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hi Berko how are you guys almost apologize please like share comment and subscribe on TV this is Genesis and we’re here to give you guys a quick well hopefully quick um relationship advice reading we’re gonna be dating yeah so we’re gonna go through each sign and give you advice is kind of straight to the point because we’re using the ruble dick alright so I always say like sugar coming in subscribe oh I hit the bell so that way you guys are notified every time that we use one see more of us so please tell me who’s first so if you are a Virgo doing what a Capricorn advices they are still waiting do the shit they actually do forever ago this Capricorn is waiting for you to bust a move they said what they said they acts with it and you still are not moving your your Tonica placing it’s kind of like you put I’m here and you put them on ice there’s their pitch there patiently impatiently waiting for you to bust a move with us what I’m hearing they’re asking you to they ask you to choose them or to make them your only one or to do something for them and you say that you would are you said I’m not right now I’ve got the time but they’re waiting they need get done I’m hearing honey they don’t like yesterday alright next time Aries if you are a Virgo deliver the Aries time for shit to get real get honest as fuck it’s something you get honest as fuck with the series I feel like you’ve been kind of flirting around what you’ve been wanting to say and I feel like this area’s been trying you saying shit doing shit whatever it’s up it’s not for you to be honest with them be honest with them how you feel be honest with them about what you want so I’m good it’s not for shit to get real it’s about to go down here we go Gemini if you are a Furcal doing what a Gemini your advice we got to your boundaries are trash block those bad vibes and keep shit clean gross bathrooms and dirty floors floors suck I feel like with this Jim and I but those two cars coming out you guys allow this person to come in and just dump shit everywhere and I don’t mean just in the physical sense I mean and like you would come and dump all your problems on them or vice versa and they leave shake a mess and it irritates the fuck they come they have no reason it’s like respect my space right respect me I feel like virgos coming up it could be virgos are are the gym and I come in and dumping all their mess and whatever in everything up on the Gemini’s and geminis get tired like look you’re messy as hell I see through your BS fix it cuz I ain’t got much no or it could be vice versa liebherr if you are a Virgo dealing with a Libra your advice is to do the damn dishes soaking is not fucking washing forgive not for them do that shit for you so it’s time for you to do to work our forgiveness I mean you go back and entertain forgiveness don’t mean being nice nice nasty like you’re you say oh I forgive you but then you’re doing subs on social media actually forgive them don’t do half of the word do all of the work just because you go back and contact with them or just because you agree to disagree with them does not mean that you actually get to work you soft the issue is it means you’re been dating shit okay Virgo if you’re a Virgo dealing with yourself are Virgo Virgo Dylan would a Virgo is time to an anal lies a matter a little deeper uh you need to either go deep with yourself and figure out who you are and what you want and why are you attracting what you’re attracting Mars is very a Virgo dealing with another vigor of Virgo you need to figure out who sent them and why I don’t know why that came up but you need to know who sent them and why you need to analyze and analyze it and this person don’t get caught up on the fact that you guys pull for virgos cuz you don’t know their whole chart and they don’t know yours and just because they are the same sign as you does not mean that their intentions are the same as you we are all on different journeys we’ve all got different intentions we are all different people do not rely on the fact that you’re a sign a sign and your silence on is the same if you are a Virgo doing with Korres have sex do you really need a car for this you are giving too many fucks give zero okay that’s kind of contradictory but it’s not let me explain I feel like you guys are looking at their careers like I want to have sex and I don’t understand why we have not done this yet or why you are hope withholding sex for me and it’s playing out like this because you value too much of sexing you don’t buy you the person enough the person actually wants you to take your time with them and they’re trying to take their time with you because they value you and you’re not used to this you’re not used to this you’re looking at and they’re they’re trying to withhold what you and it may not just be sex it just be something that you want something that you lust after something you’re used to getting or something something that you are used to people doing are shown there is pretty much way of showing you that they like you and of course is doing something different I need for you to I’m here hot boots Hot Pocket um calm down Hot Pocket cool off get in the freezer and when we’re