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Distributed in self-help books and magazines, loving advices are part of our popular culture. Be yourself, not ask so many questions, not talk about certain topics and behave in a certain way, are some of the most popular tips that our friends and family give us to achieve a successful date. However, the reality can be very different and following this type of advice can end in a real disaster. To help you escape from this trap, we will explore with you the 10 worst dating advices that actually never help.

Number 10 – Be a bit arrogant
Number 09 – Opposites attract
Number 08 – Tell her/him that you like her/him
Number 07 – Message her/him a lot to keep the attraction alive
Number 06 – Wait three dates to have sex
Number 05 – Just move on, if they aren’t marriage material.
Number 04 – Give a goodbye kiss at the end of the date
Number 03 – Act like a fake “Nice Guy”
Number 02 – Play hard to get
Number 01 – Just be yourself
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