Waiting, Dating and Picking | Devon and Natalia Frye

The 508 sits down with youth pastors Devon and Natalia Frye on dating advice, being single, and sex.

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I mean when we talk to you the number one pattern is you’re being pursued by the men you don’t want guys who are undesirable maybe not on your level maybe not attractive to you whatever it is and you’re not being pursued by the men you’re really into the guys you do really want that’s the number one pattern you tell us that you’re experiencing right now yep and that can that’s just very frustrating right it’s it wastes your time to waste your energy kind of you can kind of make you feel bad about yourself so here’s the thing usually when people tell us this and then we do a little bit of digging we ask them how many people they’re reaching out to well if you’re going online and you’re seeing a ton of people and you’re finding this one potential unicorn and you’re sending one message once a month or once a week and you’re not getting a response back you’re gonna feel rejected yeah yeah and here’s the thing you’ve probably been given a lot of advice from your parents from your friends from society from books not to reach out not to start conversations not to make the first move right have you been told that


    Madonna Caelan

    (11/30/2019 - 5:33 pm)

    BAD Dating ADVICE = Don’t reach out to a guy! Don’t make the first move!

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