Simple Fashion Advice for Men – Complete Outfit ( 2019 )

In this video we filmed a quick Fashion Guide for the Modern Man!
Your Clothing will convey the First impression to the Girls so

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yes so in this video we will have a little fashion advice video on how to dress how you look better and especially I’m just showing you what kind of colors what kind of t-shirts you I have and she just wants to flirt night for example here this color is a nice color then this one is now right as well this you always want to make sure that you have nice colors like black like masculine colors like black like this navy blue is cool as well it also has like kind of a pattern in it so it’s not like a boring thing yeah that’s important so you always want to dress like black white beige is cool as well always also make sure that you have like a big necklace here or around and act in your t-shirt because it just looks better so you see the muscles here Oh get in these colors are really nice for the top should always have like a good color like black navy blue gray stuff like this this one is nice this one is nice and I always make sure that they are fitting because they want to fit here and it should end like around here it also should be a little bit more tight down there because it just looks better and it improves your entire posture and everything yeah and also stuff like this it’s really nice navy blue khaki stuff blue piece yeah like that’s the kind of clothes you want to wear down there and then you want to have like leather shoes leather shoes and and sports shoes that’s basically all you need for your fashion and then also get like a few of those necklaces chains watches already nice because it just makes your style a little bit more edgy a few shirts those gonna have a few shirts like in one in blue and white in black and also it’s nice if they have something like a pattern so stuff like that just that it’s not that it doesn’t look so boring with points on it or something and yeah just don’t stress pouring dressed like you’re some person and then all people also realize that you’re taking care of yourself and your other game is improving you’re in a game from the outside also how your body looks always make sure you that your shirts and everything I’m not all tight that you can see the muscles that you put your shirt up here and that you just look like more compact and more shot yeah so first thing we’re taking care of them on on boot camps is that the guys looks up so we go and buy some clothes for example this is a ladder so girls like the Rockstar boys the the biker guys because they are dressed well because they look kinda aggressive dominant also this one is a nice one if you were like yeah white shirts and a circle like this blazer like this it looks really nice yeah then also stuff like this you can wear like trousers with patterns like this with the basic shirts this color or grey white black with the nice necklace and then it also looks really nice yes and you also don’t want to look like a total 16 year old loser so always make sure that your belt is fitting your shoes if you having leather shoes you should have a leather belt and letter or around your neck and to basically pop up your style you can wear something like this whatever you prefer if it’s metal silver gold up to you and then nice necklaces like this because it just makes your style more edgy and it’s it just looks better on you or also if you want to be a bit fancy then you can wear like suit and tie if especially if you go out to nightclubs it’s basically the best way also in the nightclub you want to dress like a bit more fancy a bit more flashy because people like it like that but also when you get to know people in general and there were stuff like this it just makes them look more interesting and it takes away the nice guy vibe so that’s actually good okay so when it comes down to shoes you always want to have sports shoes and leather shoes or at least some shoes that look like you’re someone shoes like this are cool as chelsea boots they look nice they it’s fun to walk they’re comfortable you can basically dress them to any occasion like you go to nightclubs all Sunday game it looks good just make sure that your belt matches this stuff and make sure you have some sort of leather shoes like this or also something like this I mean I would prefer like more expensive shoes but Budapest or something like really nice shoes with a pattern on it and if you take care of your leather shoe say well before you can have them for one to two years and I mean if you think about it that letter is like something really primal because human beings who are hunting for leather and making fur out of it so yeah two girls just like the letter and if you think about it they will look at you when you look them in the eyes and then they will look down submissively and there’s your beautiful leather shoes so yes that’s another tip for you guys they also I mean if you really want to have attention then you can wear like socks like this it’s just fun with Bart Simpson or some other cartoon bananas just say spongebob socks I mean you can do that it’s fun I would love myself have a girl would be wearing this and that’s also how you should sing how people perceive you you’re having a good style a good fashion good grooming brush a cheese go to a haircuts go get a haircut once a month and make it nice ask for advice of someone who knows that or book a bootcamp or online session with me my friends and thank you for watching so hit like and subscribe to my channel this was fashion advice today you were tonight that cami Poland and it hurts it hurts so bad it’s worth everything I have I could feel the butterflies multiply every time I meet your eyes amplified deep inside once


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