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hey lovelies welcome back to my channel so today we are looking at the art of cheating why we did what science says how to prevent it and what would you do if you were cheated on but before I get into that please make sure to give this video a thumbs up comment your thoughts down below and press that subscribe button and turn on the notification bar the science of cheating so I’ve got this little bit of information from ASEP science their link is in the description below please do check it out it is an awesome channel so it said that about 3% of mammals are monogamous this means that they stay with one partner for the rest of their lives and humans fall into that category so humans have what we call a dopamine receptor and stop receptor releases our happy hormone and this hormone is released after a pleasurable activity so for example eating parting and of course orgasming so in our bodies we have allows as a part of our DNA structure and 50% of people with a long enough structure have cheated or wool cheat on their partner which is a really scary statistic and 22% of people with a short allow structure won’t cheat at all so now there is no definite way to tell who has a long enough structure who has a short enough structure but this is the scientific way to know who a cheetah is pretty much but the science has come up with another way so people with long and loud structures are more likely to be risk takers and have addictive personalities so if you take those two boxes you might be a cheetah now you could be doing everything right in your relationship but you could still get cheated on and that actually has nothing to do with you and it actually has nothing to do with how the person feels about your relationship one of the biggest misconceptions that have is that everything is their fault when they get cheated on but no that is not true because it’s not me it’s you and so because we are the scientific reasons as to why people cheat here are the moral reason number one sexual desire people are really thirsty these days I don’t really need to go into that one it’s true and that can lead to people wanting to cheat because they just want something else number two lack of love people stop doing the low things that matter and that mean the most people in relationships so for example you weren’t asked how they are you an open the door for them you won’t do small or gestures that can just show the other person alone it’s an affection and a lot of the time then that makes the feelings not be the same anymore because then they decrease and for some they’re not even existent number three neglect so a lot of the time people feel very unappreciated in relationships and this is one of the most dangerous things you can possibly feel in a relationship as it then makes you go and look for that appreciation elsewhere which then leads to a breakup or cheating which sucks I can before variety one of my friends actually came out with this horrible horrible analogy they said why do you want to keep eating the same burger over and over and over again you want to switch it up like once everyone so every week or so you want something different let’s say this week on pizza next week on a burger then week after that I want a large plate of chips look after that I want a salad and so on and so forth and I put this was completely horrible but today I guess it works because that is exactly what people aren’t these days that is one of the biggest reasons as to why people cheat it goes into sexual desire and it goes into sexual desire look it goes into sexual desire as well because people want more people want a variety of things they don’t want the same thing every single day a month every single yet they want something different number five science say that nine and is generally sheets now nine Enders are people who are in the nineteen category the twenty nine thirty nine forty nine fifty nine and so on and the reason they cheat is because they’ve just finished a decade of their life and they’re now going into the new decade and they want a meaning to their life they want something new something different you want to do something that they didn’t do previously and this to some people generally means cheating or yeah being unfaithful pretty much that’s what it means some people so in other words um if you’re feeling overly stressed if you’re not happy with your partner something that’s going on if you’re trying to fall pregnant and it’s just not working for you so then you just decide you know let me just go let loose and then but I mean but I believe something happens and this can also be really bad one of the biggest myths about this though is that you will not cheat because you were drunk drunk man’s words are sober man’s wishes this simply put means that if you have thought about cheating when you are not drunk when you are drunk you’re cheats so don’t think bad things no no six lack of commitment I think it is very clear that in this day and age there’s honestly Bailey any lack of commitment I’m not judging all those relationships out there I’m just saying that it is pretty evident there are so many relationships there are so many relationships with no labels there are friends with benefits there are if buddies there are polygamy polygamous relationships all of those have a lack of commitment people who are in them have a lack of commitment because you don’t want to be which is one person want to be with multiple people and how can you want to be with multiple people in my brain doesn’t make sense but I understand that some people are into that and some people like that and so I’m not going to judge I’m just saying that it does kind of prove that there is a lack of commitment there oopsie okay so irrational either now this