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it’s our relationship yes we have a very stable relations so both terribly single oh sorry guys no but you ever watch to move bones I have my babysitter nothing makes me teach you know if you’re near a now you got your but I am so good today we have a special with you brewing is that you’re doing so special guest so today we’re gonna be doing a loop bond why don’t you just google it and while we do this move bond did you get the same thing as me no why would you just move bomb we’re gonna be giving you oh we’re gonna be giving you relationship advice because obviously we know everything there is to know but relationships being single for the past 19 years we were both in relationship to newer 16 but though it’s just like don’t count because they were both for like my life I see you both have Panda and McDonald’s diet coke because again there’s nothing better excited we just acquired some very insightful relationship advice and we’d like to bestow it upon you obviously this is coming from two girls so men use much does uni learn how to act period girls you also need to know how to act some of y’all be messing around way too much you know it’s funny I feel like we’re like commentators in a sports game that is the dating world like we just watch we’ve just observed we’re not in it we’re not in relationships but we we see what’s going on if you stick to your standards eventually somebody will step up and meet them and if not they’re not they wanna they’re not the ladies if he doesn’t pursue you he’s not one more time he’s not the one it just you it is foolish to chase after a man who is not pursuing you he is not fit for a relationship if you are which you should be dating to marry and that boy is not pursuing you cut it off let’s we just ladies please there is Jesus has someone for you yes and if that’s something that someone will pursue you so if you’re currently with someone that is just lacking all kinds of efforts he he’s not he’s not the one he’s not the one not he could be the one he is not the one and there are people out there who will step up to your standards but you have to be faithful stick to your standards amen I’ve spent my teenage years 13 I’m currently 19 I probably will spend all of my teenage years single unless I meet someone before next July if you’re out there you’re the clock is ticking sir spent my time at home I spent my teenage years watching movies and reading books about teenagers in love and I never got that definitely doesn’t count I’ve had that desire on my heart in my heart and I think it’s in my heart I know the desire in my heart I’ve always had the desire of having family in my heart always see a boyfriend is a burden it’s on your heart okay so I moved on I I have no it’s taken me six years to realize that there is someone out there for me that Jesus has for me mm-hmm so like I’m not super stressed about the fact that I still single and I don’t think you should be either it’s not whether you’re with or you’re perfect to me what time you definitely should not be sacrificing any of your ambitions or goals or dreams for that person but but if I was dating someone right now it would be it would be getting casual like it wouldn’t be serious at all because I’m not 50 I’m literally busy I don’t really do much but that was next weekend or the week is our homecoming game different that I’m taking of a rivalry game but this is what’s funny about this one because no one is currently hiding after us we don’t get asked we don’t get asked out we don’t get hit on I don’t believe this dorm that’s that’s why you would get out so okay I would hate not hate but I don’t think I’d like to take someone who goes to this school because then they would want to hang out on the timing I’m scared I think I think I would be really good a long-distance relationship because then when you get to see them it’s really special and you don’t you just one in it’s been only your time with them when they’re just here you’re like oh like I could be like looking at his door right now you could have like you could have been like you’d be like what are you doing I dig I’m eating okay we’ll bring your food over here or I’ll come over I’m a nomination yeah if you take one year away from this mess of a video takeaway that you do not marry a man unless he pursues you almost I’m Julie I third text we stay like this I have never met someone that I was interested in that loves Jesus more than they love themselves and just a hundred percent Lincoln gentlemen and like would be a good man to marry I’ve never never have come cross paths with a man like that that’s okay like that’s thereof they need to work on that themselves I obviously would never put myself in a position to raise a man like be someone’s mom here’s the deal anyone can cook insert a picture of ratatouille ready dog hair I’m big chilling right now I’m just been shot I have 19 young man chilling new prep it that’s what patient Oh child you don’t really want smoke this video has turned into something I don’t even recognize stupid boy things that I need them know [Music] how does the beauty guru just do this prank series looming hello could you ask did your mother ever teach you how impolite it is to reach over so much food those like 101 do I that’s why I have these lines right here look at that that’s our arms that’s a permanent lines on my elbows and not touching the table I mean like I’m not gonna want to meet the man I marry at twisted J or bar C I’m so sorry important I mean your husband is not meant for you at a nightclub let me just tell you that the first priority in a man you should find is if he loves Jesus and pursues Jesus just because ladies I feel like oh god you didn’t hear this just because he goes to church doesn’t mean he’s a Christ follower a Christ follower or pursues Jesus he literally could be there just to meet girls which is not why you go to church so if you’ve seen a few boy a church that is awesome that is great it’s good that he’s there but by his first but yeah yes that and that’s also Vicki I would love to I think before I marry someone I Jeff or like even date someone I definitely want to be friends first you you learn a lot about someone just by being friends if you just go I’ve been there I’ve been there if you just go straight today no they’re so awkward and you don’t talk about anything and then definitely be friends first and then if you go definitely have a conversation about dating too like if that’s something you both want yeah and if it is also don’t just assume that if he does follow under all your criteria that he’s the man you’re gonna marry that’s still something you have to pray about yeah and let Jesus answer for you listen listen and Jesus never listen to your heart your heart is deceitful never follow your heart when you start dating that you are going to have lives outside of each other I’m not interested I feel like I not elephant I can’t give any advice because I’ve never been in a solid relationship so this feels kind of irrelevant sister I know what you want you know what sweets are whatever relationship I’m just not interested in talking all day every day I’m not here to entertain you especially if we started dating in college like I that’s not how a dull relations yes but you go to either job you’re not are you doing right now only I miss you like you’ll see each other I promise obviously communication is super important yeah and but there’s a batteries boundaries are so important I got things to do I decided what I wanted to do way before I met you serve so it’s just like if you look like this it thank you but no we could talk about that obviously looks have a part take them you don’t owe a man again because they’re nice to you first off you know a man anything but obviously looks like they don’t take care of themselves no no Rach do you know know if he uses three in white soap in the shower bye bye both of my brothers and my father he used three and one and it’s I use three I just I really that’s completely normal for preteens though like that’s just I mean they don’t want to be that way because they’d show up out of it they tell you another 100 hair I mean I I would like a man that has a good head of hair hair is stylist but that is kind of my standard okay that’s what that’s right at me when I talk I like a good head of hair like hair strong knows how to keep and probably is this conditioner and Buick Harry Styles a used conditioner dress too just ain’t rolling that out yeah I just only have one I know I feel I think my guide friend subscribe to me I feel if they all use conditioner though yeah oh that’s true biggest turn offs if he is not a gentleman hockey news was not attractive at all oh it’s not funny or cute to be no of yourself this is the first thing I noticed that’s the first thing I noticed about a guy is their overall body language and then I’m like that’s who are you yeah I mean I don’t know why I guys just do this but it’s not like attractive when you talk about how many girls you talk to like that’s like why first of all so girls why would you be attracted to someone who’s like that where it was mine where are your standards it blows my mind if you were look fully aware that there’s a guy that you’re talking to that’s also talking to a million other girls why would you it breaks my heart it just it couldn’t beat me love it no man will ever love you with that domineering we just walk behind Sparky Heineman for he is our superior they are our superiors I must follow their footsteps and cook them sandwich and feed them we must always carry whatever we go broom in cabs her already obviously we will stand behind them in they will not hear a peep they will not no no girls the only sound I mentioned here from woman is the sweeps cement you love using signatures mm i tink we hope you enjoyed this hope you got a kick out of it purely meant to be pretentious as possible goodbye


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