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My today’s vlog is little different then usual its a style vlog and I will be talking about what style is what sexy is according me.. if you agree then please give it a Thumpsup 👍
My today’s vlog is for the people out there who thinks they are not sexy they are not stylish I am giving you basic tips and Tricks of How to keep it simple yet sexy and stylish
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what’s up guys hope you all are doing great I’m doing great as well and welcome back to my channel all right so my today’s vlog is actually a little bit different than usual custody I will be talking a lot and I will tell you guys what style is how to feel sexy how different stylish and whatever you wear and how to feel confident about it so I won’t be telling you quite a lot of things in my todays vlog so you guys stay tuned for that I don’t want to waste any more time and let’s get it started so before I start I actually want to share a little bit of my experience when I was younger how I used to feel so now when I was younger I mean my school days and my mission college days I used to feel that I’m a nerd and everybody looks so amazing they look so stylish it looks so sexier and I will never look like them so and in fact I used to think that showing off your skin what sexy is so yes so I used to wear super tight clothes I used to wear super short clothes I still wear them I love wearing them but now I know things have changed now I’ve realized when to wear what to wear and the hardware but I’m talking about those days and I still I used to wear them and just to be in sync with them and just to be one of them from inside I used to feel not confident at all I used to feel very low I was uncomfortable I so I don’t want to feel like that and I don’t want you to feel like that either that’s why my today’s vlog it’s going to be all about how to keep it simple yet sexier and stylish so I will be telling you guys a lot of things are related to colors to textures to send word to body type so all that in my today’s vlog so if you want to see this so give it a thumbs up to my video subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed it yet because I will be doing lot of personality development videos and quite a lot of these kind of vlogs are on my channel so let’s start and let’s quickly get into the video guys so my today’s vlog is for the people who thinks that they are not stylish they’re not sexy I feel each one of you out there is stylish sexy and beautiful alright so you all know that how I used to feel and what I used to think how I used to dress up just to look sexy so now things have changed I’ve realized that it’s not that something you can buy it’s not a piece of clothing it’s not something which you can copy if you’re not confident and comfortable in it it’s something which comes from inside within you and how confident you are to love yourself and to have that positive vibes because if you feel negative about yourself then you can never attract others so don’t forget to smile no matter how bad your days are always smile and be happy that makes a lot of difference guys it just completely changes your persona your confidence your aura so just be happy and keep smiling cost and foremost thing if you want to feel sexy and stylish just be happy don’t forget to smile now let’s move to the next point which is keep those staple pieces with you in your wardrobe style them in such a way that I just added a little bit of element to it you can actually change your look it gives you more confidence changes your personality for example basic satin now commit or any color satin cami top you can just wear it with your denim and just take a blazer on top just by adding a blazer on top it completely changes your look instantly just makes it look more and six-year and quite stylish and don’t be afraid of colors guys a simple solid color in a sexy fabric looks very very sexy and looks very stylish and it looks very very great at the daytime so don’t be afraid of that just keep on trying things keep on experimenting new things you never know what looks good on you just be confident just be happy and have that smile on your face always and it should look as if you are actually happy about yourself so which is very very important in fact I feel that by adding a little bit of elements to your look it just completely changes your personality and you feel more confident about your look I feel for example if you’re just wearing a denim and a white t-shirt so just by adding a little bit of element to that basic denim and a white t-shirt it completely changes your look from day-to-night simple to stylish to sexier so in this look which I’m going to show you now and I’m wearing a red lip color and I’ve tied my hair up and whether big hoop earrings and the palms it just completely changed my look so which is quite stylish makes me look more sexy or more confident and very more stylish colors actually please a lord of difference so if I talk about red color red color I feel is a super powerful and super sexy of color so by just a little