when the time is appropriate and it’s right I’ll pop you into microwaving you can be the hot pocket okay Taurus so if you are is thank you if you are a Virgo dinner with a Taurus listen your friends miss your fame you need you need they need you and you need them okay if you are dealing with a Taurus I feel like some of you have gotten a Taurus and you guys are just at home and it’s just you and them right I got you you got me and you are excluding yourself from your friendships your family and they miss you they want to see you they they’re worried about you um and then and some of you you was Dillon with a Taurus and are you been you’re disconnected from a Taurus this horse would love to talk to you they need you they they need your your advice they need your energy they not like energy vampire but they miss you possible the tourism issue do you want to see these cars so if you are a verbal dealing with a Scorpio see keep that shit to yourself I love being criticized said no one ever this Scorpio is maybe talking shit to or about you um although you may have some things up on this Scorpio and you can really break them remember karma it’s real rise above it cuz whatever they saying I don’t feel like there’s really anything I don’t feel like it’s bad well no sorry it may be bad but I don’t like it’s a lie so you kind of gave them the ammunition to pull the trigger and don’t get back on their level even though you what you got on them is true too don’t-don’t-don’t right this better be still yes learn your lessons from telling you your business to other people also learn your lessons from allowing from from giving people basically the mo to shoot you met Pisces Pisces if you are dealing with a Pisces Virgo with high C it’s not that serious laughs laughs fuckers don’t let the bullshit make you bitter I feel like this pisces may be kind of bitter when it comes to you everything it’s like and you’re like I was just joking why are you bi so serious like is my deafness calm down I didn’t mean it that way whoa there yeah and it’s like if I’m here I like you Oh like I’m not gonna be on the phone 24/7 to tell you you should be doing that to me not the other way around like why am I always telling you I like you or whatever if you don’t hear from me that you cry if you’re a Virgo dealing with a cancer watch what you say that mouth for yours starts um could start some shit you can say something to get real flip but a cancer no cancer don’t don’t knock there gangster don’t think they answer sir they are so I feel like you gonna say some slick shit and that cancer is gonna cut you smooth so if I was you I would shut the hell up it could be vice versa me but I’m really feel like it’s you trying to cancer you’re gonna knock your way they go not what you say cuz you gonna say some shit that’s that’s a common mistake that people do if they say that like cancers are these soft people I need to meet them cuz the cancer are no answers they gonna play that straight shooters right leo yes you don’t let don’t let the softness fool you come give me hard real quick and cut you smooth okay peacefully right love the one you’re with that includes you you feel like you’ve been given this leo way too much time way too much energy you have been loving loving loving giving giving giving and guess what you have completely forgot about you love the one you wouldn’t that includes you I mean you could like them and you can have your love on but not ever left some by morning do you love yourself right and I feel like you guys are really like you are really trying to get this person into they want attention attention good lord that’s training I got a drink Justina buddy well Terry last but not least if you are a Virgo stop trying to control every damn thing let this shit go don’t be so extra I feel like you are getting out of pocket Virgo um like I said vice versa but I feel like you are getting out of pocket what is Sagittarius you are trying to tell his hatchet areas look boo boo I am the forego and this is what forego what y’all has to go this is what I need you to do sit down shut up do this do that bah bah y’all forget it I’m not like that okay goodness all the way around then so be it but you’re trying the hell are the Sagittarius patients and the Sagittarius said keep trying me I see a lot of people saying you keep trying me and y’all know and I don’t see any ill intent on your side I don’t see that you guys are being malicious I really think you guys maybe are leaning in a very joking but there’s some underlying truth to it manner but something waited all right whatever you guys hear in the mood they don’t seem like they ready um and I don’t think you guys are ready for that that uppercut it’s that serious for like you trying to control them dude you’re trying to do too much and it’s like whoa whoa whoa free spirit I mean we’re together we are but we all got do all that right come down oh you know I know wasn’t no I why be so extra I like you take everything to the kid as my mom would say you take it together um so that’s all I have for you vertical um please like share comment and subscribe until next time please love minute a gesture ticking take care


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