stuff that is going around her life and try to move on to new things and try to get other people chances and if you have trust issues and you are in a relationship it’s not going to work out so if I were you about in this relationship now or just try and work more harder on your trust issues because that relationship is not gonna go well why is it hard for men to communicate I believe that is really hard for men to communicate because they feel like if they talk or if they show any type of emotion that is gonna bring down their masculine but the things that I feel like it’s not it’s better for them to communicate with their significant other because it helps their relationship and it also helped them grow together it’s okay to open up to your significant other and guys like don’t think that oh opening up and communicating is gonna bring down your masculine it’s really not like it’s going to show you a significant other that you do want to work on relationship and also you do want to help yourself as a person and grow advice for high school relationships for high school relationships the advice that I have for you guys a relationship is not about like oh we have to become one like I have to be nearly 24/7 I have to see you all the time I want to be around you all the time like no it’s not like that there’s gonna be times when you don’t you some you can other there’s going to be times where things are not gonna work out and also it’s not to become one it’s to work on yourself also you’re a teenager you’re going through stages we’re gonna learn a lot about yourself and this is a time where you need to figure out about yourself and not have to worry about someone else but take your time to yourself and also take time like with your significant other together and try and figure out things also all high school relationships do not last they really don’t sometimes there’s relationships where you believe that you’re gonna last and you guys end up going to different colleges like in different states are like far apart and it’s just hard for you guys to do long distant and it’s not gonna work sometimes you have issues with your significant other whether their ups and downs whatever it is there’s gonna be times where it’s just gonna be rough they’re just okay look I can’t do some more like but also don’t think of it as like oh my god like I wish I was back with him oh my god like I can’t believe Oh Cup and it’s not ba ba it’s a lesson learned you’re gonna learn from every single one of these relationships it’s not a mistake it’s not something you regret it’s something that you learn from and it’s also a lesson how to have a healthy relationship the best way to have a healthy relationship number one trust number two communication and number three a loyal team yeah you still might go through ups and downs whatever if you have all these three things you’re perfectly fine but if you have trust issues you keep you don’t know how to communicate and you’re definitely not loyal I don’t think that it’s time for you to get in a relationship I think it’s time for you to work on your problems because that’s what’s mostly important with me I had a very hard time communicating and my sniffing other at the time had a hard time communicating with me as well and that’s why we didn’t work together but either way we’ve been through like a lot of things that’s why we’re not together make sure you know how to communicate and that you’re really open about communicating with one another also loyalty this is a very big problem and there’s generation right now people are afraid because they’re think that they’re either gonna get used or they’re not gonna be loved and appreciated and it’s just gonna be like too much so make sure you have these three things in order for you to have a healthy relationship how to get over someone that you are not or didn’t really date sis let me tell you it is so hard I remember like back then when like when I was younger like I really like this one person but I really couldn’t be with them I knew I couldn’t be with him and it stressed me up because I actually really like this person actually really want to do this person and I was just like you know what I just can’t there were times where I like people that didn’t even like me back and that was hard as well also there’s time for girls or guys her to like their best friends and he know that they can’t be with their best friend because you know that if you give your best friend is just gonna ruin your relationship but if you guys have a very very strong connection you guys are close friends and you guys know that you guys are meant to be with each other then try and make it work see what happens but if you eventually end up dating your best friend make sure that they’re your best friend after you guys break up or anything that and make sure that you guys make a pact somehow or a promise somehow because you still want to have that best friend in your life but I definitely can tell you that it’s really hard to get over somebody that you’re not dating or that like you just really like you just like okay like it’s just time for me to like move on with me I don’t like ghosting people I wouldn’t want to go to people but I feel like that’s what I honestly would do like I’ll probably stop talking to the person I’ll probably like maybe check up on them flake every like two months so like every three months or something like that but like I’ll stop talking to them I’ll stop texting them any type of communication that I have that person I’ll just stop and if I have them like on any type of any kind of social media I just would unfollow them I wouldn’t block them I would unfollow them