Bear Fam!! Today’s video is all about couples advice! I went on Instagram and asked you all to send over some questions you had about relationships and Ozzie and I spilled some TRUTH every young couple needs to hear! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and as always…love you all! #RelationshipAdvice #CouplesAdvice


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hey guys welcome back to my channel it’sme Brittany bear make up your sinabi artchannel because I’ve been here for thelast three videos I feel and we’reactually thinking about making a couplechannels so that is in the talks as welland we will keep you posted if we do doit but a perfect that guys let’s getdown to the subject of today’s videotoday’s video is gonna be about coupleadvice I had the idea cuz I love givingadvice and I thought it’s about to be anew year soon like I want to be over I’mdefinitely I want to be Oprah so youknow I asked her best questions onInstagram you guys sent me some reallygood questions and today we’re gonna doour best to answer them and give youguys some relationship advicewe do that like I’d have to do is hitthat subscribe button turn those clothescertifications and alright guys so we’regoing to go ahead and start with thefirst question and I brought Ozzy alongfor this video because I think it’s coolto get a guy’s perspective as well asthe Ross perspective you may not alwaysagree on things and that’s what arelationship is about true though sowe’re gonna start off with the first oneand that one wants to know what are somethings you and Ozzy have done tomaintain your relationship for manyyears so a quick little backstory justreally quick we’ve been together foreight years we met when we were abouteighteen nineteen and we have dated eversince never once broken up eight yearsgoes by so fast especially when yourrelationship it really does what I knowthat we do to maintain a relationship isthat me and Ozzy like going on dates andwe like to experience things and if youlike that’s really important in arelationship to never stop datingbecause it becomes really easy to getused to becoming in habit yeah well wegotta switch it up I feel like that’swhat kept those like you know going thatwe haven’t just done the same thingsover and over and over and over and overbecause it just gets repetitive it getsboring obviously we don’t get sick ofeach other but yeah you want toexperiment new things with yoursignificant other all the timehonestly I feel like the number onething that I would say is that we neverstopped dating we continue to try tocreate new experiences together go ondates get out there and just have ustime and that’s super super importantbecause a lot of couples forget that andI feel like that has what has made ourrelationship lasts for so many yearsnext question how do I tell a guy I wantto be with him he is so sweet andperfect why don’t you start this onedidn’t oh okay like how would you want agirl to be one of you from a guy’sperspective I feel like a guy knows whenthe girl wants to be with you obviouslyshe starts flirting she starts comingaround more often yeah you can’t reallytell the guy you want to be winner Iguess you could but if you want to scarethem off you go ahead and do thatI personally if a guy’s into you youmight want to stick around bqc be reallyyou know eventually take some moreserious but like a guy okay guy me Iknow when a girl wants to be with me andif I really want to be with her then Iwith you know gosh he’s got chicks onthis side I feel like as a girl’sperspective I can get what he’s sayingand I think it’s really important toknow that like if you don’t enforce ityou don’t want to force the guy than theguy might have bad intentions that isvery true never force it I feel like ifa guy’s into you you will know it’skinda like one of those things like whenyou know you know it sounds so stupidand we share this quote all the time butit’s honestly that simple I think justlike Ozzy said stick around him keepbeing amazing and your baby since youwill obviously make the first move andhey we’re excited to see where it goesgirls yeahgood luck to you I know that’s you girlall right guys this is a really good oneis that boyfriend doesn’t have similarend goals as me such as marriage kidsand etc what do I do this is honestly areally good question and Oprah’s gonnatake it awayI honestly think one of the mostimportant things to have a significantother is to be on the same page we livein a generation where it is so importantthat you guys see eye to eye on certainthings especially marriage and kids likethose are deal-breakers in relationshipI know for a fact if I didn’t want kidsand Ozzie wanted kids that would be aconflict later on in our life and thatcould definitely be a deal-breaker orwhy we can end up in a divorced orbroken up so I think it’s so importantto just be straight up and honest whensomeone loves you and is meant to bethey are gonna be the right person foryou and you guys are gonna both have thesame visions of your future I know meand as you talk about this all the timeone thing that we love is that we’reboth very family-oriented we both havethe same religion we both want kidseventually we both have the same angleand I think that’s what creates such animportant incredible relationship for usbecause we both see eye to eye to thatkey positive girl you got this andthere’s someone out there for you allright guys the next question should bothbe best friends first and then gettingtwo really uglyor the other way around I think withthat like should you be but there’s norules to that like I know what’s yourtake on me so my take on that is thatover the years Ozzy has become my bestfriend I obviously when we first gottogether we did we dated for like amonth and then I asked her to be my girlwe went on like four dates and thenOzzie asked me to be a girlfriend couldyou have seen my baby for like sevenmonths becoming best friends I think itdepends