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  • A user-friendly dating site
  • Safety when looking for love online
  • A fast-growing community
  • Three types of searches for your liking
  • A friendly support team


  • Paid subsctiption

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I am an introvert condemned to talk to loads of people at work. So I have no desire – after a day spent answering questions and taking nasty complaints – to go out and game the bar ladies, only to get shot down by woman after woman (in the hope that at least one in ten of them will respond to my approach). For me, it’s a better use of time and energy to get on an online dating site and chat up women from the cozy convenience of my apartment.

For years, this was my best way of landing casual hookups around my city. But they never led to anything serious, even though I’m pone of those romantics still holding out for “the one” to enter my life. Having reached my early 30s, I decided that time is running out and action is needed. I deleted my accounts on free dating sites and began looking for premium ones, where I could find a classy woman for the long term relations. Since these sites involve both men and women who have to pay for the ability to communicate with other members, they usually are serious about relations as well because of all the funds they invest. And so am I.

Doing my research on the web, I came upon a Victoria Dates review that convinced me to start an exploration of this particular site. Most other premium platforms I’d read about appeared suspicious to me, while Victoria Dates didn’t seem to be a scam with its numerous protection measures. Now I’m taking the opportunity to explain to other guys in the harsh world of dating why premium online sites bring better results than free ones and are worth the investment. Welcome page

Focus and target audience of

VictoriaDates is an international communication platform that provides paid dating services. There you won’t find someone who works in the next office or frequents your favorite bar; however, you could meet a person who shares your values, hobbies, or taste in music. In other words, you have even better chances to meet your real soulmate.

Most of its female members are European, with even a few women from the U.S. and Canada. So if you aren’t ready for a long-distance relationship, joining this site will be a waste of your time and money. But for those who want to move out of their comfort zone and pursue love with a woman of another culture that is far more accommodating to men, VictoriaDates is as good as it gets.

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Although the site doesn’t apply any filtration to newbies, those who aren’t seeking a meaningful relationship are gone very quickly since they lack the motivation to pay for services they can get for free on non-premium platforms.

The typical VictoriaDates woman

Allow me to offer you’re a profile of the typical woman. Here is a short description of an average female member of VictoriaDates.

“She is European in her late 20s to early 30s, sometimes divorced but often never married. She comes from a country where traditional roles for men and women are still valued and appreciated (unlike the Western world). For her, it’s more important to meet a soul mate, than to have an ability to go out with a boyfriend several times a week.”

Therefore, her main goal at this stage in her life is to build a trusting romantic relationship with a morally sound and gainfully employed man and, ideally, become his wife. She is open to living in the West so she is quite ready to start a long-distance relationship.

Oh, I almost forgot. Usually, she is incredibly beautiful. profile screen

As you see, she is a kind of an ideal romantic partner for a man who is ready to settle down. How many women fitting this description you have met on free dating platforms?

Membership and subscribing: all the perks

As I mentioned earlier, there is no filtration applied to newbies. So anyone who has Internet access can become a member of without charge. The site’s other freebie offered is the ability to view the profiles of other members.

However, to become a full-fledged, active member of the site, you need to take these three steps:

  1.    Create an account;
  2.    Complete two questionnaires;
  3.    Buy a subscription.

The first step:

Takes about two minutes, as all you have to do here is enter your first name, birthday, e-mail address and site password. Then you confirm your address by clicking on the confirmation button in the automatic e-mail received from the site.

VictoriaDates Registration screen

The log in information is kept confidential as other members won’t see your e-mail address on your profile, but can send you mail within the site itself. You don’t need to give the site administration information about your last name, phone number, or real address until you are willing to pass the IMBRA verification should you decide to take things further, and off the site. Once you’ve confirmed your e-mail, other members will see your profile on the site. Then they can visit your page and write you messages.