so like there’s stuff I quit and pop up on any of my stuff I wouldn’t have to worry about anything popping up on my phone about that person I mean you can also communicate with this person and like let them know like I just need time to myself so it won’t probably seem like you’re ghosting because I can’t you’re alert them like hello Lee I gave it a diesel like what I’m gonna do so that’s what I would personally do because I’ve been through a situation like this where I liked somebody that I’m not even dating or like I just really really like them I’m just like yeah like it’s time for me to get over this person like it’s not gonna work it’s not gonna happen so it’s like it’s time to move on to the next that’s basically what I would do look I’ll just take time to myself unfollow them I’ll just anything that has to do with them connect them anything it’s gone we can still be friends about anything I was like know how to deal with people who cheat just don’t deal with them I’m playing okay so a lot of people have been cheated on and this is where it comes to point where people have trust issues and this is the most important thing which is loyalty there is no loyalty within this generation there’s probably a good 70% of people who are not loyal and a good 30 percent of people who are little and that sucks and that is sad but there are times where I have been cheated on and it’s not a good feeling the things that if you have been cheated on and you’re trying to get back in relationship but that person who cheat on you and you just want to get revenge like yeah I’m gonna shoot him back he’s gonna feel my pain and don’t do that it’s also gonna make you look worse because you have that person showing you but then you got back together with that person just to cheat on them it’s not look bad on your part in his part if that person cheat on you I feel like you shouldn’t have to do with that person at all if you guys are good friends and you guys want to try and work it out just try and work it out but like take a very long period time away from that person because it’s gonna help you realize all the things with a certain person and why you guys are not together and why don’t wanna get back with that person because this my boy you deserve better and you can’t give someone better who’s on the love and appreciate you and you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to your significant other I feel like when it comes to your significant other you shouldn’t have to worry about the thing like I feel like you shouldn’t have to stress when it comes to your sink and other about anything that really shouldn’t be on your mind and if you haven’t got feeling about anything your gut feeling is right my gut feeling is always right and it was right don’t trying to rush into any other type of relationship or into anything because they’re just gonna mess with your brain and it’s just gonna screw up even more because you’re not and the right mindset so you need to get your mental health your mindset on the right and on this thing bad because you’ll know when you’re ready to actually move on and go into other things and if you are a cheater I hope God bless you and help you realize that what you did it’s not right and it’s not okay because how would you like it if you were cheated on and if you were cheated on that sucks but other than give you any right to cheat on somebody else don’t cheat why are you single like I said the reason why I’m single is because I have trust issues when it comes to guys and I still do have trust issues till this day I just been through too much with so many guys I finally like let my guard down and I gave somebody a chance and then look what happened then I have to take like a little break for myself it’s like almost a year and I was chill I was good I wasn’t focusing on anything or anybody this guy has always tend to approach them selves to me and I’m just like I’m not interested it’s like I want to be in a boyfriend or so I’m editing right now and I said I want to be a boyfriend I meant to say I don’t want a boyfriend okay okay my bad you’re not my type or I just don’t want to be with you or I I don’t I don’t see it there’s so many guys that like I was interested in and like they were interested in me the only reason why they wanted to be with me was because I was pretty or they wanted to say that they had a girlfriend or they want to try and get somebody else back or like they just want to show me off and be like well I got this or like they just want to be with me because of like how my body looks and like that are like they just want to get down there and it’s like that’s not what it’s about so I wouldn’t rather be alone for the rest of my life then had to do these with these negatives because I don’t have time for their bullcrap and I don’t have time to be mistreated or disrespected and that’s period God will eventually gives me the guy that is meant for me and who’s gonna cherish me and love me and appreciate me inside and out but the guys that he’s throwing at me right now are not the one I just been through every a situation with almost every single guy the only guys that I have in my life that I love with all my heart are my best friends which is Jordi and then Keanu I have my father figure Nelson who was my little sister’s dad he’s the one who taught me how to be a daughter he’s one who showed me how a father should really be should really act towards their child just love and care for them and he literally treated me like I was his own and with all these men that I just said who are in my life right now they remind me that I am beautiful that I’m smart and I’m independent and I don’t need no