TDFA Highlights – Relationship advice

The power duo give sound advice to a couple in distress.

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my boyfriend 21 mil hates my 20 female vagina with a passion my boyfriend hates my vagina I reason became sexually active with my boyfriend and he told me that sex feels very pleasurable but he doesn’t like my vagina no he said it just looks on appealing he doesn’t want to touch it or participant on it or anything he gave me oral one spacing very discusses what it pushed him to continue until I finished I said he could stop just like finger me either he basically just said that he doesn’t like looking at her or anything he said it feels weird it folds weird it looks nasty hmm pardon me so this guy’s a fan I don’t know how you can hate a look of vagina but oh I can tell you how you’re been and like looked at mutilated vaginas on the internet I don’t think this chick has a mutilated agenda you don’t know that I guess you’re right so I had I thought I had a vagina that looked very similar to the ones that porns Manderlay they’re not long or stuck at and I’m in and I’m in any or whatever I taste and smell fine I think see I think he just doesn’t like vaginas but he has a very high sex drive he wants to have sex like 24/7 but it’s just him fucking me and playing with my boobs no attention down there I do come by touch myself because he won’t do it it just basically like he’s having sex to me and I’m masturbating like rubbing my own clit so I can get off I don’t want to force him do anything doesn’t like but is he ever gonna get over as a aversion to my vagina he’s a hundred percent straight I’m not sure about that he likes boobs and he’s attracted to the girls he likes when I wear sexy underwear it god fucking any learned grammar and he likes looking at me when I’m from he likes it when he likes looks the underwear and she’s wearing a codpiece yeah and he likes looking at me naked from the front and he likes having sex he just thinks vaginas are ugly looking his penis is not beautiful I still put it my mouth and touch it and give him a lot of attention because he enjoys it I don’t know if it’s weird my friend’s boyfriend’s are obsessed with their vaginas my friends tell me that her boyfriend always begged so let him eat her out and they’re always touching them they worship them down there and sorry to sound gross but they always lick them out not only that their boyfriends are not grossed out by anything my friend told me her boyfriend always asking a tongue her asshole and hey fingers heard from pear there sometimes my boyfriend doesn’t even like to even look at my butthole what grim things is discussing if I get to it and he said it’s like a swamp down there he wipes me off with a tissue always gets mattify drip onto his sheets and dirty them what the fuck is wrong with this guy this guy’s a murder he will only touch me momentarily for two seconds so if I were to put his dick and that’s it I get jealous sometimes I wish you would be more accepting or loving or something it sounds so stupid writing this out as making me want to cry it’s like he hates me for having a vagina or something he’s never even looked at it properly since the first time we had sex and he is very he is very visibly disgusted so I guess her that’s not likes cock like you’re right he he doesn’t like when she gets too wet that’s what he said it feels like a swamp he doesn’t like his girlfriend getting too wet okay doesn’t like his girlfriend getting to it he doesn’t like his girl who doesn’t like that right and I think I would like that yeah I think I would like that too I don’t know if your boyfriend is okay in the head no I think this guy’s a hammam you think I don’t think he’s homosexual yeah I think you a sexual I think he likes boobs yeah he likes obese men I don’t know yeah he’s such a weird particular tale with on the donkey with his cock did he’s covering his eyes and just ramming it all around til he finds the hole what this guy this guy’s our home ah that’s the conclusion yeah sexual yeah okay but that’s not the advice no the advice is what should she do I mean she her vagina smells fine it from the sounds of it looks sounds like she has a normal vagina the way she described it I think it’s just him and some guys are just grossed out by that stuff hmm hear that he’s probably a fucking immature I’m sure he doesn’t even eat you out but he wants to get his dick sucked I don’t think it’s very fair that she says she sucks his dick because he enjoys it she did not say that he asked for it even come on you don’t think he’s asking I don’t know yes that he’s asking I’m only given what the information I’m giving him okay so was this what I think she should do it’s clear he has no problem with her face or her boobs yeah so what I suggest she do is go down to her local Kinkos mm-hmm and have some cardboard cutter cutouts created of her boobs hmm and her face hmm and cut a hole in both of those cutouts and tape it on over the hole that he does not like okay so like it really like he’s fucking her in the mouth a really it’s her it’s a vagina and when he thinks oh it’s too icky slimy now it’s saliva not pussy it’s sexy yeah yes right for him right and then like once he finally gives in to her like scat porn fantasy I heard you mention she can rub her loose shit all over her asshole and then put like a pair of tits over it and he’ll fuck it and just think that she she slobbered on her tits that’s your advice I that’s one of the pieces of advice that I might give because the advice I might give is you need to sit down and talk to him about it his communication is key right communication is important in a relationship and if he doesn’t he’s still not budging on anything and it bothers you that much it might be time to look for a new boyfriend whoa whoa we’re not here to be to ruin relation he the one relationship not me yeah but you’re sometimes relationships don’t work out and that’s how I work I believe that every relationship shit what who’s I’ve never ruined it relationship either by exactly are you saying I didn’t do you think they’re gonna hear this summer in the restroom I think that every relationship is salvageable and we can get we can get a result well they need to sit down and talk about it and really get down to business on it that’s why I think communication is key here talk to one another ask why he doesn’t like it you know understand understand his point of view and help him through it yeah but what if he disses like that shit’s fucking gross I’ll never like it then you go to plan B Plan B which is to go to Kinko’s yeah and just learn to deal with it that’s right that or you could if you are really really dedicated move out to Hollywood and get a special effects makeup artist and have him craft the perfect vagina that to his liking and then get with an artist and pay they make you a prosthetic and teach you how to apply it yourself yeah that’s not that’s if you yeah I think she’s not a bad idea that’s right I asked him to describe his perfect vagina do ya and if it’s if it’s the mouth from alien and afghani them the mouth mainly give him the mouth but she said his dick is gross huh I don’t think she says it was it wasn’t pleasant to look at I said it wasn’t pretty but she still does it because it pleasures him are there any pretty cocks probably not I’m not in the cock so I really don’t love it was pretty no I don’t know I’m not in the cock so I really don’t know yeah so I think spending thousands and thousands of dollars either on a plastic surgery so okay so going from most expensive the least expensive for my suggestions special effects makeup artist go oh I’m sorry number one getting plastic surgery number two special effects makeup artist number three Kinkos and your advice is to talk about it and then dump him if he doesn’t do but let you say you know drop the dump and go to your start I think okay so you think I think communication yeah that’s about what what kind of pussy you want to get from the doctor and then you go on to your steps that’s right I think that we just knocked it out of the park I think that relationship saved I think so too we want an invite to the wedding yep please um and it better be open bar I don’t fuck with bars and dry weddings are for the birds I do not fuck with non open bar weddings

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