on the circumstances you’re inlike if you have a best friend and youguys are both attracted to each otherand you find them to be an incredibleperson then yeah you can start arelationship I just feel like we’ve beentogether for eight years and I feel likeI’ve known her throughout the years likemore and more and more that she’s becomemy best friendyeah because I know so much of her thatbut he knows the best friend you knowthe good in the bad the aims and outs ofyour significant other so it’s likeyeah we got into a relationship firstbut then she became my best friendbecause I knew her as a whole he knowsall of you guys as you saw in the lastmicroscope video I love being outside Ihighly recommend this finding someonethat you could see at least being yourbest friend because having thatrelationship like he has my back I ofhis back that’s really important for asuccessful relationship so that isimportant and I would definitely lookfor someone that you can see that withso hopefully that answers the questionall right this is a really good one howdo you deal with someone who does thingsthat they wouldn’t want you to do so foran example I’m assuming like you have aboyfriend who says you can’t go out buthe’s at the club guys telling to go whatnot to do and she’s not listeningexactly seems like there’s some conflictgoing on well there’s conflict in arelationship is the way I’m seeing is itdepends it depends on how serious thesituation is like if he wants to go outwith his friends just to have I don’tknow game night let’s just say no simpleinnocent stuff yeah that’s fine youcan’t hold a guy or a girl hostage youknow have them right by your side at alltimesthat someone that’s like being too needyyeah you really can’t do it you’re gonnaannoy someone eventually yeah I thinkthat how do you deal with that is I meanit’s hard because here’s one thing thatI think is really important this is likesome serious advice for you guys youshould never have to change someone ortell them what you think they should dobecause then that’s me trying to takecontrol of the situation and change whohe is as a person and how he wants todeal with the situation so when it comesto that like when someone is beingone-sided you kind of have to let themrealize that that’s what they’re doingbecause you stepping in and telling themthat they should treat you a certain wayis you trying to change who they are andif you’re trying to do that then girljust got out of the relationship it’s atthe end of the day it’s like you can’tyeah you shouldn’t have to change yoursignificant other it should just besomething that he wants to do on his ownor something that just comes natural -all right enough of that next questiongood luck to you yes next question guyscan access be friends okay why don’t youanswer this okay you guys so this is agood question you know it’s really funnyis when me and Ozzie first starteddating he swore that he could rapemaintain a friendship with a previousrelationship that he had and I rememberOh God can I tell him the story aboutthe pictures no it’s fine you don’t needto give details but look it goes back tothe same question I mean that’s it hehad a last question I was being likeone-sided I was seeing things on myperspective like oh I’m not gonna bedoing anything Shady so like you don’tworry you know yeah but I wasn’t seeingit from her like you know so I decided Iwould fumeyou guys I’m a barracks I was like hairtrying to change me but then I realizeyes Timmy it’s just really hard ifyou’re in a relationship with someoneyou obviously have a connection withthem and I’m not saying that you can’tever like later on in the future respectthem and say hey I wish you well but Ithink there’s always something thereit’s like a piece of you that you haveyou know like that’s maybe a childhoodmemory the he remembers growing up inhigh school he had a girlfriend that’swhat he resonates with that time in hislife so for me it’s really hard to saylike oh yeah if you friends withso-and-so and then still you know be ina relationship so I think you reallyhave to understand that there areboundaries and that you can respect youknow your past relationships but I meanbeing friends and like talking all thetime like that’s just kind of weird andthat’s just my opinion and I think Idon’t think you should I mean like ifyou were like texting the person all thetime or like Amy now next question guysand I’d like to you alright nextquestion is how do you stay in love withyour partner how do you think reallythat’s kind of like like the firstquestion you’re just gonna keep therelationship goingspice it up every so often hold on so itdoesn’t get so boring next questionthere I just answer a question and whatdo we say good ideaso the next question is how to getthrough rough patches in a relationshipso that’s a really good question becauseI feel like every relationship obviouslyhas rough patches for sure me and Ossiehave definitely had our fair share ofrough patches because we’ve beentogether for eight years so let me tellyou there were quite a few years agoalone we wanted to kill each other in acouple years where we were super in lovebut obviously that is a relationship toanswer a question about rough patches Ithink what we had to learn to do andthis was our biggest struggle and thisis why we had rough patches wascommunicationlike communication is so importantletting their significant other know howyou feel in that situation and you knowif he’s doing something wrong if youfeel a certain way if you’re doingsomething wrong like communication isjust so important and that is somethingwe definitely learned throughout theyears I don’t know if you want to sayanything I mean the only thing I canthink of is I mean I learned this thehard way I mean we would get intoarguments and fights all the time andthen my way of doing things was justignore her so good again a fight and Iwould just ignore her for like threedays like that would be