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[Music] hello guys and welcome back to our channel this is day is something I don’t know what today this but I’ve been going out consistently you see I’m the one that’s very consistent in this whole walking thing you can see Aaron he’s too busy texting I don’t know who like I’m walking every single day like almost every single day for like four or five days straight and stuff guys like honestly it’s just been like two days this is day two and she’s saying okay three and she thinks she’s walked like five days already that shows she will stop breathing so according to my calculations it’s five days four days I feel like I’ve been walking for a long time and I don’t know like if it’s been useful to be honest it’s been useful because I’ve been walking walk with me is like he’s always texting if we’re not vlogging he’s always texting he has his hands on his phones guys should focus on yourself and like no like not to text where you’re twice is so boring oh I have nothing against this like of course when you like someone or love so when you text them every time how would you just marry your best friend you don’t make sense I have to fall in love with your best friend yes there’s stages before you get married Dania what I mean is like when I see marry your best friend you know it’s like it starts off as friendship okay yeah when it starts up best friendship everything is good and it’s innocent and it’s pure okay yeah and then after it like Leslie is like the whole cluster to halt infatuation or whatever it is comes up like you guys got having feelings for each other okay like look guys bottom line is eventually love guys okay and what’s left over love never dies I feel like love never dies guys it’s not like love dies guys know what I meant is that whole honeymoon season and everything else easily this love-based away what do you think happens to friendship exactly that’s what’s not there’s that respect mutual respect to have for each other okay their trust okay that’s what lastly that’s what I think last I can you friends with someone you’re loyal to him right yeah also when you love someone you’d be extremely loyal but when you love someone you can also cheat on them you can see it on your friend too I don’t think you understand what love is could you go go what lesbian love and you accidentally cheat on someone there’s no such thing there’s girlfriend or boyfriend and they accidentally cheat on them and Dubonnet go know what happened then the love died right no it’s just that that white person obviously you never loved that person if you love a person you never think of cheating on that person oh he’s my best friend she’s my best friend I’m gonna marry no yeah what I mean is like it starts off my friendship okay the foundation is friendship and then after you guys can like you fall in love with each other it happens naturally right so eventually after that it’s like being with your spouse it’s like your spouse is your friend and your lover at the same time the captured lover be your best friend with time when you love them you love them the way we like it all right yeah it’s like you didn’t see that person as your friend when you’re falling in love with them true it wasn’t someone you enjoyed hanging out with like your friend on how they do not make sense you’re saying we don’t enjoy hanging out with them then why did you let someone you love like you had a crush on it’s because you wanted to get their attention you’re pursuing them right right it wasn’t cuz you want to have a great time all I want to go have fun with you understand I don’t know like even like when you get into arguments and stuff your friend you know that you know whose behavior you know what their lies and stuff and like before you get into a relationship you already know what they are it seemed a good and bad side right so that’s why that’s what I mean that you last longer that’s what I believe and there’s that companionship later in life after years there are people that work friends and then became together and aren’t friends debt anymore because they broke up for some for whatever reason the love died or something I mean I’m not convinced guys I don’t know if you guys are convinced if you guys like this comment down below when the camera he was so come this is like yeah [Music]


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