nigga to do anything for me at all and that God is eventually going to bless somebody for me but as a little girl I had this mindset that if I ever do like have to like grow old alone by myself I wouldn’t have a problem with that because I’ve grown up learning how to love myself and not have to be in a relationship and we’re to complete myself so yeah that’s why I’m single but you guys probably will see me in a relationship for like another like a couple years or so and there’s something does happen then something happened now we’re going to be going on to the next category which is friends slash best friends what are the signs of having a real friend so I have a couple good friends that I freaking love and that I cherish I could have so many people in the past two years that it’s freaking crazy because I’ve been through so much with a lot of people and I’ve learned a lot about a lot of people so I just do like a lot of observing when it comes to people but I have three really good true friends that I’ve had since middle school they are my best friends Joslyn DAWs Lee and loose these are my beautiful best friends that I’ve been with since middle school bong all the way up into college and I love them so much they’ve been there for me through every single thing it’s not all about like the presents the gifts and this and that I thought it’s mostly about the quality time that you guys have with one another and that’s the best thing that I could say I love all the memories I have with all these close friends they always been there for me and they still stuck by me even through all my bullcrap and I just love them and I think God for blessing me with them so yeah then I had my best friend Geordi like I said he’s been here for me since high school and I think God so much of putting him in my life as well because he taught me a lot and he’s also been my number one friend since high school like any person that I met in high school he’s my number one friend and then I have my two other friends they’re my wives yalitza and Nikki and I love them so much I finally got close to them during senior year and I love the relationship that I have with these beautiful women like I love them so much then I have Jolene and immediately and finally start to get very close but we never met and we have been facetiming and texting each other almost every single day and she was in another state very far away from me but we still make it work so that’s why I know that I have my real friends because they’re always there for me they love me they care for me they are my most foolish friends that I ever know I had so many fake people and is just not it you know if you see anybody who’s fake in your life who act baking your legs trying to cut them out and they just Sena move on he feels he feels how to deal with fake friends oh my god I just cut them off like I block their numbers I block them from social media do I delete the memories probably a couple but I think the day I love looking back at my memories because I’m just like yeah like we really used to be close like I love the memories that we actually had to go because like it was good it was fun like you know those memories actually make me happy even though I probably don’t mess with the person anymore it’s just like I’m just happy to like have these memories and I’m having that God put them in my life at this time because they actually did help me look around this time but they’re only meant to be in my life at that time like not anymore so it’s kind of snip snip going clip is on to the next you know like I don’t care we bug you for like a couple weeks a couple months but you’ll get over it and you’ll end up meeting new and better people I’m telling you right now people who actually care about you people who are not big and who are gonna be real with you how I deal with fake people also have a conversation with them trying to have a conversation with them before any thing you know and like just tell them like there’s no bad blood or anything like that it’s just like you know like this that’s where the signs to having a fake friend the signs of having a fake friend is when it’s people talking about other people if they’re able to talk bad about other people that makes you think that they’re not gonna talk bad about you behind your back that’s when you’re just like okay red flag or like people who are not honest and like they lie all the time like what are you lying for are people who exclude you and things and you’re just like really okay like that’s how I know like if I have a big friend or not so watch out for all those red flags whatever is not this thing right with you and just like okay like yeah that person gotta go always observe I observe all the time like I don’t call every and anybody my friend either we observe them and I’m just like I have a scan I’m just like okay like yeah they’re not it also maintain good friendships so me my friends are in a long distance basically Jordi he’s in a navy so obviously he’s getting based in other cities other states maybe other countries so the way having me and Joey stay in contact with each other like we update each other on our lives about probably once a month or something like that and we just are like ash like facetiming each other like went snapchats like that when I do have the time so I go see him or anything that like I can probably like go back to Jersey like for holidays to did to him this is like that and maybe if the end of going to like another country or something I can save up my money and go to a trip there to go visit him with my other friends I just stay in contact with them I update them from time to time about what’s going on