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[Music] hey yo yo it’s late as late as the car and I’m back with another video as you guys can see my hair is this is my bro hey y’all and I just gotta cut a little bit like an hour ago and this video was just gonna be me chatting and like saying how I feel about this and I’m also a fool too so lianna’s here papa but yes as I can see I’m Bo Dianna and like I just I just I don’t like hottest light is making my head way so I just got a text message no no no I’m never making a face of again I was madly but today mu movie like like stringer unit I’m trying to open up my food right now I might see some Chinese food usually I don’t eat in my room but I didn’t feel like we’re cutting down stairs today cuz I was already in my room so yeah so I yeah like what you gotta say to them you’re not even in a video you wanna sound what’s was the topic kind of video what should we talk about should we talk about [Music] yo my looks is mad a she let me come as mad tark but this is what life is like well you don’t know what to record well you don’t have a topic for the video so this is just gonna be a what random random what let’s talk about just let’s talk about what we’re talking about mmm relationship advice before okay alright so right now I’m I mean in chicken I’m brought the Chinese restaurant but before I went to return her servant the first one that we usually goes to was closed and I’m like what Berlin yeah it was close I’m like never so what you want peaking express them well pick an express relationship um first my thing well not but this is gonna be relationship advice + how to maintain a healthy relationship is do’s and don’ts yeah so first things first in a relationship don’t talk about your ex don’t talk about your ex used to do it or not not it’s not even that don’t just don’t believe like oh my ex is to be like like why would you just do the same thing you don’t like I mean like if you tell them it’s different I don’t tell them like yo you know I really appreciate it if you not do that because my excuse is do anything fun way that’s different oh you acting just like yeah you comparing and nah don’t compare your or boyfriend don’t compare your color to your ex without mm-hmm don’t do that you can let’s dissect the do’s and don’ts so don’t compare them to your ex but you can like be like oh let you like let them know how you feel about what they doing what’s another thing what else don’t know known your girlfriend is gonna have a problem with it don’t do it if you want to do it in front of her don’t do it at all you don’t do that cuz that’s not known don’t do that cuz that’s not my stuff if you know if you know you’re good for now your boyfriend’s going through some kind of way about what should go and behind me back why would you do it in the first place on period that’s wrong and that’s what people be having me messed up now I’m lying Tomic no no no I’m just doing this with my hair’s is moving off hmm so I’m acting up uh-huh no more people stupid right anyways don’t do that what else you give one don’t converse with other people that started with you but did you do that he’s my week I took the time Mikasa I don’t even know fuck up on my hand a ponytail um I was saying hmm if you okay you can have friends of course but my thing like I don’t like one Tommy be having female friends because the females are like sneaky fema’s are sneaky I’m myself and I know their intentions like a female cub oh I’m gonna be a friendly to death but all reality she’s on stole my gram best for news that’s not like no baby you cannot you cannot if you are even if well sometimes they don’t be known but if the girls seem a little sauce if she be flirting with you on a low that’s not your friend bro where did you even took us out for you have a girlfriend pack it up pack it up pack it up now what would you say mom do then don’t oh and partying is not cheating no I’m popular penny and partying is not cheating because it’s like nothing well when it comes to me and Tommy Clegg I feel like I’m gonna go to a party I don’t care but where are you doing whatever you do but every day you texting me at nighttime say good night on the phone like you wanna follow me a nice song have your fun just don’t be too dumb like all of that face covering that means you shouldn’t beat it should not be partying while you cover your face cuz you had a party earlier Bros – you up but you like nobodies no place like now I don’t like that you go oh oh and I already know cuz somebody happy having stuff to say but yes how here’s one good I’m on way longer but I don’t care oh I got something on my head I’m bald but this is moving so it don’t matter okay kind of stiff though the moment not but I would say that what else would you say uh you got a lot to roam dragon ate your dragon oh you guys say stuff cuz you know how you be I’m gonna think right now well I don’t know no um I’m sorry here’s what I hate trying to do like mug bait not even a month but like what I’m trying to eat a record and never work so oh and about the French thing if you have like a female like that should be talking some stuff but that shouldn’t share man’s like let her know you got a girlfriend or she should know or like let your girlfriend that’s a girl for me surely you like me I like him know like I gotta know her but she got to know about me she got it known and don’t ever let her next female feel too comfortable but that’s not your girl if she ain’t your girl then she shouldn’t be comfortable calling you anytime Saturday any time for the night she should not be feeling too textu whenever she feel like it like no bro don’t know don’t toy you can have a mean you can have a best friend whatever but sure you gotta know how please like where’s that boundaries boundaries is important they got a no name please it’s nothing wrong with being friends with people that you need to know any place like and don’t do something that it’s just respectful to your relationship okay she just trying to steal your man still you’re a man but no baby it’s not that as a as a boyfriend you need to make sure that if you need to make sure you need to make sure that an ex girl is not comfortable enough to like you know like no don’t try to don’t try to let other people interfere and maintaining a stable relationship is communication is key so me going all day and what you do now brothers none of that it’s not that if we talk in and I text you something and you don’t check back so five hours later and I got a problem cuz what are you doing what are you doing the door thank you but yeah my father fake to me off because I was talking and I he came in to me but you know John – so don’t be childish sick either good boy guarantee he or she’s gonna find out yo communication is really key and it’s like you know some people is not really