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what’s up YouTube is the steam gang the gang with the ICS chain and we today we do a relationship advice I got mahogany Iceland I think she actually go on various cuz no okay I’ll go first and so we talk about relationship advice a guy who a girl or a girl a guy that’s are you oh my girl – a girl I saw you okay so um first things first I would always say like honestly if you’re in a relationship first of all start on the basis the basics of things like you should always if you’re gonna be in a relationship with somebody you should always start off as friends because because soon if you jump into things without knowing the history of the person it will turn into arguing like every day about absolutely nothing oh no no because I feel like that friendship over a because I feel like if you start up as friends like as a homie this is gonna be like well how do we get us get caught in the friendzone like like but if you do start as friends is there always a guarantee or not even a guarantee but is that even a possibility to get out of the friendzone that that’s what you started it yes oh no dough base off Muppet actually if your intentions are if you establish in the beginning let’s get to know each other first before we begin a relationship that’s already established officially if you’ve grown there’s nobody to tell you like I’m not ready for a relationship right now let me get myself together first and if you be grown about niggas be doing that for what niggas actually be doing that or is this just like what like yeah let’s just get to know each other right now I mean that would be the smart thing to do we usually get involved with somebody you’re right all right so row number two okay commitment row every relationship is every foundation of relationship is commitment if you have no commitment and you just a dirty dog what is the unity you commitment I feel like to me personally commitment is being able to manage your last number one number two not being overly friendly I cannot fuck with that overly friendly stuff and rule number three what’s yours is yours was mine is mine ain’t nobody else allotted touch you know that stuff that’s commitment to me but rule number one a lot of the things you said who was yours is yours what’s mine is mine do you mean what’s hers is yours yeah okay okay okay and what was that letter saying I forgot what I was about to say okay rule number three what is rule number three well that’s not you how did you just do I did too so you admit it right commitments to two so what’s the third your business is your business let me do not tell it to a besties right on this one Oh cousin cousins you don’t tell nobody because like at the end of the day no matter like what y’all go through there’s a strong possibility you’re going to get back together and everybody is going to judge you based off of what you told them it’s three sides to the story yo side his side and the truth okay so therefore always operate on the truth though if you operate on the truth nothing can go okay nine Sandberg you operate on the truth everything is gonna be sound you know you can have a girl at home they’re really fuckin with you and you know I’m sayin and nothing’s gonna go amiss you can have a guy at home just really down for you and also learn how to pick your niggas bro because you’re you’re young man yeah yeah young man bro because honestly y’all be setting ourselves up for failure choosing the right partner yeah number one just because okay so get out of the fact of dating the same type of person that’s probably why your relationship is not successful yo yeah like you don’t want to keep date in like these caught on quill what are you calling out Boudreaux it’s like you can’t you can’t go on Twitter and be like yo first of all complain yes not even that don’t go on sort of saying I need a nigga number one a nigga is going to do nigga shit period not one a nigga you want a young man there you go you know right so if you get a nigga you can’t be mad when you break your heart cuz that’s what niggas do exactly so you know so communication guys constraining communication like yeah I guess okay so communication that is one of the key factors of a relationship bro if you over here right is she over here and I’m over here and we not communicating we’re just destined to fail you know what I’m saying so nothing is gonna go right if there’s a lack of communication that has to be the priority of the relationship communication yo but wait you children with the faith to be good Maxo communication communication is key because if you cannot talk to each other or trust one another there is no relationship okay so communicate about the smallest thing like did you like what I did earlier did you like what I said earlier no did you like what I did earlier is there a problem with what happened like if or text you don’t like how a text was sent or say if you don’t know yo I have the biggest pipe yes do not have do not have big discussions over text like if it’s something that you really feel and have to talk about it should be always say face it everything should be face to face like texting is good but there’s been a lot of times in my past relationships this is my personal vice like I’ll read something and I’ll be like I’ll take that the complete wrong way if someone really intended it to be so yeah you really got to do these face to face conversations you know like that takes and stuff is for the barriers and if you really if you really about somebody you gonna see them regardless you know I’m saying you should not have to force anybody to come see you I wonder she should have to force nobody to do nothing there you go you if he is for you he will do it regardless of you know anything you don’t have to teach a young man how to treat you if that’s the young man for you for me yeah you don’t have to tell him to tell texture good morning you don’t have to tell him to tell you you’re beautiful so you have a persuasive that bitch no all right you are so faith bro just a last meal yeah let’s go me the last one this could be our last one babe having faith in your partner knowing that at the end of the day it’s a little bit different than loyalty you know at the end of the day that your partner is gonna be rockin with you regardless you know I’m saying having faith in that person is key not only to like the relationship but their goals as well right so you haven’t faith in your partner’s goals or abilities all right Sean yo it’s been a gay it’s been good YouTube has been around it’s the Steve gang the gang with the Isis change chief every I


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