Quick video guide about how to join Victoria Dates

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The second step:

To becoming a full member of VictoriaDates is filling in two questionnaires. The first asks you to share some information about your taste in women. Should she be tall or short; thin or full-figured; younger or older than you? Should she already have children? Should she drink sparingly or more frequently? This questionnaire helps you not only determine your ideal partner but also set your goal on the site. Are you coming here to find a casual relationship, a traditional wife, a partner to explore the world with, or even a stepmother for your children? You can skip some or all of the questions if your main priority is what your partner looks like and letting your relationship evolve without any expectations.  VictoriaDates offers women of all these categories, and perhaps more!

VictoriaDates Profile creating

Keep in mind that your answers have an impact on the matches you will receive. Skip those criteria that don’t matter or choose No Preferences. But if something like the age of a mate is crucial for you, you need to select that. The second questionnaire concerns you. If you want to receive a lot of first messages from the sexy ladies of VictoriaDates, provide as much truthful information as possible.

The site’s matching algorithms process all the data you enter to offer you a match. The information you’re asked to share includes your job, country of living, religion, marital status, education, attitude towards alcohol and smoking, physical characteristics, etc. Also consider that you can change your answers to these questionnaires at any time by opening your profile and clicking on the edit button.  

At the end of the second questionnaire, you will see a window to upload your profile picture. Don’t miss this step if you want to find your love on Members without photos get much less attention and trust from women than those who have uploaded one.

The third step:

You need to take to meet your love on this site is to buy a subscription. As an owner of a free account, you can’t even read your incoming messages, let alone interact with other members, without paying the initial subscription fee of $9.99. For this money, you’ll get 20 units of the site’s currency called credits. The subscription you’ve bought allows you to view your statistics and read incoming messages, but you will still have to spend credits on communicating with the ladies.

Keep in mind that each minute of chatting will cost you two credits. And if you have several chats open simultaneously, you need to pay for each chat window you’re using. As you see, these first 20 credits cover only 10 minutes of chatting with one of the site’s beauties. If you really want to start a relationship on this site, you should spend much more time communicating with other members. So, you should have more credits on your account.

Today you can choose one of the following credit packages.


PackageCredits Price
Package #120 credits$9.99
Package #250 credits$28.99
Package #3125 credits$64.99
Package #4250 credits$99.99
Package #5750 credits$214.99

When chatting or sending mail, you can top up your account at any time of the day and night. And if you’ve successfully passed verification, you can even set up automatic charges from your credit card.  

Mobile version

It’s very important to be able to stay in touch with your virtual date wherever you are, at least for a guy like me. So I was slightly disappointed when I couldn’t find the VictoriaDates application in the AppStore. For now, this site only has a mobile version. If you want to use it, you’ll need to open your phone browser, enter the site address there and then you’ll have to log in on your device.  

I have no complaints with this lite version of the site. It’s fast and well-developed, but it would be even more comfortable to use a special application for chatting.   

Expensive, but effective

So what have I got for my money that makes me want to stay a member?

  • A user-friendly dating site. Most dating sites I’ve used before were poorly functioning, had a bad design and a lack of really useful tools. VictoriaDates has an intuitive interface and works well. I don’t need to use Search to find necessary tools. The site offers plenty of ways to show my affection for a particular woman without screwing up. All I need is to visit her profile and choose a button to click on. I have the option of writing her a message, winking her or sending her a virtual gift, or even a real one.VictoriaDating massage screen In the advanced stages of a relationship, I also can order the service of exchanging contact details with my mate or set up a real date with her in her country. However, these two services are offered only to verified members. It’s one of many protection measures from online dating scammers this site takes. 

