Relationship Advice From the Men of Facebook Episode 103

Raw News No Fluff presents: Being Single in a Social Media World.

For me, being single and not wanting to be forever, it is very valuable to know the thoughts of men. Whether he be my man, someone else’s or no one else’s, his mind, his way of thinking, the way he moves through the world, is valuable. I asked a few men on facebook to give me relationship advice. Here are, in my opinion, the best advice received. Follow me on facebook ( to contribute your answers to future QUESTION TIME postings!!!

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The question asked: 1. Fellas- what advice would you give a woman about men? 2. Ladies- What advice have you gotten from a man that you felt was GOLDEN!

Those of you tagged, have been honorably mentioned! Fellas, you all just got an awesome chick married! Not me, but another. Somewhere.

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