myself and do the same thing we FaceTime we do whatever and when I do come to visit I’ll try and make time for them if I can and if they can as well and we just try and make things work you feel me leave just make it work and I’m happy that they know that we don’t have to hang out 24/7 how to maintain a long-distance friendship how I maintain it is just by staying in contact with them that’s how I am 18 also if you are in a long-distance relationship with a significant other try and spend as much time with each other as possible whether it is through texts whether it is to facetiming whether it’s coming to visit one another I feel like that’s like mostly important I know that it’s really hard to do long-distance I tried it once and I’m not doing it again but if you guys aren’t in a long-distance relationship good for you keep going I hope things are going well you throw me like okay next category family how to deal with absent members well I’m an absent thing remember barely showed up to my family events it’s only because like I have a lot of stuff going on with my family like when it comes to me and like my logical father since I don’t mess with my biological father it’s like I don’t come to the family events my logical father was in jail yes I will go to family events I’m like okay like I know he’s not gonna be there he’s not gonna try and talk to me he’s off on trying to dissonant bah blah so like I’m really I who still goes to my family but then like when I go to my family events and they try and pop up my logical father I’m just saying look I don’t have time for it I don’t want to talk about it like can we not you know like and I just distance myself because I don’t want to be a part of drama I don’t have time to be in a negative energy and I don’t want to start acting crazy because that’s what happens I search I crazy because I just don’t have time to be listening to their bullcrap because it’s bull crap because I know your brother your uncle your cousin who is my possible father because he’s not doing his job okay okay and I’m not gonna do well bull crap right right but how I do what absolutely a member is is just like if I can try and make time with them or anyhow like for example if I haven’t seen like my great aunt in a couple of months I’m like okay let me help my great aunt like only they can go out to dinner or something like that we can go watch the movie like try and take time out for your family and if you have like very very close cousins like you want to spend time with them like that just deep like just hit them up and just be like come on let’s hang out let’s go do something go to six flats or go out eat or go to New York like who knows just do something it’s never hurt to like ax I feel like or try how to deal with family members that act like you’re not a part of the family I’ve been going to this for like a very long time when I was actually like little and that’s why I don’t have a really good relationship with my family from my father’s side but I like as I got older it started to get a little bit better and it’s hard like it’s really hard sometimes I just ignored don’t pop up the family events or just do like I just be on my own like I think it’s better I would rather be at home laying in my bed watching freaking Netflix then go into the family event and it’s just it’s negative energy like I just I don’t have time for things that I do love my family and I do cherish them I do talk with them from time to time I do try and do them from ten-time as well there’s nothing that I have against my family or anything like that is just their family member who is my Belgica father though I don’t want to mess around with there you go and I feel like just don’t pay no mind because I think the day you don’t have to be blood in order to the family I have family who’s not blood and I have a better relationship with people who are not blood to me than people who actually like really are and I feel like any person can be family you know just don’t have to base it off of blood how to deal with family drama I don’t deal with it period okay I just ignore it I’m always put in family drama because of me my political father but if it’s anything drama that doesn’t have to do with me I just exclude myself and like don’t put me part of it like I don’t have time for drama drama it’s not really eating so and don’t try and put yourself apart family drama just mind your business and keep it going why are there people who don’t have a good connection with their fellow members I feel like it’s because of situations that has to deal with the stuff that I feel like it has to do with situations that happened in the past like there are so many families that have so many secrets that a lot of people really don’t know and just saying I never knew that about that like I never knew that about that family like wow that’s crazy there are a lot of families that have a lot of theme members who are like really crazy that they can be perverse they can be freaking rapists like they you like crazy psycho and it’s like wow like Berlocq and there’s a lot of stuff that like happens interesting well we have people who are infinite aren’t like kidnappers and do also they’re actually crazy stuff that’s not okay like and that’s why I feel like there’s a lot of things that just don’t get along because of situations like that or like really personal things that happened in the past to the next category siblings how to communicate effectively with your sibling I feel like all siblings obviously fight who’s gonna try I feel like also ins fight but those are a few siblings that really do like get along I try to see things that we are similar in and