STORYTIME: How I Started dating a Hood N*gga & Advice

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today I’m in the car not diving today but today y’all looking funny-looking wigs good I just let them do this talking crazy so anyways today is gonna be about basically how I ended up dating her um it’s a real interesting story but anyway um it was sometime last year y’all look crazy anyway so sometime last year round I see this time more so last month I was walking my dog taking servants and he came out okay so how it is where I live it’s like when I come out it’s just like a long ass walk away and his house is it’s on each side so he walked out of his house I was already out I was already walking and what happened I said something to him well he turned around first and I was like I spoke I said hell are you doing and I asked him I was I think I see some weight you from around here or you Jude of the air and it was like no I’m not I feel something but and then he were playing saying that he just came up here and all this and all that I was head okay well I was nice seeing you and they’re like a week or two go back and again I’m out walking my dog and I see him I’m like park his car across the street and that’s when he didn’t see me effort sweat and then I looked again and he had me eye contact me and when I was trying to my dog to walk back up the alley because I was like oh I was like he wants to get out cuz he opened the door he’s got the coke on street so he ran across street and it was like he just spoke and like when he first saw his mom feel like I just uh I instantly got wet not I’m not even kidding I in salina way because you just turned me one you know a nigga from the south you know it’s saying they got that they got that accent so and it was that singing day we went to the mall we spar chillin just rapping just doing we do and ever since there was this unseparable like we was always together why evil just chilling so then another night fight around this month we him we want to go Sparky game hey anyway so smoking again and we got into a little situation and somebody asked them who I was to him he was like yo I was golfing I’d like to him like I really what like and I had him fired oh I thought he was just telling cuz we had prior conversations like I wasn’t really gonna rush nothing with him because I was like I’m fuckin my I was nothing but shit we like that rock for like a couple like I think a week I believe I think I don’t know and something like that and we just was like we don’t really speak on it well we already know what’s up and I like that I was like right like God really sent you to me like I like guess what it was it was it wasn’t really that much but all right anyway now when dating I hear me good you can be solved basically you can’t like because they got a mouth on them okay and you got to be able to handle that like yeah like you’re getting influenced all you want to don’t don’t show that thing I mean you can show it but it’s like so certain extent but also no like your words like the only thing don’t be stupid it’s basically what I’m saying I’m read um don’t be just don’t be dumb don’t be believing everything you have to bring use it if you don’t make sense say something to that end a that’s not a relationship that’s still all day and I’ve been with my doing for a year now yeah just speak up dude should I do let him do we gonna do but you set boundaries that’s all you just set boundaries I go to do’s and don’ts that you’re not strict that everybody supposed to know what to do and after doing all this shit but you know just vibe just to like that’s not really what they into they like to chew and they get they money they don’t like to be fancy like that I’d like to stay low-key so you know just low-key robbery and that’s initially you like that like my I’m worried like that so it was easy for us to just click so yeah if you want some more tips on how to date a hurt knee good you know how to say let me know in the comments please like comment and subscribe on my social medias and ever Denise my Instagram is that Twitter is definitely s– just like my YouTube man yeah and I’ll be back with another video so bye all

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