is something woman generally do so if you catch your man actually no not even if you catch its you suspect that your man is cheating on you you will then go and you would cheat on him before confronting him so that you can get even and then you’ll confront him and this is extremely stupid ladies we need to stop doing this because you know why because most of the time they actually didn’t cheat we probably do something with the cousin we probably just saw them with some random girl and it probably wasn’t even named and this is something really really stupid that we do and it’s something that we should stop doing because honestly it’s gonna break up a lot of relationships and it’s gonna leave a lot of people single now this genius of a man named Angela Marshall came up with an awesome equation for cheating he says that problem plus poor communication plus temptation equals cheating and now as much as these may be the root of cheating they’re also the solution of cheating if you have a problem and you do not communicate and you guys are not speaking to each other then this can lead to you guys obviously having an even bigger problem and then T temptation and then eventually to cheating so the best solution to prevent cheating is to solve all your problems through means of communication that you can then prevent temptation oh that rhymed but anyway that’s what you need to do communication is key in every single relationship if you do not speak if you are not communicating with each other it will fail it’s honestly whoa and when you have problems don’t leave them to the end of the day don’t leave them till another day so you can sort through them one thing I learned you never ever go to sleep and read someone you never fall asleep on that something you work on whatever you need to work on right then and there you work through it you work on learn to work sideways it whatever you want to do you work through it because leaving a situation for later for another time wall in relationship scientists say that if you are angry for longer than 20 minutes at someone you’re actually making the rest up in your head and I actually think that is completely true because if you’re angry at someone you work through it or you don’t work through it and then you just walk around like oh you’re just building yourself up and you’re making yourself get even angrier than you originally were and then you start to think of things like oh I should have said this to them I should have said that to them meanwhile you’re not helping yourself this is just becoming really unhealthy for you and it’s not good at all so work through your problems communicate and avoid being tempted your spouse is your only person is the only person that you should be looking at there you go sweetheart they’re everything now that question you’ve been dreading what would you do if you were cheated on now for a lot of people watching this they’re probably straightaway say you’d leave them other people would say I would stay with them if I was in love with them and you see that if it’s a very important if because love is something that is so rare and so beautiful and as much as we say we love people every single day and we’re still in love with this true love is so unbelievably difficult to find it is so magical it was wonderful it is amazing and when you get it you would do anything for it and knowing that someone has made a mistake like that some people are actually forgiving enough that they can overcome it because they know to themselves that this is the person that I belong with I was just amazing movie called endless love and in English love what happens is that the father cheats on the mother once you cheated on the once and so the daughter found out and she was like mom why did you never leave him why did you stay with him for all these years and she said these words were so beautiful you stay with the man you love not for the one bad thing he did but for all the good as well and I was like wow and I’m not condoning cheating I’m not saying that it’s fine because I personally don’t think cheating is fine cheating is horrible but sometimes you have to think about this person and you have to think about how much they mean to you and what your life would be like without them although you publish it and cheated in the first place but anyway this is for the other person who I cheated on but you should think about this person how amazingly onto you and how amazing they are to you and if you were to use them would you be fine would you be okay are you gonna walk around this earth not having anyone and also one question that always comes into my mind I’ve been cheated on once what if this person was my soul mate and what if they did cheat on me but now what if I left them okay I did leave him but what if I left them and I don’t find anyone else I’m just in and out of relationships because I can’t find anyone now I’m sad I’m depressed I’m alone and it’s sad and there’s just so many questions and there’s so much controversy around this topic because people are honestly they’re scared we’re scared I’m scared I’d be scared to get cheats on because I wouldn’t know what to do I mean I love my boyfriend to bits and I think that he’s the one for me but if you were to cheat on me I don’t know what I would do what I stay with him would I not stay with him am I gonna find love again and the thing is would be real life like what we have right now or is it just going to be contentment on that note I will leave y’all please don’t forget to comment down below please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it actually not give it a thumbs up even if you didn’t enjoy it because I gave y’all some good as knowledge I love you guys so much and don’t forget stay lovely

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