then things that like we’re not like really compatible with and I try to do things like with my siblings that I know that like will help our relationship and not like bring our relationship down so I will try to spend as much time as I can with my siblings and I’ll try to talk with them and try to be honest with them as much as possible and since I’m the oldest I try to educate my siblings a lot and that’s where like we mostly connect based off of the situations that we’ve been to like with our family with ourselves and with others how to maintain your bond with your sibling yes by like going out and do things whether it’s taking your sibling out to the park or taking them out to go get something to eat taking them to like an amusement park or something like quality time it’s really important when it comes to all type of relationships and I feel like that’s what people should really stick on which is quality time now on to the next category and is also the last category which is parents why are there so many parents who don’t want to do or take care of the responsibility for example I’m going through the situation my bollocky father don’t know how to take care of his responsibilities which is me myself and I anything that he always goes back from for the job so he’s not able to take care of me but when he is out there are times where he does have the time and the ability to take care of me and he just doesn’t do it and it’s just like now you see why I’m not gonna fight so I have a relationship with you so it’s like there’s no point and the reason why parents don’t take care of its possibilities is because they’re probably not meant to be a parent they probably not ready to be a parent and it’s just like they don’t care and their parents who actually do take care of the responsibilities I think you guys so much also to the step parents the godparents to the father figures the mother figures you guys are doing amazing keep up the good work and love and cherish your kids please please love and cherish your kids and if you have somebody in your life if you’re a person and you don’t have your father or your mother in your life don’t worry I think it’s gonna be okay like you always have somebody else that you look up to that is like a father or a mom so you’ll be fine and if you ever like need any help and you do believe in God look up to him as he’s your parent or something because he can help you and guide you in the right directions sometimes and he might lead you into bad bad very bad situations but they actually help you and in teaching things that’s what I always remember why parents don’t believe their kids I think parents don’t believe their kids it’s because they don’t want to believe like oh my god that happened to my child that person did I to my child or like I can’t believe like that happened or like this happened but the things that parents have to understand that if you don’t sit down and have a communication well right now I’m editing and once again I can’t speak much but I was trying to say parents need to sit down have a conversation with their kids so yeah let her speak communication with your child you’re not going to have a good relationship with your child at all this is why we have a very high percentage of kids around my age or younger who are actually committing suicide because it mostly had to do with their parents like not accepting them for who they are or having to deal with the situation that they’re going through that the parents probably not believing them and it’s like don’t you want your child to be okay don’t you want to believe like what’s your Travis telling you for example if you have a little little daughter saying something out of the ordinary you better believe her because how does she know that you gave me like you have to pay them to all the little things are actually happening like with your kids your kids are probably not gonna tell you any and everything but if it’s really important to them they’re gonna talk to you about it so don’t like push it to the side everything okay like oh whatever because some people some parents take their child as a joke like oh like they’re just playing innocent no sometimes your kid is actually serious and you sit down and have a conversation with them there are a lot of parents who are actually like really different when it comes like certain race and it’s it’s crazy like there’s like when it comes to like I play when it comes to african-american parent and like it’s your child like oh I’m depressed or like I’m suicidal or dissonant they’re like oh you’re white no it happens with every single race and this is not towards like any white people or anything like that or whatever like I’m not racist at all like with my race that’s what it’s sometimes they come down to and it’s like it’s not that you can be suicidal you can be freaking blue purple green dragon whatever you want freakin call it like it doesn’t matter like people go through things whether you’re depressed either you’re sad whether you’re just you’re just gone through it and it’s it’s crazy and sometimes most of these situations that happen with kids mostly come from their parents because also you have to remember that your parents were also raised differently from you and if they came from other people who were raised different too so every time that stuff get passed down to like the next generation it’s like the parents had to adapt like what’s going on in the next generations and see like what’s happening or whatever that’s why I feel like some parents don’t believe it and also they’re like well if you did this and not and Baba like my parent it doesn’t matter what your parents or whatever