Scientific Dating Advice…?

Relationships can be pretty complicated, but luckily for you, science has an answer….take a look!

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Tyson is a 4th year PhD Candidate in chemistry at Yale University. His research involves the development of novel chemical tools for advanced biological imaging. He has taught and tutored numerous subjects and has played a large role in the training of Yale’s chemistry TA’s for the last 3 years. Fresh Professor is Tyson’s way of living out his dreams of being a “pop culture scientist” and full time science communicator.

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all right my name is Tyson I’m a fourth year PhD student in chemistry at Yale University and yeah I’m probably the freshest professor you ever had random question any of you dating right now we all know the licenses can be a little complicated but luckily for you guys in addition to being a random graduate student who thinks he can make it on YouTube I’m also a grade-a relationship guru I’m kind of like a jack-of-all-trades really you know no really though I have some dating advice for you guys and I know your mom probably told you not to take random dating advice some guys on YouTube but you see this is different cuz this isn’t just any dating advice this is scientific dating advice and I guess I’m not quite sure why that makes it any different but that aside this is dating advice is based on chemically validated principles and is by extension experimentally verifiable hopefully and so by the end of this video you should be able to scientifically determine whether you should be single or in a relationship at this point in your life but first I have to introduce a little bit of underlying chemistry so let’s check it out so let’s start off by defining a few learning objectives that we can use to guide our conversation our first objective today is going to be to understand the concepts of entropy and enthalpy are two key words to contrast the effects of these two properties on bonding and then finally to apply these ideas to figure out what your current relationship status should be all right and so this is atom the atom Adam like many of the scientists who study him is very very single okay what this means is that Adam can orient himself in as many ways as he likes he can vibrate he can rotate he can be over here or he can be over there this effectively unlimited freedom helps Adam to maximize what’s known as entropy entropy is good and so when Adam has a lot of freedom Adam has a lot of entropy and this entropy makes Adam happy there we go and so Adam being single can exist in a variety of ways which gives them a lot of entropy and entropy is great the caveat is that sometimes Adam did selenium atoms are like a con they have nobody all right and since atoms like Adam are typically unstable by themselves they often join together with other atoms such as Eddy here hey oh baby I noticed you noticing me and I just want to put you on notice that I noticed you also and and I just want to let you know that I would consider letting you be with me all right fine thus Adam and Eddy form a bond this leads to the formation of a molecule basically a chemical couple it’s Facebook official forming bonds helps with enthalpy which is the stabilization we get from bonding and it’s also our second term enthalpy like entropy is good we can think of enthalpy is how strong the bond is between two parties the stronger the bond the better it is for handling all right so quick recap enthalpy is max when things are together and bonding tightly entropy is max when things are separate and free to act independently so far so good but every good story needs a conflict right if the conflict is not good the story’s not good yeah I’m looking at you every DC movie ever right so here’s our conflict even though all this tight bonding is really good for enthalpy you can probably already imagine that it’s not so good for entropy so in order for this molecule to be a power couple the bond has to be strong enough to accommodate for the loss in the entropy that occurred when we brought them together if the enthalpy information is not satisfying enough this molecule is gonna pop apart sound familiar this is pretty similar to dating in real life you see the enthalpy and entropy of a relationship can create conflict a relationship has to be built on a strong enough foundation to accommodate for the entropy laws for example I know that some of the homies are watching this right now like yo shorty is sweared this bond is taking up all my and some of the other homies are watching this like nah bro I’m telling you to enthalpy between me and her is so strong can’t nothing bring us apart bro all right so here’s the dating advice think for a second about yourself your needs and where you are in your life right now for example ladies maybe you need all of you entropy intact so that you can focus on work or school without dude hitting you up around the clock trying to figure out where you are or maybe you’re just a hole freak and you just want to be a freak that’s cool too either way you’re not really looking for that enthalpy right now in your life on the other hand there may be some of you watching this video right now we’re ready to maximize enthalpy and former lifelong bond with somebody this is water ladies look at their manly um where is my enthalpy sir a the moral of the story is that when you’re starting a relationship with someone it’s important to sit down and discuss the balance of enthalpy and entropy that it’s gonna work best for you to as a pair because if you don’t have this balance you may find yourself in a relationship that’s not thermodynamically favorable and then if you’re in a relationship right now and you’re happy with that relationship I want you to stop what you’re doing like and subscribe and then text your partner this exact phrase our enthalpy is bomb baby and I want to bond with you for the rest of my life on some 90s R&B type and when they ask you what the f orbital you’re talking about you can send on this video or if you plan to break up for someone soon I want you to hit him with this hey come here real quick alright so this bond ain’t it and I’m gonna cut you off and maximize my entropy see you and then make sure to let them know hey yo by the way subscribe to me [Music] some flies


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    I’ve learned more with this video than in school. I never understood science in school, but the simple way you describe everything made me learn it quickly, remember it, and made me feel better about everyone asking me why I’m single, I mean I wanna focus on my studies, why not? I’m not gonna emotionally invest in a relationship when I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with my life yet, I’d rather not hurt someone and get their hopes up By the way, I saw you want to be a pop culture scientist and that’s an awesome goal and concept. I’m studying myself to be a teacher. I’ve noticed teacher burnout happens very often and makes teachers not wanna teach or give up, thus I didn’t learn much in middle school and high school. Teachers weren’t invested in us learning but simply knowing & remembering the answers for tests and exams. My goal is to teach in a way that classes feel fun, interactive, and teach you a little of everything. Discussing and using popular terms, placing yourself at the student’s level, and using correct learning strategies are only some of the techniques I wish my teachers had used. I was an honor roll students for a long time, and I gave up because of teachers. I wanna motivate my students, not just because have to learn because it’s required. But because they wanna improve themselves, while not giving up things they like. Thank you I wish you the best!

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