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You have the design concepts, your dream-come-true Los Angeles manufacturer, and the motivation to be successful. But what about #retail selling experience? Where’s your target consumer? Where’s the best cash flow? Do you have a knack for inventory planning, point of sale, employee training and #management?

Meet Dan Jablons, a retail consultant at Retail Smart Guys who is devoted to helping independent #retailers and #designers with forecasting, open to buy, and cashflow planning in order to create success in today’s highly competitive retail space. Retail Smart Guys collaborates with clients in 16 countries, has connections with 250 different funding sources, and has an abundance of knowledge regarding today’s brick and mortar industry.

While attending the 2019 Las Vegas MAGIC #Fashion #tradeshow, an incredible source of 40+ countries representing the fashion marketplace and manufacturing of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, footwear, accessories from around the world, Indie Source met up with Dan to get his advice for YOU.

Within the interview, Dan presents several key takeaways, of which our favorite being “turn is king.” Getting new products developed quickly and efficiently will allow for brands to follow new styles without stacking high on unwanted inventory.

Dan continues to explain how brick and mortar is still dominating #ecommerce outlets and explains that even small brands can build connections with independent retailers to get their products on shelves. When asked how brands should go about producing their products, Dan replies that unless you know the “ins and outs” of production, finding someone with the knowledge and resources needed is a great place to start. Luckily for you, Indie Source is here to bring the best of the industry together in the most transparent way possible to ensure that your products look exactly how you intended, made right here in America. It’s free and simple to learn how you can quickly develop your ideas into marketable products, join the Developmental Bootcamp, and see how easy it is to produce your products with our resources. (link in bio)

So what should designers do if they have a great idea, but aren’t sure how to get them produced? Dan is excited to tell us that for anyone new to this production game, “a company like #IndieSource is actually your best bet… because they’ve done it a million times!” It just goes to show that no matter how small or big a designer is, their limitations are no match for the incredible resources offered by Retail Smart Guys and Indie Source.

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hi everybody I’m Dan javelins from retail smart guys we help independent retailers and designers with forecasting merchandise planning open to buy and cash flow planning and we have done that for retailers and designers in 16 countries today so we’re excited to be here at magic with these guys to talk a little bit about how you guys can get your business going one of the things to look for to start off with that kind of thing you know in in the world of retail turn is king we got to make sure especially in the in these days with the economy where it is right now the best things you can do is make sure that you’re turning goods quickly that means you want to get in and get out fast okay the days of piling up stuff high and deep are sort of over now you need to get in be fashionable and move on to the next thing so as you plan your production as you plan your purchases as your plan what’s going to be available for sale you want to make sure that your in and out and on to the next thing because that’s what creates the man that’s what creates customers want to come back and see what’s new what’s new what’s new all the time the game of retail has certainly changed a lot right it used to be this fad a good spot on Main Street or a good spot in the mall that you know and I bought the right stuff we’re close to the right stuff that was enough but customers expect a little bit more nowadays everybody talks about the whole concern over Amazon or the concern over e-commerce the reality is is that that’s not having that big an impact on brick-and-mortar that people think it is in fact there was an article recently from Forbes where they said that whole retail Armageddon thing that they talked about we were just kidding brick-and-mortar is actually slated to have some increases this year many of our clients are doing that and the reason is is that it’s not just having a storefront anymore just sort of being there and let people walk in there have to be things that you engage customers with you have to be able to tell your story really well why is your store there why you unique why are you different what’s the purpose of your store being there on top of that you also need to talk about things like how your stores mission is going to help the consumer and you have to do things inside that store that are going to get the customer wanted to come in and have an experience inside the store you know you’ve got to make sure that you’re making a splash out there I think I would find a couple places where your stuff can be seen on the and then use lots and lots of social media to get the word out there use lots of press to get the word out there make sure that the retailers are being successful with your goods listen to what they say when they’re not having any successes maybe there’s fit issues maybe there’s color issues maybe there’s pricing issues you have to sort of learn what that is so that you actually start to make a splash to some of the independent retailers and then your your business snowballs from there after all the years that we’ve been working in the independent retail space I can tell you that most of our new brands start that way they start either on consignment or they start with some good small orders with some local retailers they learn a lot and then it snowballs and snowballs and snowballs until they get to be bigger and bigger and bigger and have greater success you know unfortunately especially in this business it’s hard to do it without investing anything you’re gonna put some money into it if you’re having trouble getting money if you’ve been turned down by the bank or we can’t get an SBA loan or those kinds of things there are other funding sources out there and we’re actually connected with someone who is connected to 250 different funding sources so there are possibilities to get funds other ways and as long as you have a plan that enables you to sort of take that money invest it and you can see when that money’s gonna come out of it so you can pay down those loans and then get back to a place where you get some operating capital I think that’s key right so you have to have that business plan you’ve got to have a sales forecast you’ve got to have a production plan and you’ve got to have some financial bank backing to make all that work if you’re new to this game and you have not done production before working in a production environment a company like Indy sources actually your best bet and the reason is is that they’ve done it a million times and so you want to work with people who’ve done a million times who can guide you through that process get you set up properly help you plan out how the production is going to happen do it effectively and efficiently so that you don’t find yourself at the wrong end of a lot of expense that now you can’t afford and that ends your dream you know you want to make sure that you’ve know you have this dream and you’ve nurtured it for a while now you want to protect it by surrounding yourself with professionals who understand the industry and can guide that dream – it’s real fruition or so my company’s retail smart guys we work with independent retailers in 16 countries and we help them plan their merchandise plan their sales and plan their purchases and production so that they actually have the most cash flow to reach me you can reach me at Dan at retail smart guys calm you can also call my cell at eight one eight seven two zero two five eight five thanks for and thanks for this is really great and great to be your magic with you


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