like grandparents are not important at this stage at this in this conversation because it’s only between a and B is not between B and C whether they’re not here anymore whether they are still here like doesn’t have to do anything with them because basically how you’re raising me basically your parents didn’t raise me you’re raising me you get me so it’s like you have to and that’s why I think is so hard for kids to communicate with their parents because sometimes their parents just don’t believe them or it’s just like are you kidding me but if you actually are going through something and you know that you probably can’t tell your parent tell somebody else like talk to your friend who actually really will believe and who wants to help you talk with talk with your teacher or talk with your guidance counselor talk with an older adult that you probably never known before or somebody that you really do know and it really probably would help you you know if your parents are not gonna help you because I think the day you don’t want to end up leading into like a bad path that rolled to a point where you might end up doing something to harm yourself why don’t parents accept you for your individuality there are a lot of parents that don’t accept their kids for who they really are for example a lot of people now who are gay who are a lesbian who are transgender and I accept you guys for anything anything whoever you want to become what you want to be it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy I thought that’s all that matters and I feel like parents are just like oh well back then it doesn’t matter about back then like it’s about what’s happening now if I want to be caught he I want you to call me he I don’t want you to call me she or she he I wish you’d call me he cuz that’s what I want to be called or I want you to accept me for who I am I want you to love me for who I am I thought as long as your child is happy that’s all that matters do not judge your child for anything and I flicked the highest percentage of people who are committing suicide are people who are I don’t know why I couldn’t say this right best the LGBTQ community I don’t know why I couldn’t say right so do not roast me in the comments but I really couldn’t get it like it wasn’t coming up my mouth I think the actual highest percentage of people who are actually committing suicide are the people who are trying to be themselves and it’s really hard for them to do that because they already have people out there in the world who are against it and who are judging them they don’t want to come back home to their family judging them like that’s that’s is even horrible like nobody wants to go through that like and I have a sister who is gay and me and my family already knew that she was gonna be Gary’s and she was little and me and my mom and my family we learned to accept that because we knew that that was going to make her happy we knew that as long as she was happy that’s all that matters and then also my grandparents learned to accept her as well like we all accepted her for who she is because we know that that’s what makes her happy and that’s that’s her you get me so I’d like that’s all that matters and but my great-grandma will probably say like Oh back in my generation like that wouldn’t happen like we wouldn’t be much like let that happen but as long as my granddaughter is happy that’s all that matters get me and it’s just parents learning how to adapt to the newer generations also that has to do with the grandparents as well how to have a stable relationship with your parents try to communicate with your parents as much as possible quality time is very important as well and if you don’t have a parent look for somebody who is a parent figure to you I feel like what’s really important and what really helps with your connection with your parents is quality time like for example like if you’re always working and if you’re always studying it’s like that and when you do have some time off like okay like let me go do something with my mom let me go trying to send with my dad like quality time is really important what is it like for you to have a parent figure in your life so I have a father figure I have a stepdad and I have a godfather and they are amazing at their job and I think them so much for being in my life and if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t be the person Diane today and I love any person that has ever step foot in my life and taught me a lot but the number-one person in my life who taught me a lot and who really was like a parent figure to me was my stepdad Nelson and I just think him so much for just show me how to the daughter and him teaching me how a father really should be and how a father really should act towards their child and I’m basically the one who helped him become a guy and that’s why he’s amazing to his children that he has now and it’s beautiful so those are all the questions I hope you guys like this video I’m sorry if it’s too long but I want to give you guys as much information as possible all these questions that you guys actually asked me most of it also has to relate to myself and everything that actually been through in my life as well so just know that you’re not alone like I’m here with you like we’re in this together I don’t understand what you guys are coming from and also over things that I probably haven’t been a part of I will put myself in that situation to see like how I would be able to handle that situation I hope that this video helped you guys make sure you like comment share subscribe having back with more videos [Music]


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