bit your look onto your outfit it just completely changes your personality and X you look more sexy or makes you look more stylish and it just adds confidence to your look I feel it has to be balanced and you can’t go over the top you can’t do over those of anything in colors colors colors colors throughout then it just kills it so it has to be simple and it has to be at the right place and at the right what do you call at the right place at the right time so it has to be at the perfect level if you want to look sick see and if you want to look stylish then it has to be balanced so now let’s move to the next next I want to talk about the silhouette guys I feel that you should wear clothes according to your body type so doesn’t mean that you have to wear fitted clothes to look sexy and to look stylish and as I used to feel when I was scared but in fact I believe that at the baggy style looks way more sexier in fact the oversize your clothing is very much in it it changes your look it makes you way more sexier by styling it up in a different ways so which I will tell you guys but in fact by showing off at the right area looks way more sexier if you’re wearing a deep neckline of course I do wear it people do they do wear it but you have to use the right in a wave for that as so many things available in the market you get silly conjugant nipple tapes you’ve seamless bras and which is very very important showing that line under your t-shirt doesn’t look nice at all and it’s a complete nono so so that you have to keep in mind but otherwise silhouette I feel it just oversized it’s very much in you can actually play with oversized clothing I mean you can capture the area in the body that have moved feminine and more sensual for example wearing this baggie or style like an oversized short with a butt shot and the other look is with Scott with a high waisted pencils God so just making my waist look way more thinner and makes me look more sexier and stylish and again I’ve add a little bit of element into my look by adding just a neck piece and just to by tucking in my short in a different ways so all these things also adds to your look and it completely changes your look as well so oversized clothing also makes you look way more sex your be more stylish it’s very very much in nowadays I will be doing a vlog on how to wear clothes according to the body type what to wear what not to wear I will be doing blog on that as well but in my today’s vlog I’m just telling you were a basic things which is like the oversized clothing is very buy-in and it just it gives it actually makes your look very more sexier and stylish I feel so I hope you actually like and I helped you guys somewhere by telling you guys about colors textures silhouette and how do feel sexy and how to feel stylish so what I feel what style to me is is confidence I feel that even if you’re wearing a basic denim and a t-shirt and you are confident enough and you carrying that outfit and carrying that look can add a little bit of element as I said earlier and you carrying that basic outfit and basic look also confidently then you superb and you sexy or you’re super stylish and on the other hand if you’re actually wearing a super expensive clothes branded star for a designer clothes and you not comfortable in it not confident and never uncomfortable in your government then that’s not what style is that’s not what makes you sexy so that for me style is your confidence and always feel free feel happy no matter what you’re wearing even if you’re wearing a simple clothes are expensive or classic or any kind of outfit just always feel happy from within and keep smiling and keep shining that is what style for me is I hope you liked and learn something from my video today about colors textured silhouette and how to carry how to be happy how to keep it sexy and how to keep it stylish so that’s all and if you have any tips and any suggestions you have any idea what according to you what you think that what style is what sexy is do mention that in the comment section I would love to hear that and that’s all from my today’s clock guys I hope you enjoyed it I will be doing more of these kind of blocks to let me know how did you like my video and you know the drill guys please like share comment and subscribe to my channel I’ll see you guys next time it’s very very late it’s 4:00 a.m. guys I’m super dead super tired I’ll see you guys next time I’m so dead [Music] you


    Esta Gabe

    (11/24/2019 - 5:04 am)

    Very nice Ankita ,loved your blog .. very important to feel positive and beautiful about ourself no matter what size n color . ❤️❤️❤️

    Amyas Edmund

    (11/24/2019 - 5:05 am)

    Wonderful. Loving it. Sooooo informative. Thumbs up

    Webster Tory

    (11/24/2019 - 5:05 am)

    I always told my children that sex was a wedding gift from God that they got to open on their wedding night.

    Jeremy Totty

    (11/24/2019 - 5:06 am)

    love it.

    Millard Franklin

    (11/24/2019 - 5:07 am)

    Jerrold Read

    (11/24/2019 - 5:07 am)

    Fab video and editing

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