like don’t textme don’t call me don’t be around me Idon’t want to see you just leave mealone I just like to be aloneguys I’m sure everyone can relate a loteven want to be alone when they’re inthe back I mean I dunno I feel like likeI said it what was that getting me threedays I’m not talking to her what was Igonna get me it was gonna give meabsolutely nowhere so I feel like Ilearned after a couple arguments fightyou in there that it was just betterjust to talk it out get it over with andjust continue I mean what are you gonnado well I’m so glad we learned somethingtoday baby yeah so I would highlyrecommend working on that communicationgirl and uh girl next question guys allright so the next question is looks atboth X’s in studs although you have astrong relationship and says it’snothing what is your girl honestly thatis not normal I mean here’s the thingI’m not saying us not normal because Iwould be a liar to say that I’ve nevergotten curious what someone’s up to I’llbe honest I think we all do a little bityeah we are grouping so that’s fine butI think for you to catch them or for itto be like a regular thing and then forhim to try these effects and then it’slike okay I get it maybe one time inyour life you’re just curious you wantto know like hey did they become alawyer like they said they would or theystill you know pickingfairy dust off the ground you just wantto know so I mean that isn’t weird butif it’s like happening often that’s whatit gets a little bit is consistent likeif I get I’m just saying if I were toget caught get caught once gonna be likeokayI can stop doing it even though he’ssaying it’s nothing which okay I believeyou it’s nothing if he keeps doing itover and over and over again and I’vebeen sketchy about it like having to doit behind her back then okay bro whatare you doing manyeah if it’s one time just let it slideyou’re not gonna ruin a relationshipover someone’s getting curious but ifit’s something that happens over andover and over again and let’s just sayit’s not an ex maybe it’s like othergirlsthen I would HIGHLY you know use yourintuition how do you deal with apossessive relationship you only have tosay anythingyeah yes yes we don’t have to say oh wewon’t have to say anything honesty keepit short and simple good luck to you butthat’s not gonna work bottom line it’snot gonna work that is true why wouldn’tit work why why wouldn’t you I would youwant to be someone I would you want tobe someone’s slave like that is just notfun at all yeah I want to do this I wantto go here okay no you can’t no youcan’t so good luck to that person tryingto change that other person like there’sjust certain people that like being incontrol of situation there are certainthings in you that I can’t change and Iknow that for a fact[Music]necessary things that you can’t changeabout me be possessive it’s like you’rethe trait honestly ugly trade like Iwould hate a guy to tell me you can’twear this or you can’t go there or youcan’t do this like I feel like that isjust not a really that’s just like hesaid it’s like you’ve been a slave andyou being held hostage because youshould be able to express yourself andbe who you want to be just because youget in a relationship with someonedoesn’t mean they can control you theybelong to you yeah no yes you guys aretogether as a couple but not to peoplewell just real quick guys just about mybesties advice your significant othershould be a part of your world theyshould never be your whole worldokay so just fromwhere did you steal that quote fromnowhere I made that up I say that allthe timeOzzie is a piece of my life but he isnot my whole life I have family I have acareer I have other things going on andthe good thing is that I protect and Ilove and I hold and cherish but when youhave someone possessive they try to holdyou captive and every part of your lifethey try to control and that’s why it’sso important that you get out of thatwhere you realize it early on so withthat being said last question guys Ireally like toxic relationships how doyou deal with them how do you deal withitas relationship mm-hmmback when greenie was an alcoholic thisis literally okay so what is toxic it’strash right you just asked how to dealwith a toxic relationship so it’s kindof common sense and this is how I alwayssay it is that we complicate things withpeople and we make things so much morecomplicatedwe are literally saying how do we getrid of trash you dump the trash out andyou move on with your life and youbecome the best damn person you can beand you pick up something else that isnot trash I’m gonna quote yeah it’s whatis it it’s easier to let go and to holdon sometimes hurts more to let go no Iheard last night to let go then to holdonI honestly there’s a lot of people toforce relationships and they miss out ona lot of their life and they regret itlater on Mike Ranney said it top thetrash dump the trash I’ll move on goodluck to all of you guys we’re not sayingour relationship is perfect over therewe I hate I think seeing those couplesact like they’re so perfect like oh mygod each other oh my god we love youcome on now let’s get real yes we’re inlove we love each other we would expecteach other we know each other 100% butcome on not everything is perfect and weall know this like we’re not perfect atall and we know our bones are blindit’s our perception but that does notmeanthis is the only way of thinking and wehope that you guys found today’s videointeresting we had so much fun answeringquestions it was actually really cooland chill so thank you guys so much forsending those in I love you so muchbefore we go guys I want to give a shoutout to shout out to you guys thank youso much for having your polecertifications on it thank you for beinga part of my bear family don’t forget tosubscribe to my channel more videoscoming turn on your post notificationsand me and Ozzy we’ll see you in anothervideo in the near future bye guysbye guys


