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I don’t happy but it does keep a shelf ski but y’all not think I can do everything matter of fact I can do everything and today my new job to show you all is that I am a mixologist so total – and to help me we got joy a more really nobility we’re gonna be mixing some drinks now hold on it’s not gonna be like regular bar stuff we’re doing like it’s mixology has its finest and it’s a high-grade with relationship advice I think that’s what’s going on here today yeah so that’s that was it we’re gonna mix some drinks so we’re gonna make some feelings and we’re gonna have some conversation at the same time – Phyllis – we might cuz drinks will put you getting your feelings we just might as well bring the feeling before we get to the dream or if you already eat your feelings what do you do with your drink you drink some more why should anybody take relationship advice from you relationship advice I know that I give honestly the best relationship advice because I’ve been in many relations ok notified in said relationships I’ve been in relationships many time there they are now I’m in a relationship therefore I’m able to answer questions from all around the room and today I brought someone that’s in a relationship I am how long have you been in a relationship you know what first of all I’m not gonna pretend like I know how to open this well because I don’t fucking I open it three different ways you tell each other my friends why your how long you’ve been in a relationship I have been in a relationship for I would honestly say all in all cuz relationships are not just like how long have you did with this person how long you been dating how long did you put in the groundwork how long were the DI was taking place how long were y’all friends I would say overall it’s probably been like for years if you just look at all of it but I think what makes me qualified it that I love love I love love – Jorge – what’s your anniversary autumn all the time – I got back together yeah you know there’s nothing about like the specifics it’s about like this was a good day we should just hold on to this day this was this was a good day solid things we’re good good day but we got a new anniversary day I don’t even think I do anniversaries I think like I like holidays so like Valentine’s Day is a really big deal so felt under I’d oh I love that kind of thing I could be if she’d care about it what do you think would even say she does you go celebrate yeah oh god you go by again – a by a bear no think you should do something so cliche I feel like every day should be Valentine’s Day – what’s miss do you feel like if you’re in a relationship you have to do Christmas a little bit different for the person you’re actually in the relationship with I feel like maybe I ain’t no kid you’ll need no gift you’re nothing and I love Christmas so I thought if you’re not a kid you only use I feel like Christmas everything costs to myself frugal talk about me being frugal another day but anyways if you’re and guess what I’m smart adapt its own conduct Christian will you help me work [Music] don’t break my name don’t break your my fucking up there it is there it is there it is I got it best on my views are critical to their apparel apparently I think a little difference enough you might need to do a whole video in December of our holiday cheer and Jonica Scrooge because back to that love said we are talking about Chris I’m gonna mix our first drink it’s gonna be called I don’t know what it’s gonna be called but it’s gonna be mixed with love for starters and in a holiday reindeer cut Rudolph’s finest we’re gonna call this first drink the mistletoe I think the mistletoe is a big deal because it’s a holiday kiss it’s an intentional kiss that can happen with a stranger I loved one someone you don’t wanna kiss someone you do want to kiss okay kiss with God know him come on kiss me make me have me kissing apart Oh okay so that’s good we’re gonna drop it in there all right that’s enough if that’s enough you’re right that’s enough like for me personally I don’t kiss somebody unless we are seriously dating because I think that kissing is extremely intimate kissing me a lot yeah I’m glad it’s real in there yeah because that’s us people just beyond kissing I’ve never been a cook I feel like I have a master to die yeah now it’s the dodge my dog’s a stranger kissing you you just meet it’s so now we’re calling this the mistletoe dive I like that because what do you do if you’re somewhere and you’re out and it’s a stranger and the mistletoe is here and then it’s like you don’t know people brush their teeth you don’t know where they’re not husband before did you have that I’m allergic to or maybe just a food I’m like I’m gonna do it but your tongue that do you and when you brush it to you really take the time to go ahead and lather it up because do you choke if you if you’ve never been brushing your tongue to the degree where your throws wait a minute then you know virtually you can do it and I’m not I don’t know that so I’m not kissing you let me just tell you that what’s that word pineapple because it’s fruity and I thought did you kissing you being off fruity and sweet because sweet we’ve got this is sweet okay mistletoe dodge it can’t drink that I’m this is my slope even though it’s the first thing I’m thinking it’s my favorite mistletoe dodge with a little sprinkle of kiss scent curse it and do you want to give us a little spice something crystal to put on the river work spices every one more thing we’re gonna spice the rim of the drink we’re going mix allergies finest most paprika it’s actually perfect cuz its spice mm-hmm you could take this with myself new spice okay I’m just gonna go in so normally when I mix my drinks sometimes once you got a with the room I don’t know what’s wrong with how we try it for real yeah oh my I should be good I’ll put just enough juice in there that should be good was it good it’s actually a little bit delicious I got three kids once I’m crazy see on the top it’s not bad listen to all right so go ahead and get you a visit oh look a little toad a dagger that’s it our relationship you reach a point where you become um women glue man I’m talking the women in this one you meet your point where you just become sexy and you know that they loved you you guys are actually having a good day mm-hmm and you want some sex in there but you but you don’t want to be a while you still want to be strong yeah that’s the guys that’s the glass yeah well first of all I would call this drink the little black dress look this drink is called a little black dress and I think that this drink is about what you do when the relationship isn’t going well so it’s no it’s not Warwick not going well so it’s not okay see I start off by saying you’re in love but you’re like no oh is that what you said yeah we’re gonna take that out because I’m gonna be really honest I got a cricket in my nose and I’m trying not to really distracted