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and with me it’s different I cannot implement all those advices that I give to other people they don’t work for me they don’t work for me my relationships don’t work at all hi guys welcome back to my channel before we start with today’s video if you’re new to this channel please subscribe and turn in your notifications so that you don’t miss a single for you ok relationships um when I was in my seventh grade and 11th was it 11 11 and 12 yeah I have my two teachers who taught me one thing like the only safest thing and to my surprise this other teacher stated to even at when I was at my seventh grade and I also had a lesson says teacher who taught us like everything so there’s this common thing that they used to say if someone shows you who they are for the first time believe them and they didn’t lie they don’t even lie even today I still I still remember that I’ll never I’ll never forget so like if you just mention someone you know you obviously you won’t be sure about this person for like sometime if you are not sure about this person there’s just this one thing that is like they will try to show you something or they just gonna do something and if you don’t like that thing don’t put up with each time you know if you put up with it for the first time like they should for the first time with you okay I have a bad attitude or I am a heartbreaker or just or I I like girls or I like ice or something like that like this bit bad behavior everybody like nobody’s perfect but they’re just gonna show you this something that’s gonna make you doubt like should I go on or should I should I or should I not you know so like you must trust your instinct and you must believe what they show you for the first time because if you put up with it then you will have to put up with that for the rest of the relationship you know so just save yourself and believe what somebody showed you for the first and another thing if you’re broken be it relationship related all the way you grew up or something that just recently happened to you just fix you so first you must just just be alone it’s not a scene to be single and I’m single and I’m glowing you know I’m fine I’m not in a hurry there’s no rush you know just relax bingo ah you find the right person you know just fix yourself and just pray and just find something that’s gonna keep you busy you know it’s really not a bad thing to be single you know it’s not a bad thing at all it’s better than being in a in a toxic relationship so if you feel like you are not ready don’t force anything just be alone I just just try to find yourself try to find what you want and what you don’t want and it even gives you like opportunity to to like what can I say it gives you that opportunity to try and see the kind of person that you want in the kind of relationship that you wanted with me it’s different I cannot implement all those advices that I do to other people they don’t work they don’t work for me my relationships don’t work at all all of them but I am a relationship coach I’m a relationship coach I’m a psychologist I you know I can just sit down with someone and so to someone and then they feel better but I can’t do that for myself I cannot give I cannot advise myself I cannot do anything for myself that’s what breaks my heart but what can I say what can I say and another thing if you are not happy in a relationship you must just leave do not cheat on someone like try to talk to them and it’s very rude to be in a leadership with someone who does not talk you you must talk to someone it’s you know it’s just rude to like egg didn’t act like I don’t know like you’re crazy or something you must talk to someone if you’re not happy just let them know don’t keep quiet and start doing bad things or hurt someone else it’s not fair if I’m say if you are not happy just let them know I’m not happy and then you must leave and don’t cheat why why do you cheat you will never finish but the guys in this world and goes we are mainly these many girls in this world in it if you want to date everyone it’s impossible like if you wanna do not have university just leave why don’t don’t cheat hmm don’t cheat oh it’s painful it’s not nice you know it’s not nice and and another thing do not involve your friends and your family and whatever in your relationship your relationship is yours and your partner’s you talk together you know you can only ask advice from someone but don’t take everything that’s happening in your relationship and go and tell your sister or your friend or whoever because one day somebody is going to advise you know what just leave the relationship because you babes are not happy you must decide and they don’t know what happened you know they just listening to what you are telling them at the moment you don’t tell them when you are happy you don’t tell them when this and this happened he did this good and he did you only focus on what’s happening right now and they’re going to advise you to leave and then okay you are out the next thing you regret he’s gone or she’s gone and then you are the one to play you can’t blame anybody you see and another thing you must if you want to keep your relationship cold I’m not saying I’m perfect I mean I’m not in a relationship but I’m just trying to tell you what I only sell other people and they feel like it’s helpful when you are in a relationship you must try to put okay let me just say 30% relationship or 20% friendships like it must be like 50% of the time must be your time your mate you must your time with God you must trade you must do whatever go out but ever 50 percent is yours and then on this other 50 percent you can either priorities you can either take the 20 percent and put it into your relationship or the 30 percent which you can just your friends or your partner it’s up to you but do not always be in someone’s face like that’s boring unless if you both like it that way like people who stay together I think that’s really cute and there’s nothing wrong with that if you feel like you want to stay with your partner and you guys don’t bow each other and you guys like staying together and you just kind of live without each other actually like that’s very cute and I cannot say don’t do that don’t do that it’s not healthy for relationship it’s very healthy there’s nothing wrong with doing that as long as you and your partner believe in doing that but if you feel like you are someone who wants their own space just say it like okay sometimes I’m I want my own space sometimes I want to be alone that’s fine there’s nothing wrong with that but if you feel like you know they call it Cheney but I don’t like I don’t like that word I just believe that when you love someone and you just want to do everything with you wanna wake up next to you wanna eat with them you wanna go everywhere you wanna party with your cousin that’s fine there’s nothing wrong with it you know but I feel like some people that know Cheney whatever whatever I don’t believe in that I don’t guys I’m gonna talk too much now if you want part two of this video you know I don’t I don’t like I don’t like long videos if you want if you want part two of this video let me know and I’m gonna do a part two for you and leave your questions below so that I can add them on the part two of another video just leave questions anything that you want if you want advice let me know I’ll advise you I’m a relationship coach I was born a relationship coach yes bangs so just let me know comment whatever you want me to tell you or whatever any video suggestions of other initiatives that you want me to say yeah girl essentially these don’t forget to comment and like and subscribe whatever thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see you guys in my next [Music]


    Amyas Read

    (11/10/2019 - 7:31 pm)

    When is it the right time to propose to someone? Is it on the first date or the the time you already have an idea what kinda person they are?

    Aaron Tory

    (11/10/2019 - 7:31 pm)

    Being single is better than being in a toxic relationship

    Amyas Londyn

    (11/10/2019 - 7:32 pm)

    You are so pretty girl and i just hit the red button! Let’s support each other ❤️

    Laraine Tatum

    (11/10/2019 - 7:32 pm)

    The truth!! siyabonga relationship coach

    Jerrold Tory

    (11/10/2019 - 7:33 pm)

    Omg, you’re so right

    Lauraine Read

    (11/10/2019 - 7:33 pm)

    Love doctor

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