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hey guys it’s Sophie and welcome back to my channel for a new video I hope you all okay and having a fabulous day so first of all I just wanted to a big shout out to a marble apologist a marble if I have said your name incorrectly but I just really wanted to give you a shout out just to say thank you so much because every single video that I upload you always like it you’re always the first person to comment and you always comment really nice things like keep it up and I just feel like it really gives me a boost of confidence and I just really wanted to give you a shot just say thank you so so much and I really really appreciate all your support and also us sorry and also I really appreciate all the support from my subscribers and everybody else that watches my videos too so thanks guys um but today’s video I just wanted to talk a little bit about relationships and so this is just gonna be my thoughts and feelings and my opinions so whatever I’m gonna say you might not all agree with and that’s absolutely fine but yeah I just wanted to do a video about that so that’s what we’re gonna do so I did write a little list of things that I feel are part of like a relationship and first of all I feel like you should look yourself before anybody else can love you correctly because I just think if you’ve got really low self-esteem and low self-confidence and stuff I feel like you just attract the wrong people and I’m not saying oh you’re not allowed to have low self-esteem or anything like everybody gets that at some point I’ve had that I’ve experienced that I’m sure anybody watching is probably unfortunately probably experienced that as well and but I just think you just really need to be confident in yourself and I know it’s not easy especially with the way the world is nowadays and social media and stuff like that but just love yourself for you I feel like nobody really understands like you’re unique you’re you nobody else is you and that’s kind of like your power so I feel that you should just embrace who you are and be yourself and not change for other people like just be yourself so yeah my first point is I think you should look yourself for sure before anyone else can love you correctly and and the second one on my little list is trust so I feel like I’m probably say that a lot as well don’t I feel like so sorry about that but I feel like Trust is one of the main factors as well because basically Trust is kind of like the foundation that the relationships built on and if there’s no trust or if that trust gets broken or whatever then whatever else is built on top of that foundation it is just going to crumble as well so I just think you just need trust and it depends everyone’s got their own like you know they’ve been with someone they’ve cheated they’ve stayed with them or they have trust and it’s never been broken that’s great whatever but I just feel for me Trust is like a massive massive thing and so yeah that’s like one of my second points and all the things on my list is communication and understand in each of us so I think communication is key always because you have to let them know how you feel in because it’s not always reciprocated like we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve really been into someone and they’re just not feeling it and but you just need to communicate because a lot of people never know but like I think that’s why you end up in these like situation shapes rather than relationships because you just assume or the person lets you know what they’re expecting like you know it’s just like casual thing not one in a relationship whatever but sometimes the over person and sometimes I’ve done this previously yourself like you think that it’s gonna go elsewhere and you’re gonna be that person to make them change their mind what if they’ve said in the first place like that’s it then believe what they’re saying because it’s not I don’t know I think sometimes we don’t listen because we feel like we can change the outcome or we don’t listen because it’s not what we want to hear and as I said we think that we’re gonna be that one to change that book it’s not always the case so I just think that communication is key for sure because you just need to know where you stand you need to understand each other and be understanding of each other a lot of people have had that different upbringings different backgrounds gone through different experiences that makes them who they are and I feel like not everybody understands that it’s a lot like if you say that there’s a person and if you’re not like this person and you’ve got a different views different opinions different way of dealing with things different way of bringing you kids up different way of like I don’t know I can’t really like explain but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say but just because your opinion is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong it’s your opinion but a lot of people and I’ve done it in the past is where I feel like as I’m getting older I’m getting more understanding but like previously I have been very like what’s the word that I’m looking for like it’s not channel minded is it it’s like narrow it channel while having a channel now reminded where I’m right you’re monk that’s it nothing’s gonna change that like that’s what I think that’s my opinion so that’s the right thing that’s not always the case so I think you’ve got to be patient that’s a good one another one be patient and be understanding because not everybody’s got the same background not everybody’s got the same beliefs or the same values or whatever so I just think you need to be patient and understand them more and last on my list I don’t love because but I think that’s like it’s different for everybody in that like sometimes you can love somebody or you think you love somebody but really it’s just lost and sometimes it’s really hard to