Relationship Advice for Empaths

Romantic relationship and sex can be extremely difficult for an empath to navigate. When we pick up on everything going on within the other person, including their intentions, we can fell a little crazy. Are you an empath in-love and having difficulties with your romantic relationship and sex? You aren’t alone.

The great news is that relationships and sex can be more ecstatic, transcendent, healing, transformative, blissful and connected than what most people experience. It just requires some education and practice.

Here’s a little relationship advice for empaths and highly sensitive people. A little dating advice for empaths and highly sensitive people.

In this clip from The Relationship Coach Podcast with Intuitive – Candice Thomas and The Relationship Coach – Devon Loomis, we explore romantic relationship advice for empaths. Love advice for empaths.

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About Candice:
I show high performance entrepreneurs, professional artists, and leaders who feel called to make a significant impact in the world how to answer their calling and achieve their goals in an accelerated timeframe.

My clients have a proven track record of making an impact in the lives of their clients, fans, partners, and community and yet seemingly get stuck in the same-o patterns that hold them back from getting consistent income, opportunities, or the greater exposure they need to do the work they feel called to do.

By the time they get to me they have spent thousands of dollars and even more hours on different programs, coaches, therapy, and healing modalities ranging from psychic readings to energy healing and yet they can’t break free of the invisible barrier between them and the success they intuitively feel is coming.

I teach clients how to understand and use their intuition to 1) find and eliminates the barriers holding them back and 2) get direct intuitive insights about what to do next in their work. This has resulted in my clients having significant breakthroughs in their business and career. I call it results-based woo-woo.

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