that great at expressing any feelings and stuff but when you talk about stuff this is out these are kids who maintain a healthy relationship if you talk about stuff the more you talk the better cuz it’s like you can’t expect cousin relationships the people’s gonna assume either way because it’s like if I don’t know if you’re not telling me what you expect me to think which works how you expect me to feel so that’s another thing I tell Tommy all the time like I know you hate talking but listen we gonna talk about it because I’m not I refuse to sit here and be worried or like stressed out over something I don’t know like the heck there’s always gonna be people who’s trying to break up that’s like there’s gonna be toast I’m food I break out cuz they want to be with them Oh facts facts go ahead go play there’s gonna be people to break up anywho haters a rule which out cuz they don’t got it yeah so you can’t let that affect John and if people is like oh my god I’m fixing you lion-o China put on your Palazzo whoever they’re gonna do that okay people don’t do that but you just like don’t believe it if you know exactly trust – ain’t no relationship without trust house without trust then you can be like oh do you know so but together Trust is key communication is key because know if somebody comes to lying or saying something about your boyfriend your girlfriend make sure you text him axalife throw wise people who sitting but don’t come off like I’m off like you’re easy yeah why why why she saying that’s me this about like when stuff like that happens to me I just took some like yo um what do I be some you said you like resizing really no no no no no I’d be lying brawls I can’t say what it was uh be cursin but I’d be like I was like um just people be calling me like one time y’all call me I’ll do it um block number and was saying oh he was in a car with some girl named Layla and next girl named Layla and now call them like Simon glass these people call me like stuff exactly like I’m like who what’s her name as you know she was like Oh her name is Layla alright let’s go exactly so um you can’t like get luck what other people say gets here like if y’all know which if you have know the vibe what everybody else feel does not matter that’s how I see you last time I always see it because at the end of the day me and Tommy close vibes we know sub so she’s like alright yeah saying which I say I’m but at the end of the day we talk about everything as we’re not even weird cuz it’s not weird but as unrealistic as it sounds we talk about literally anything and apologies are okay you it’s okay to apologize like and it’s okay to admit when you’re wrong because when you do that that bird is when you do not want met when you’re wrong you’ll feel a little better and it’ll make the other person feel better too cuz if you just straight up lying and not like they go yeah if you straight up lying and not even you know taking a count like taking accountability like so what she died like what’s your data like what you’ve done that’s a problem don’t let nobody come between y’all yes it’s kind of the same thing right it’s still another thing at the same time right I can’t have my best friend come between me and whoever like oh don’t give all tomatoes like Oh either me or me or such like my thing and it’s only me there is no side girl none of that the posters making noise at another day we if you want to be in a mothership you need to be mature if your child is your immature it ain’t gonna work okay period if you cannot if you cannot see stuff from my next person’s point of view it’s not gonna work you have to at least have some type of okay I understand what I did this but I’m gonna say something because it was wrong you have to be able to do that if you’re not able to point out the wrongs and make it right it won’t work though so make it right two wrongs don’t make a right so you can’t oh all that I like oh I’m gonna just get back at him i’ma just get back it’s not please me I’ll be going and break up if you really the love is real it’ll never fade but it’s up to y’all like you I can’t see and expect to like you have to grow with each other you I can’t sit there and like you know ignore each other or stop talking to each other whenever y’all tight like it won’t work I just have to be Lloyd well be loyal and if you can’t commit just don’t be in a relationship and then you’re not becoming it you can’t be in a relationship it’s okay to be taking breaks I didn’t know I don’t think bring some more cuz we’re going to break is it’s a possibility that the next person might do something that wouldn’t you if y’all were together and I mean you can’t be mad at me mad you could be mad okay depending on what it is you could be mad but you can’t like let that you know affect everything me I’m mad nonchalant something happened I F it it happened okay we’re gonna move past it talk about a moon casting and I said like we’re not gonna don’t dwell on the negative do not dwell on the negative when it comes to relationship because you will end up like you will end up crazy what you’re thinking about is the bad stuff in your relationship if you’re not happy it ain’t for you if the person the next person I’m making you happy if ya come no let them know when the whole time all she happy he happy that everything keep going on yeah but that’s really it for this video it was just a quick little one to Tommy just texted me so I got a text back and yes like comment subscribe telephone to tell a friend y’all gotta keep giving me suggestions follow me on instagram at its little dakari underscore a me on snapchat my snap is finally working again at la aisle eight that Pai GE labels our page and what else um stay tuned for more ya see I’ve been posting me a girl is uploading okay on Perrier Bay air we are the only gang on guys on the Rose period


    Indie Faron

    (11/10/2019 - 8:04 pm)

    Hey uu

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    (11/10/2019 - 8:05 pm)

    Early I love your accent

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    Love your videos!!

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    Ya look like twins

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    My son said don’t be covering your face no face no case ?

    Alex Caelan

    (11/10/2019 - 8:09 pm)

    I really needed this I’m just so selfish in relationships and I just want this one to work because I really like the kid I appreciate you for this , truly saved me

    Darien Allissa

    (11/10/2019 - 8:09 pm)

    My son really out here sn I fw with the video keep it up ❤️❤️❤️

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    We love Laila Dakari videos be boom

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    The whole vid spoke bare facts

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