like it’s really hard to see between the term like you don’t always know like my first ever relationship when I was younger and with the person for like two years and the relationship was absolutely buy or bought at the time I’m like I thought oh my god I love them it’s like my first ever boyfriend is everything with that person was my first ever experience of whatever I experienced in that relationship so it was kind of like I don’t know I can’t explain what I’m trying to say I’m sure you can understand what I’m saying like it I felt like I had to make it work because everybody else was saying it’s not gonna work it’s no good like you should leave in whatever but I feel like that makes you want to stay with them more you want to prove everybody wrong you want to be the person to change that person but you can’t fix everybody you can’t change everybody everybody’s different maybe one day I don’t know like he could have changed and got with like the person that’s perfect for him and that’s great that’s you know that’s fantastic but I just think there’s different levels of love and intimacy as well feel that that’s everybody sees the word intimacy they like translate that as something different whereas for me the intimacy is not only like what happens in the bedroom whatever I won’t go into too much detail because I want my channel to be PG um but intimacy for me is more like letting somebody in and like to see the soul of somebody and really like feel them and really like understand them and care for the and I don’t know I feel like I wanted to make this video and I’m struggling to even explain what I’m trying to say so how you liking to understand me I don’t even know but yeah so I think intimacy is a big part of it but but anybody who’s watching I just feel like you should look yourself first always keep the relationship the business you know like to yourself because when you start sharing certain things like with the wrong kind of people then everybody starts chipping in and has their own opinions but then I think if you’re like giving everybody the opportunity to have those opinions if that makes sense like you’re fuel in the fire by saying to them always done this is done that she’s done this used on that whatever then they’re gonna have an opinion and say you shouldn’t be with them this and the over so if if you’re gonna keep doing the fueling the fire the fire is just going to get bigger they’re not going to like that person I’ve learnt that now like I just don’t tell anybody anything to be honest like about relationships because I just think if I just keep it to myself then nobody else knows about it no one else can have an opinion or say anything and it’s like special to me and it’s between or Satou so I think that’s why I just don’t I don’t get wrong I talk about like the good points and sometimes you might say stuff like eyes got on my nerves two days Brittany it didn’t put the washing in when I asked him to or whatever just little things like that I feel like that’s just normal relationship kind of mo’ne things that you moan about but you can’t keep running to people and be like oh it’s really bad I’m leaving there and blah blah and then you don’t like you just have to be ready and you have to know that you can’t keep going backwards and forwards I feel like that’s the reason why I’m talking about this is because it’s something that I’ve been through like myself so I understand it and I feel like it’s easier for me to talk to because it genuinely like comes from the heart when you’ve actually experienced something and like previously when I had this rubbish and I kept like running to people and being always there but to be blah blah blah blah but then I kept getting back with me but then I couldn’t understand why nobody got on with them and nobody liked him but that’s because he wasn’t a good person and he was like mistreating me and stuff and I was telling everybody and complaining about it but no matter how much everybody wanted to protect me and be like it’s no good you shouldn’t be in the relationship I had to know for myself that I was done and I was ready to walk away forever and eventually I came to that point and I’m glad that I did now I look back and think god I would never pull anything like that and I definitely should have left him a lot sooner but it’s these kind of experiences that like mold you into the person you wife today and it makes you so much stronger so yeah that’s just my little relationship advice kind of thing guys and it’s a bit of a random one it’s probably a bit of like a scattered video and but yeah I just feel like I just wanted to save my face I could probably couldn’t make the video longer and spoke about it in a bit more detail but just whatever you guys think just comment some things down below on video ideas that you think I should do or if there’s anything you want to ask me or anything and then yeah just let me know in the comments down below and I hope you enjoyed this little video I didn’t really know what it was I would just saw chatting away as usual and so yeah thanks everyone so much for watching and thanks to all my subscribers if you haven’t already please do subscribe to my channel I would really really appreciate that so much and please give me a thumbs up if you liked my video and if you want me to do a similar video but in more detail then let me know in the comments below and that would be cool and also if you’ve got Instagram it give me a cheek and it’ll follow guys it’s Sophie underscore and Nicole 27 on Instagram so yeah give me a cheeky follow I’ll see you there and yeah thanks and I’ll see you in the next one bye guys


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    (12/01/2019 - 1:55 am)

    Love your videos soph your doing so well!❤️❤️ Xxxx

    Jerrold Tory

    (12/01/2019 - 1:56 am)

    Nice video.True fact Just be Yourself.And Thank-you.

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