Relationship Advice With Ohnojakeup (My First Podcast)

This is my first ever podcast!
One thing that I wanted to really talk about in my first podcast is how I think relationships are now a days and how I honestly think they could be changed or addressed differently. In this video I touched up on things I have went tru personally in my own life and how I learned to better understand the aspect of a relationship. I also throw a few random facts about myself in there for you all to know about me.
I felt I wanted to do this topic for my first podcast because I believe we should grow in our relationships with others instead of bickering, yelling, fighting and breaking each other down. I think that we need to check ourselves and see how we handle those situations rather it be now or later on in life. Fair warning I do swear here and there but you will have to listen to the entire video to find out why..
As I talk about many things in my podcast I want you all to start thinking about how we can impact someone on the other end of the relationship. how could we make them smile? How can I make their day? How can I improve myself for this relationship? rather it be with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, friend, or whomever it may be.
As humans I know that we mess up here and there because we are not designed to be perfect but we should try our best to be better people. I know that we face hard issues in life to test our patience, strength, courage, trust, vision, purpose, pride but in the end we need to learn to overcome obstacles to face reality and stop day dreaming and treat people like human beings again. I think as times go on and as we get older we lose focus on our morals and how we treat people. so one thing that I would like to do personally in my podcast is be relatiabe and genuine about my situations I have been thru in my life and see If I can reach out to you to show you support and show you overall that everything is always go to be fine!
I would like to credit @Geebzer for letting me use his equipment and helping me get all set up to do my first podcast and always telling me to chase my dreams so that leads you to my podcast. hey how are? lol
I hope that you enjoy my podcast!
P.s I know there is some audio issues so I do apologize for it to happen here and there.

Thanks for listening!!!


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