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Relationship Advice

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[Music] it’s been a long time but first and foremost we would like to thank can different sponsoring this video so first before most candy is an apple you can talk freely about any and everything you can create grooves that you can talk about any topic it’s cool Faye’s gonna show you later exactly what it’s for but it’s the coolest thing ever we use it all the time now oh right now baby showing you guys from the fall um that we made our own paints just called down low and Chrissy gank download Chrissy was taking so much like hey we thought of kornek don’t know where Chrissy games you got some talk ties X questions and just simply expert advice we could talk like if you guys want to communicate what up and get to know us a little better this is definitely too apt to talk to someone for real cuz we’re always on a she uses a more meet up but we’re always on it we will also be posting questions and polls and all that good stuff for us to get to know you guys better that’s why I really like this app because we get so you guys get to know us better like more depth and we get to know you guys and it’s like talking one-on-one is so cool so I’m gonna show you right now how to make an accounts I already have that app downloaded so I’m going to show you press create an account skin contacts skip or find local groups in your area personal location and it will give you proof screeching okay and then it gives you an option if you’re under 18 plus under 18 over 18 press over 18 and then if you it says true some interest so you get to choose like what kind of look it shows you basically like what kind of groups you’ll be like it shows you groups like it’s a haircut food so groups happen to a food event pop-up so I’m Prince LGBT relationships celebrities women’s issue six okay join groups to get started you can look how to join it or skip it or you can slide your finger and it shows you different lines and art stuff you have to pick your favorite groups okay so I’m gonna join food women issues poetry form break up text pansexual Hollywood okay it takes like five I think you mean you have to pick a certain amount you press Continue and then there is your page there you go press immediately says movie and all that good stuff it’s really awesome tell y’all wanna give see I know a lot of people would be like well we want to talk to you guys more and there’s so many of you this is the perfect way to literally get in touch with us WV talk to us to get to know us and like we said let’s get to know you my favorite thing about this app is that it is bully proof like free like nothing like if you post anything that’s offensive or anything that I meant to take it off and I like that a lot because if you want to post something like these stupid bitches we’re gonna see it’s gonna go ahead and delete that I just recently changed the group name right now but it is on the screen Chrissy I mention Chrissy domino and Chrissy gang this is how music you go to a pen so say I want to look up relationships relationship advice so this one says under relationship advice said I accidentally stuck with my boyfriend sister I’m 15 and she’s 23 I don’t want to do do I tell him or what now first you have the option to like it which is like a love it’s a love and then dislike it I’m assuming which is like the at heart or you could comment on it what I would do in that situation oh you do you told yeah honesty is the best piece why would you hide someone is JLo beyond its hottest salt is exhausting so yeah it’s just beautiful things just tell this next one is is it too early to send flowers to her work after the first date no that’s sweet it’s sweet most girls love flowers some sushi I was hours me too relationship tips are problems problems problems relationship problems so I like this girl and I’m pretty sure she likes me but I’m not sure what hour but the girl knows that I like her what should I do be blunt tell them how I can be straight out that’s initial home to the next on to the next one no just move on come on there’s so many people in this world do not be shy to get rejected oh there’s something I’m gonna say it is in the sea exactly so you could share post to Twitter Facebook you can message it’s people are copy the link and send it you don’t have to do the press share and it pops up all the options if you know how the icons is pretty cool you can also connect to your Facebook on to candidate to know who else your friends and your family or anybody else may have this out so you guys can literally join in on conversations and they might like with two like so it’s pretty cool do wanna think and it’s so much the process this video thank you so much make sure you go download after you’re done I don’t talk Damo and Chrissy game also we are going to be posting weekly videos we blog every single day make sure you go subscribe to our channel to see us every day and like I told you were posting weekly videos one video week we’re gonna be let’s channel way more sorry than a Miami we should be trying to things on our own channel so if you want to see our life and the journey of baby demo Dominic Wilson um be sure to subscribe thank you guys for watching this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe comment like us subscribe subscribe subscribe and also subscribe to our vlog channel that is very important we vlog every Sunday we’re gonna need you to go um take a little bit that way but we’ve also be posting on here do not worry we are about to make a remember bus to post a video very very very soon very soon so that’s all I have to say and thank you for watching [Music]

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