Relationship Advice From a Shaman // ++ You Can Never Lose the Twin Flame Relationship

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] hi Markham Andy I’m Graham Clark and I have some great relationship advice for anybody who’s about to get married what it is is when you send out the invitations for your wedding on most of them you put formal dress but then on a couple of them you put Jedi fee that way you have one angry Yoda showing up at your wedding and there you go that’s my advice for anybody who’s about to get hitched relationship advice it’s interesting to go to a comic port but I can understand we have such stable relationships why not ask us I’d say the most important thing in any relationship is loving yourself not physically mind you but in a spiritual sense really really appreciating what you have to offer I think that’s the way to go people open it up and let others join inside thanks for watching the mark and mandy’s show like our video by clicking below and subscribe to our YouTube channel [Music]

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