actually like you said I like a little bit like dress do you yes because it’s that means you can stand alone you can be class with you you want to go out by yourself yep you want to have a drink yep and and you looks like I don’t need a man I’m cool or a one-man band every year in yeah so what about you or both okay you feeling frisky let me tell you something I feel like the little black dress it’s healthy for getting through a troubled relationship and this particular movie cocktail has all kinds of item side of it that clean out your impurities so this is if you miss some impure stuff that has been you hon we just gonna go ahead and add a little bit of this that’s why when we put a little bit because everybody doesn’t need to know all your yeah we’re not talking about everything you don’t even know I’m hurt talk to me be here I’m not saying be silent talk to somebody yeah but don’t talk too much no one needs to know your information because why you’re going to take that person back and when you do everyone is going to judge them they stop with what you said and you still love them so don’t talk so much and you also don’t want to put the person you love in that position both now what would you add to that after you’ve talked to your friends while you’re still trying to feel empowered on your own one leg that’s where I’m going I’ll have to keep in mind joining this the little black dress nothing’s injury yet cranberry no no there’s definitely tequila in there no it’s not you want a bit yeah I want to bet that’s no tequila drink it drink it drink it not and that’s called when your partner is telling you that you said something that you’re acting like you didn’t say but you really did say it sometimes this is when you would say what you would admit what this is a good time to admit that someone went behind your back and put something in the car that’s what this is a good time to crystal do you have any little finishing touch that we can use to add to this well where was that for the last drink crystal honestly I think money goes and all along this okay so we’re going to be able to hold on to their honey does it go in today my favorite is per sec response that crystal got stuff Jasmine green tea Oh Krishna wants to put the Jasmine green tea in a little black dress so what I’m hearing on a little black sweat suit just experiment why not understand what you think ‘she in there everybody don’t need to know all of your teeth no because now this is TQ a the Infinity bag who takes it that’s a horrible decision allow people to speak to and give tea and dipped eat here it’s a horrible decision medicine house out for the outfit the unicorn yet I think we need a happy journey absolutely because not all relationships are toxic and crazy and we’re happy yep in love yep bubbles and flowers and shit you know what okay so speaking of bubbles let’s start with the bubble you can’t you can’t shake levels at night say coke I think every relationship starts at a point of love I don’t know where you’re gonna end up but I think most of the time it starts off with love the people tend to forget that speaking of that you deserve someone who makes you feel bubbly I think sometimes we’re so excited about someone just paying attention to us and is just looking your way but I think beyond that you deserve somebody can make sure insides feel like if we were to shake this up you want somebody to make you so thank you look a little shook up I’ll get a little yummy and bubbly you want this I wouldn’t open this cuz it’s not everybody’s thing to open and have you explode all over them there’s the boundaries to that everyone does not know have you exploded all over again no no that’s where another day and what exploding are we talking I meant in a lot of ways okay we always took Oh however you took it I know I like it I think so I think my cut is a little bit of like that yeah I think the queue is a little that but the Hennessy is like no no no no yeah and I think this is war to the days of everyone wanting you to be hard to get that’s really overt nobody likes that anymore sometimes someone just wants you to be a little sweet to them we will be lonely it will never kill you to just be a little sweet to somebody and sometimes you want to try but your party like if you love somebody it’s okay to do what they like sometimes but if I find out that you’ve been sweet to somebody else [Music] I’m sure this tastes much better now that’s a drink that’s a drink that’s like a drink yeah little sweetness quit kicking it made me happy that tastes like acting me that check my commitment it tastes like we took that there’s an engagement ring at the bottom you gotta pee what this is gonna be the fight injury fine I can drop five lucky drop like and drop hey there so stuff you can also eat it by itself oh just try it it’s Korean Korean like if this an angel I can smell no submit oh no spits no smell that smells and bad so we’re gonna start with this sometimes in your thought you see that you have no idea what’s going on you just go in with whatever feels good you just go with the flow you have no idea and you have that right this is what you just go in your thought i season yours trying it out alright this person out your triangle like a little bit I feel alright you know I don’t know do i do I like tall no I think I like short doesn’t know what I actually like I like I like my height no this is where you’re on a dating site I love just a little bit of all of it this is whatever you want to do and you’re excused in my book I just say of course do it safe we say but live right put a little dab of that in there please uh-huh Rock Paper Scissors shoot oh yeah am i counting bets out three K yeah Rock Paper Scissors shoot yeah yeah yeah okay I’m gonna be honest I don’t know the things like together just put it on my lip but I trusted in you but I actually do be playing taste it because it’s actually good it’s actually pretty good I look actually come it’s actually good actually you don’t owe anybody anything I don’t want to take this she didn’t have to take that you know what just like five season you never know what you’re gonna give but today I am pleasantly surprised hook it’s like lemony this ain’t right this is one who drinks this man listen this one let me get you in trouble you thought I could drop it and wake up pregnant and one night and what am i you could change it all yeah don’t this is a woman’s my baby daddy drew okay okay mixology up relationship has come to an end if you’re enjoying yourself like comment subscribe all that good stuff and make sure you check out joy to our joy you get your drink on let’s get five use all social media platforms at joy Erin Murray that’s really good J oh why is right here yeah our ID and crystal garden crystal crystal got you right there you know me I’m gonna be jackal blue booth and pain and itch that shit was good for real that’s gonna get max in Britain [Music]


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