    Esta Jerry

    (11/09/2019 - 3:16 am)

    I’ve been with my husband for 14 years. 14 years later God has blessed us 3 crazy/beautiful girls. Communication, trust and alone time for us does gives us a stronger bond. I wish everyone a healthy and happy relationship!! This is a good video!!

    Millard Dominica

    (11/09/2019 - 3:16 am)

    Where’s your sweater from? It’s so cute, getting me excited for Fall and all

    Jeremy Cyrilla

    (11/09/2019 - 3:17 am)


    Amyas Read

    (11/09/2019 - 3:18 am)

    I’ve had many toxic relationships and I realized that those ppl that I was with weren’t going to work with me to better our situation. In the end I had to move on and thankfully I made the right move because it led to the person I am supposed to be with. Sometimes you just gotta move on ladies. Anyway, you two are adorable and I love how much you love eachother!!!! I hope you have a happily ever after

    Darien Rylie

    (11/09/2019 - 3:18 am)

    I love your strength and it makes you even more beautiful ❤️

    Millard Faron

    (11/09/2019 - 3:19 am)

    I love you two so much together! Relationships are so hard, been in one for 6 now and I totally see us in you guys! Hahaha love it!!!! Relationship channel please and thank you!!!

    Webster Dominica

    (11/09/2019 - 3:20 am)

    You guys are so cute together. One day I’ll have a great relationship with my future partner. Thanks for the advice

    Darien Franklin

    (11/09/2019 - 3:21 am)

    Yessss make a couple channel you guys are so cute ❤️

    Jon Toby

    (11/09/2019 - 3:22 am)

    Yayy love u guys can’t wait for the couple channel so excited love yalls advice this is so awesome love y’all

    Darien Brody

    (11/09/2019 - 3:23 am)

    Love how genuine and real you guys are you definitely need to make a couples channel! Love u guys❤️

    Irving Cyrilla

    (11/09/2019 - 3:24 am)

    Omg!!! I love hearing about other people moving to fast lol me and my hubby have been together 12 years and we moved in together after 3 months of dating lol

    Millard Edmund

    (11/09/2019 - 3:25 am)

    God knows how much I needed this video going through the most rn

    Giselle Faron

    (11/09/2019 - 3:26 am)

    These GIFS have me dying lol!

    Jon Dominica

    (11/09/2019 - 3:27 am)

    Omg you picked my question lol and my bf was here while you were giving your opinion haha awkward

    Stacey Toby

    (11/09/2019 - 3:28 am)

    I love this you’re both so humble thank you for this kind advice ❤️

    Amyas Jerry

    (11/09/2019 - 3:29 am)

    Yaaas i love the idea of having 2 channels even more!!

    Rosaleen Tatum

    (11/09/2019 - 3:30 am)

    I would love a couples channel, y’all are so cute together!

    Rosaleen Franklin

    (11/09/2019 - 3:30 am)

    Is there gonna be a couples channel in the future? I hope so

    Esta Rylie

    (11/09/2019 - 3:31 am)

    Has Ozzie been on something else? He looks so familiar. I know I’ve seen him so many times on here but I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere else as well.

    Jeremy Everette

    (11/09/2019 - 3:32 am)

    Love how honest you guys are such an amazing and beautiful couple but like you said it’s not perfect and that’s what makes it so beautiful!!❤❤

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