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to be honest be authentic tell her how you feel about this process yeah just really don’t want to go ahead and try [Music] did you not see them yeah we on the same page yet yeah what are you doing why are you talking to me hi I noticed you you walked past me I’m here to sell you anything all right look very afraid I’ll be afraid okay bye am i making excuses and ignoring hot chicks after 35 meters my analysis is yes because we work fast literally seven hot girls obviously there’s something psychological deeper going on here where you are somehow avoiding these women or choosing not to notice them well I look at them and then I say oh is it worth some holiday price you know the worth they’re getting into the fear and most sometimes it’s probably not well was it worth all the money you spent to come here that sounds like another creative excuse to be honest well my first question is when was the last time you had sex before this workshop a year yeah okay Wow so yeah this is definitely part of a convoluted protection strategy if y’all haven’t haven’t put your penis into a woman for you almost lost somebody kissed ago yeah you haven’t touched you haven’t felt a woman’s embrace any in 12 months sexually and I commend you for being so proud to admit that that’s hot I like the fact that you’re honest about that I did I would say that I do get chicks it just really it didn’t I was never the one that could like get go and get it I go it always came somehow like about this in this year it just didn’t come right so I guess that’s why you’re here because you realized I need to go and get it the way that you should think about it is there is something beautiful in every woman I want to discover what that is I’m gonna approach her and try and interact with a feminine energy I’m gonna find out if we have a connection I don’t know for sure that I want to fuck it yeah now they’re just saying this like with all the times that like one of the coaches pointed out to approach girl I would not have picked her myself but when I then approached her and interacted with her she was a lot more attractive then I recently like previously thought she was oh yeah I would have wishes in the store which so wish to wish stuff I know good stuff oh she good let’s this is a creative excuse perfect example which shop did she go oh and just tell me which church is not probably here okay so you go in and you say hey I saw you on the street and it’s just gonna weird but really fearful that I’m not doing this genuinely like in my like she’s gonna somehow notice that that’s Kali then say I feel a bit confused by this but I I needed to come and just say hi to you and find out you know to be honest be authentic tell her how you feel about this process yeah just going in its really don’t wanna know it’s crazy but I saw you on the street i I another switch so you’re walking into the shop and I thought you look very attractive I just wanted to say hi I’m Marco that’s what I’m doing and are you enjoying your day or yeah being shopping seen you that’s good 30 yeah all right cool so may see you later but Wow [Music] yeah I would have never thought this like my shout come you have to push me you have to kick me into getting the numbers she really was positive she wanted to meet she like I should have felt very bad not asking the number because she definitely want to meet and you said you said let’s give the number and she said yeah maybe tonight yeah he’s like yeah good that you asked so Wow well this is this is where I’m really doing my job huh it’s like that was a whole experience waiting for you on the other side of all your fears and I had to just push you and shove you all the way through I’m like look again and there is a hot girl that wants to go on a date with you just go and do it so what is what does that change for you going for how do you feel now and what do you see in the future well there’s another 12 of doors just opened in a way like just go go for it I guess just really do it and remember as well even though I told you to do it all you’re the one who did it no I didn’t go and introduce you to her I just said go and do the thing which I already believe that you were able to do and you’re like but I don’t believe in myself and like what I believe it’s more the question that I really had is more and more answered now that I really do filter out because I don’t think I don’t know why but because I think it’s not possible or I don’t know yeah so you your subconscious is sabotaging yourself because you think I wouldn’t work anyway so you’re like choosing to ignore the potential possible possible seductions exists now that I think about it it really comes up that in the past there were really situations in my life like in clubs or bars or something where it was clear but what my friends pointed out it was clear that this girl was attracted by me and I totally blocked her out I filtered out this way I didn’t want this to happen somehow really crazy because you were afraid of what it might mean if I went I can’t tell you because I filtered it out right I didn’t experience what is what it’s gonna be like to just say hi even if the signals that were so clear that could have gone in a good direction let’s go into another one yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you


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