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  • Safety when looking for love online. Being a member of a dating site like VictoriaDates, you can be sure that your personal and financial information is reliably protected.  This site team does its utmost best to deter scammers and fraudsters. Anyone who tries to lure money from other members or violates other rules is punished with a permanent ban. If you were unfortunate enough to encounter a scammer on VictoriaDates (which is the exception rather than the rule), you will get all the credits spent on the unpleasant interaction back to your account.  All your information is protected by the newest 128-bit SSL encryption technology so nobody can steal your photos, videos, or bank account details.  
  • A fast-growing community. I have already described to you the ladies you could meet here. But the best news is that there are thousands of such women on the site and the community is growing every day.
  • Three types of searches for your liking. VictoriaDates members can use three different types of search to filter its vast array of profiles.  A simple search allows you to view the profiles of women of a particular age. With an extended search, you can add other important criteria to your filtration (country, education, height and weight). And the playful Faces search tool allows you to leave it all up to fate and enjoy viewing photos of random members. Doing it, you can send likes or messages to the owners of these photos. This tool helped me start several interesting conversations with women I never even expected to attract. 
  • Interesting “virtual gift” service. This site allows members to initiate communications not only with instant messages, mail or emoticons, but also with cute virtual gifts. These “gifts” are nice pictures that help you get a lady’s attention. They cost only five credits, including a short (up to 300 characters) message you can add to.  So if you’ve found the woman you’re interested in pursuing, choose a nice first move by visiting her personal page and clicking on the Virtual Gift button.
  • Plenty of notifications. You never miss anything important on On the right side of your screen, you can find all your statistical info. Here you can see all your profile visitors, as well as members who liked you or added your page to the Favorites. You are also notified whenever your stats get updated. The same happens when you get a new match. So the site doesn’t allow you to overlook a lady who is interested in you.
  • A friendly support team. Premium dating sites must be customer-oriented so that you get high-quality services for your money. The VictoriaDates support team works day and night to help you solve any problems on the site. Each member can send them a message from any page by clicking on the Contact Us button at the right side of the screen. You can also open this form by clicking on another Contact Us link, located at the bottom of the screen. And if it’s more comfortable for you to communicate via e-mail, you can send your questions to:, especially if you have problems with access to your rofile. Owners of Premium accounts can also enjoy live chat support. Contacting the support team on this site, you can count on clear guidelines and prompt replies. The support specialists will not stop assisting you until your problem is resolved. I turned to the support team several times and each time got quick assistance. I truly got the sense that VictoriaDates did its best to help its members feel as comfortable as possible.

All these things make the best dating site for me. I thoroughly enjoyed its exotic European women and it seems I already have my first success in online love. Of course, this site is good, but not perfect. I’d faced bugs too, but the site team fixed them rather quickly. I couldn’t find an application for my iPhone at my local Apple Store, so I need to view the site’s mobile version from my phone browser if I want to chat with my date. Also, it would be nice to pay less for these services, or even to see more women from my state represented.

VictoriaDates: a scam or a dating site you can trust?

Taking into consideration numerous protection measures that this site takes, I can safely say that VictoriaDates is a serious and reputable dating site, not a scam. Being a member of a site like VictoriaDates, you can be sure that your personal and financial information is reliably protected.  

Moreover, this site team does its utmost best to deter fraudsters. Anyone who tries to lure money from other members or violates other rules is punished with a permanent ban. If you were unfortunate enough to encounter a scammer on VictoriaDates (which is the exception rather than the rule), you will get all the credits spent on the unpleasant interaction back to your account. All your information is protected by the newest 128-bit SSL encryption technology so nobody can steal your photos, videos, or bank account details.  

So if you believe in online dating but for some reason can’t find you love on a free dating site, I recommend you to try out But be prepared to travel to Europe if you do end up meeting the woman of your dreams.  

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    Humphry Grant

    (10/13/2017 - 8:47 am)

    Great site. A little truth pricked up when I saw what needs to be done to register here, but in the process I realized that I liked this activity, because I was interested and entertaining. After I successfully registered, I could not even think that I would find interesting people for communication so quickly, with whom, it is quite possible, we can have promising relations. I recommend.


    (10/31/2017 - 11:03 pm)

    Great reviewe of for sure I’ll try this dating site!


    (01/07/2018 - 8:37 pm)

    I’ve been a member of Victoria brides since last summer and I’m considering changing.
    Why should I change to Victoria Dates rather than Feeloveua or some other site?

    Jack Lyell

    (02/18/2018 - 7:25 am)

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